Based on a True Story

by Top Billion

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My masterwork.


released February 22, 2011





Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: Cipher Music (Prod. C-Wizz)
Cipher Music

(Young Jordy)

The young spitter too equipped to be fucked with/
Hit minds hard with that make you think shit/
Coming harder keeping gutter niggas on their toes’ tips/
A cut-throat lyricist sleeping a bitch thinking he’s easily chipped/
Cipher Music: the evolution of the new coming revolution of music/
Get on or get left in the rift of that “what was” shit/
I call him my little bigger nigga: cold in this ever changing never ending game of music/
Not a lame but a mind of great intelligence/
Yelling from the mouths of millions: Top Billion

(Top Billion)

The grind hasn’t stopped since I called myself Top,
And I put a wedding ring on that bitch Hip-Hop,
These nuts all I got so I let my shit drop,
Marking my territory with my scrotum on the block,
You know I’m not playing I am staying,
Tell the OGs a new young nigga came in,
Dreads down hanging I Waka Flocka Flame ‘em,
C-Wizz told me “TOP WE GOTTA MAKE IT!”
I plan to take it strip the game naked,
Get anything I want from it: basically I rape it,
Face it I wanted this and chased it,
Any hot beat that was thrown at me: you know I lace it,
Copy paste it; you can’t duplicate,
5 years of dedication to be fucking great,
Huh, nigga I said I’m a fucking great,
Get on Top’s bandwagon it ain’t too fuckin’ late
Track Name: Tears of My Mother (Prod. MIDImarc)
Tears of My Mother


I see your tears falling. I’d give anything to stop them,
I see your tears falling. I’d give anything to stop them,
I see your tears falling. I’d give anything to stop them,
Give anything to block them, to solve all your problems

When I was younger I couldn’t stand to see you sad,
Got older and I realized for everything you had,
You gave your life, sacrificed, and suffered,
These… These… These are the tears of my mothers, (Bridge begins to play)
When I was younger I couldn’t stand to see you sad,
Got older and I realized for everything you had,
You gave your life, sacrificed, and suffered,
These… These… These are the tears of my mothers

(Verse 1)
It’s crazy ‘cause I have to use words to express what words could never express,
But I’mma try my best….,
I prolly put my Old Earth through so much stress,
It could even make this atheist think that he’s blessed,
For every breath I release I owe to you atleast,
Even while you was pregnant you suffered ‘cause of me,
Too much weight on your stomach had me hurting your feet,
And me taking your calcium had you losing your teeth,
But you raised me right… kept me out of the streets,
Now I’m grateful, ‘cause I’m always ear-deep in the beats,
When I sweared in my speech you made me stop that,
All my whoopings, I recall back, I deserved all that,
Love: Adore: and Need You… yup, All that!
And if there’s a synonym for angel you’d be called that,
You’re my guardian. Always played the part of him,
And if you’re going through trials and tribs; Let me help you then



(Verse 2)
When we found out that my father was cheating I thought you were leaving,
And you’d be gone by the evening,
What type of man takes trips to Vegas on the weekend?
Leaving his wife and kids spending his chips on a trick?
We were tricked. He was slick. But eventually slipped,
Caught in a lie by the time his plane hit on the strip,
I stood by you when you confronted him with receipt slips,
Askin’ him “who is this?” “who is this?” “Who Is THIS?”
But…. You broke down right in front of me……,
And I had to comfort the one who’s supposed to comfort me,
At the time I felt like I was your only company,
Tellin’ me you wanted half the profits of his company,
But you ain’t left him yet ‘cause of your love for me,
And my brother… God I love my mother!!!,
And you deserve another besides that mothafucka,
But you’re trying to keep your head up… though you’re fed up


(Verse 3)
Ok, maybe I’m not sure if this song is premature,
I just felt bad… record’s my cure,
So I turned the mic on and let me heart just pour,
I guess that’s why they call it flow… now I know,
But if I had my choice with this flow I would blow,
To life my mom out the Low(e)s…. No Home Depot,
I’m tired seeing tear streams over her nose,
Or her pretending like she’s not abused in her own home,
Everything I’d own: she’d have twice her own:
If I ride on chrome… then everywhere she’s flown,
She deserves it though. Price tag, begone!
B(u)y anything if I pay the green she deserve everything,
I’m tired of saying all these upsetting things,
Heavy themes… but to me they’re not petty things,
Some people say their mom is a saint…
It varies.. MINE AIN’T she more the VIRGIN MARY


Track Name: Write My Wrongs (Prod. Brad Massey)
Write My Wrongs

Yea. Uh. Same Difference.

(Verse 1)
I want to write a song so personal that my tears will soak the pages,
And from the moment that I write it then record its and perform it that feeling will last for ages,
I want to write the type of rap that make a person feel my soul and their touched by what I’m saying,
They know every word to it; they listen to the music when they’re going through a rough situation,
In their heart they feel me; they know the real me. I’m not putting up a falsification,
I want to write the type of song that make a person move on when they feel stuck in one station,
I want to pen the perfect verse that’ll reach somebody when they’re goin dire occasion,
I want it to be poignant. I can do it acapella: fuck the instrumentation,
I’mma write the best 16 that’ll mean something to somebody: even if it’s just 1 body,
I have a gift can’t not help nobody. So they gotta know ‘bout me

I’mma write these songs to write my wrongs,
I’m giving you me when I write my wrongs,
It’s all from the heart when my mic is on,
When you rock with Top; you can’t go wrong,
I’mma write these songs to write my wrongs,
I’m giving you me when I write my wrongs,
It’s all from the heart when my mic is on,
When you rock with Top; you can’t go wrong

(Verse 2)
I wanna right (write) to show you I’m vulnerable,
Making my weakness honorable,
I wanna say what’s usually inaubdible,
And confess my sins that are unconscionable,
I wanna record something that’s meaningful,
I spent too much time being lyrical,
Why try to riddle you? Or belittle you?
When I can write something borderline spiritual,
But I don’t preach when a nigga do reach to you,
I connect my soul to each of you,
I wanna write tracks that make you feel like that I speak to you,
Like I’m just one seat from you,
But I don’t hide who am (no peek-a-boo),
I write songs for me and who they’re relating to,
I wanna give hope when they can’t make it through,
Hate it or love it: this what I’mma do


(Verse 3)
I wanna spill ink so you’ll think,
I wanna pour the blood of my veins on a beat,
I want us to connect like our souls had links,
I’mma write that song but gotta fix the kinks,
I wanna compose a heartfelt masterpiece,
Speak from the gut where light don’t reach,
Talk to White America, talk to The Streets,
The Pacific West to the Atlantic East,
I want what will solidify me as a beast,
Put me in a category none can compete,
‘Cause I could guide someone’s life when I speak,
While other rappers try to squeeze pennies out of speech,
I want a rap deep, so deep that you sink when you pay attention and your rhythm in sync,
I’m pulling no stops. Nope, none the least,
Throwing everything I got, huh, even the sink,
I want to write that song, that when it comes on,
Everything you feel is wrong is long gone,
See, I’ll write that song when I know I’m on,
I’ll give what’s left to right (write) my wrongs

Track Name: This Can't be Life (Prod. Jimmy Williams)
This Can’t be Life

Uh. Top Billion CMG. And look, I was telling Funmi the other day that sometimes I wake up too stressed out like I feel like I got the weight of the world on my shoulders or something. I looked in the mirror and I said to myself that… that…

(Verse 1)
This can’t be life… we’re born to die,
Someone leaves same time we arrive,
Body in the ground; soul in the sky,
We’re taught there’s a heaven and now I know why,
I lost my granny this year. I miss her dear,
I wish she’s in paradise if not here,
At the funeral I didn’t shed a tear: I manned up,
So now I got emotions all crammed up,
I throw my hands up! Just my damn luck!
I lose granny the same time drama’s in my family,
I’m so unhappy I hate being home,
Hate how far apart my family’s now grown,
Mom and dad beefing barely even speaking,
Pop’s not seen Friday or the whole weekend,
We know this nigga’s cheating. Mom’s tears streaming,
This can’t be life… pinch me I’m dreaming

Naw, this can’t be life,
If this all I have left that just ain’t right,
I just wanna live life bright (bright)
How did my day turn to night? (night) Uh
Naw, this can’t be life,
If this all I have left that just ain’t right,
I just wanna live life bright (bright)
How did my day turn to night? (night)

(Verse 2)
No this can’t be life this whole world’s mean,
Where’s the part that’s nice?
When did everyone’s heart become stone cold ice?
When did friend mean a person that you don’t unlike?
This real talk, aight, I lost more friends in 2010,
Than I can even begin to count off… Seems like,
Everyone then was actually genuine during good parts,
‘Till hard times kicked off,
Same guy I rapped with; we made tracks quick,
You turned on my dawg like you did a backflip,
I used to hit the strip club with Skip to throw tips,
‘Till he showed his colors. Disloyal: fuck him,
My old manager I couldn’t trust her,
She stayed out of touch when I in a clutch,
But the fakes make me learn twice as much so I’m wiser,
But this can’t be life, bruh


(Verse 3)
What’s this? Not existence,
Let be imagination; a figment,
Let it be a bad dream and I’m close to the finish,
Let it be something that’ll die that I won’t live with,
Right now, nightmares are more pleasant than my present,
To see Freddy Kruger is a present,
Plus I’m broke, I don’t have a penny present,
Look at my account I get stomachs to check it,
Yet I talk reckless when I’m on these records,
Like I got cake… I’m barely eating breakfast!
Yelling CMG each minute every second,
When I can’t pay Brad or Chris for a beat nonetheless:
It’s still on. I’m 2top Makabilli. I keep strong,
For my brother and my mom and my team that I’m putting on,
This ain’t life but if we make it right can’t go wrong

Track Name: Take 'em to Church (Prod. Brad Massey)
Take ‘em to Church

These sort of songs just kind of write themselves. Not a lot of two-takes, punch-ins, none of that. I would like to thank you for listening to this CMG Production. And right now I want to take you somewhere special.

(Verse 1)
Let me take ‘em to church! I’mma talk from my honest place,
Deep from the parts of my heart that’s the darkest place,
When I was young going to church was the hardest place,
Ironic, you know they say that’s God’s place,
For me it was different, I ain’t believe none of the things I was given,
Preacher, preach until you Smurf I’m still not gonna listen,
Never once in my life identified as a Christian,
Yet every Sunday, I find myself in this position:
Ass in the pew hearing them spew some things I’m not believing as true,
And what can I do? SIT THERE!
How the fuck I get there? My folks made me get there!
I refused to go at home I got whipped there,
Shit yeah. You surprised I’m so antagonized,
Against religion of any kind? Shit
I need peace of mind… It’s hard to find,
Will you come for the ride?

Let me take ‘em to church,
Can I put my whole soul in verse before I’m just another hole in the dirt?
Let me take ‘em to church,
Dear Lord, let me know what it’s worth to have peace while I’m on this Earth,
Let me take ‘em to church,
Let me take ‘em to church,
Can I take ‘em to church? Yeah
Let me take ‘em, Let me take ‘em, Let me take ‘em to church

(Verse 2)
To know first why I’m so hurt,
Let’s start off with how I view church: Bad things happen,
Keeps people passive, mind control masses, supports upper classes, Starts wars and clashes,
But see if you believe in God I can’t judge,
Even if you’re religious that’s what you do,
But for me I grew up in a family that ain’t care I ain’t believe,
Straight up sending me a Fuck You,
So what can I do but act up? Hit the Sunday School tell them little kids Back Up,
No one heard my side even when I put the facts up,
And when I talked up I’m smached up… the fuck,
See the worst humiliation is when my father put me through Confirmation,
Since then I hate him…
I need peace of mind. It’s hard to find.
Will you come for the ride?


(Verse 3)
Natural born leader; Independent thinker,
Became a Five Percenter, shit got deeper,
That’s when family ties started to dissolve,
When I called myself Just Right Allah,
I got all those memories stored by the bulk,
Pops found out and said I was part of a cult,
And niggas fear what they don’t understand, of course,
But that took us all off course,
And now that I think of my people on the brink of divorce,
I feel I’m to blame for sorts,
‘Cause of… my actions… and reactions,
Belief lacking… and this passion,
What’s happening? This is saddening,
No church in a year yet l’m still trapped in,
Who’da thought peace of mind would be this hard to find
‘Cause Franz said a couple of times….


Uhh. Brad M on the beat. Top Bill CMG. Yeah. Real shit.
Track Name: Worried About the Future (Prod. Rivers Phoenix)
Worried About the Future


(Verse 1)
The future you never can know gotta watch how life will unfold,
Try to plan it ahead if you’re bold but don’t be surprised if you stray off the road,
There’s twist and turns each where you go and things never follow a flow,
Only thing that remains your own are your goals and your soul,
Men relinquish control after they do the best that they know then let go,
Out of your hold, you’d freeze if not, this world’s so cold,
This I’ve been shown in my own home I’ve seen the worst thing go on,
Mama pointin’ guns at my old man’s dome,
My brother getting beat for a cause unknown,
Through that and more I’ve made 20 years old,
I feel like I’m standing at a fucking crossroads,
I’m unsure how this rap thing’ll go not many cats ever make it outta Monroe,
I’ve worked this hard but don’t think I’ll blow,
I’ve come so far but so farther to go,
I’ve planted this seed can’t meet its needs can’t water it no more,
How will it grow?

I’m worried, worried, worried about the future,
Where the only thing that’s certain is a pinebox and they’ll suit ya,
I’m worried, worried, worried about the future,
Where the only thing that’s certain is a pinebox and they’ll suit ya,

(Verse 2)
Everyday my life feels so uncertain,
No job, naw I’m not working,
College debt… lost scholarships… so I don’t know if I’ll be returning,
I coulda been a better student- more into it- a better person,
Need a 2.5… I’m 2.4… that fact is hurting,
And I’m not re-learning using the digiscale for weed serving,
If I hustle ever again I’m goin’ in: coke or heroin,
(It’s gonna get you)
Yea I know it will in the end but I’m in a lose-lose situation tryna churn out a win,
And all the while balancing music and keeping my girlfriend,
But I feel like she’s gonna get lost too in this whole drama whirlwind,
Where does it end? I don’t know when! I just know where it begins,
It starts with me and ends with me but what happens next I cannot pen


(Verse 3)
I can’t peep around corners when I’m down the block of the street, I just gotta
Keep walking and hope the fate is pleasant I meet,
If life is really bitter then sweet and that cycle constantly repeats,
Then pray that Top is in a transition from where he stands on his feet,
‘Cause I can’t stand to be here no longer,
They say I keep getting stronger,
‘Cause I survived things that’ll harm ya that could make some folks a goner,
But I feel like I’m ‘bout to falter,
My situation must alter before I hit these streets harder,
Then they gotta come chalk ya. You should be


Yea. If my future’s unclear yours is looking real foggy too, homeboy. Top Billion CMG, man. I wake up stressed but I’m out to get it, you know. 2011 I’m goin’ for mine. Write my Wrongs you know what it is. All my haters should be… Come fuck with me and they’ll have to… Ha! You know what. Man, I’m out here to get it.
Track Name: So Gone (Prod. Esteban Music)
So Gone

Ok, you might not know it now or even realize,
But things would be different if I wasn’t alive,
You can take me for granted and push me to the side,
But hopefully you’ll recognize before I die,
And I’ll be be so gone (so gone 6x)
And I’ll be be so gone (so gone 6x)

(Verse 1)
Please, freeze, think-- everybody stop:
Where would niggas be really if it wasn’t for Top,
Lotta you niggas stuck in the same spot,
Tryna come up but don’t got enough guap,
I try to help way more than a lot and a lot of you won’t even give me my props,
Some of ya’ll niggas don’t even have a chance,
Some of ya’ll still tryna come up with a dance,
I showed you a better way not by chance,
And you still wanna stick to the same old plan,
Can’t care for yourself you ain’t no man,
Grown men don’t need to hold no hands,
Use your head you got two legs now put ‘em to purpose: stand,
I do what I want you do what you can,
You’re still out looking for a helping hand,
I’m using my hands to grip a grand and own some land; fuck with me, man,
Can’t none of you niggas here fuck with me, man,
And if I wasn’t here they’d be fucking you, man,
Holdin’ the light in front of, man; now, follow the path not follow my ass,
What… What… What about that don’t you seem to understand?
Unless you got your own people gon’ always serve you underhand,
What… What… What about this don’t you seem to understand?
If I wasn’t here look at your options on the other hand (yeeeah)


(Verse 2)
Ok, Ok, Uh
Please, freeze, everybody quit: hittin’ me up when you need a lift in my whip,
I ain’t nobody’s taxi it’s ok if you ask me but don’t get mad at me if I say no actually,
You my nigga practically but even that has boundaries you can’t always count on me,
To come through when you hound on me,
Everyone that’s down with me needs to be their own man,
Act like you’re grown, man, I can’t hold no hands,
I’m from a no-man’s land; no one can succeed ‘cause crabs pull you back in can,
I come through and try to make oasis out of the sand,
But, niggas still drink the water out the cactuses, man,
Damn, what’s a nigga supposed to what should a nigga think?
Should I still put on or is my time a waste?
What’s a nigga supposed to do what should a nigga think?
Are ya’ll catching on or is this a waste?


(Verse 3)
Please, freeze, you people should recall: how much I did for ya’ll to get back nothing at all,
I opened up my doors so niggas could come and flow,
Even after they stole the studio never closed,
You know how much I fell back? Camera and my phone jacked!
And whoever took them things I ain’t been told that,
I went to pick up some people that had four flats,
Held straps, and rode for niggas that ain’t rode back,
Been a good guy to girls that have been wack,
That run to ex’s that treat her like Kat Stacks,
I ain’t bitter ‘bout my past ‘cause I’m passed that,
But, when I think about it, I deserve a hand clap,
Atleast a backslap for each of my good deeds,
That I did for certain folk that don’t deserve a damn thing,
Top Billion CMG: I’m a damn king,
And if I died this country would fall to anarchy

Track Name: Monroe (Prod. Mastermind)

Ha! Top Bill CMG. Brrrat Brrat Brrat Shoot you in the face Ha Ha Ha. Look. Ok. Ok.
Ok, my pants might sag but I switch up the swag,
Think I’m slow from the country but my mind moves fast,
And I’m all about my green like the ground full of grass,
Don’t know where I’m from here’s the answer if you ask

I’m from that M-O-N-R-O-E, know me
T-O-P. Niggas know what’s real,
I’m from that M-O-N-R-O-E, know me
T-O-P. Niggas know what’s real,
When I get on for my city I’mma put on (NORTHSIDE)
When I get on for my city I’mma put on (EASTSIDE)
When I get on for my city I’mma put on (SOUTHSIDE)
When I get on for my city I’mma put on (WESTSIDE)

(Verse 1)
Ok, the bottom of the map is where I’m at,
Gotta come here if you want to find the kid who raps,
And I’m always killin’ tracks AKA Studio Rat,
Where I’m from we never ever had a super star that raps,
I’m the cat who gon’ change that, bring stacks,
They ain’t never seen that,
Throwin’ hundreds in the air,
Yeah, I’ll make it rain that,
Savage life is how we think gutter where our brains at,
If we bring the straps then the gutter where your brains at,
Small town but now I’ll proudly’ll claim that,
And if I blow up then I gotta bring acclaim back,
I’m the main act prepped and positioned,
To be my towns assistant like a preposition,
You label reps listen, I’m what your artists are missing,
The swag and intelligence to make them seem different,
I’m from where if they ain’t real they hit ‘em,
So there’s a deeper reason why I’m living… Get it?


(Verse 2)
Not born here but where I roam,
Nowhere else could be my home,
And if I got one tatt I’d get ‘318’ alone,
On the microphone I’m well-rounded like a cone,
And for you people sleepin’ on me this here the methadone,
I’m on Auburn Ave. planted on these concrete slabs,
In my blue and White Ones tellin’ ya’ll where I’m from,
Garden District; down the street from where the levee runs,
Northside; Forsythe; Neville: that’s my old High,
I’m the one guy that doesn’t have to lie,
So not gutter but I know folk on the Southside,
I tell ‘em what it do. 3-Unit, AQ, Peace to OT too,
What up Pine Bayou!
One for the Eastside where they livin’ beast lives,
And where all the beef lies with G’s that keep 9’s,
What up to the West where they keep them rednecks,
But real niggas is out there don’t forget


(Verse 3)
I told my big little brother Will “I’m on that Volume 2 shit,”
I told Chris-Style “CipherMusicGroup’s the movement,”
I told Ronnie Cail “If you want it, we can do this,”
Told Monroe “I’m the best. I can prove this!”
Dropping all hits so you can’t say you’re clueless,
Smarter than your average so you can’t say I’m foolish,
My songs be the heat… don’t ask where the tool is,
And I’m the coldest fuck what the cool is,
Brutus, Brutus! Tell me who’s Brutus,
I’m feeling to powerful like Caear… Julius,
Monroe representer, hometown five percenter,
If I quit forever here will leave the map never,
I’m too clever and I’m getting better,
Like the old barbershop I’m on A-Nuh-Thuh level,
You should get a shovel… go ‘head and dig a hole,
You can’t compete with Top Bill: Mr. Monroe

Track Name: A Song for My Brother (Prod. Brad Massey)
A Song for My Brother

Top Billion CMG (CMG). I dedicate this song to my brother Chris.
Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes I am,
I’ll do my duty to the best I can,
God as my witness raising my left hand,
I pledge to my fam…

Blood of my blood, Flesh of my flesh,
Part of my heart I swear to protect,
If you ever need me, seek me,
I got you covered… Anything,
You’re my brother.
Blood of my blood, Flesh of my flesh,
Part of my heart I swear to protect,
If you ever need me, seek me,
I got you covered… Anything,
You’re my brother.

(Verse 1)
I only got one in my life,
Blood brother: the only real type,
Some people say that we look alike,
I’d say I’m more handsome but that could start a fight,
Alright! See, a single child wouldn’t know what this feel like,
Living with a sibling you have rollercoaster feelings,
One day we chilling playing heroes and villains,
I swing too hard; hit him, then we fight,
That’s when we’re kids… babies… barely out the crib,
I’d win. I’m 2 years older than him,
But I look at Chris now and this kid’s getting big,
But shit… I wouldn’t want it with him, But
Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes I am,
I’ll do my duty to the best I can,
God as my witness raising my left hand,
I’ll take that stand and pledge to my fam


(Verse 2)
Through my teenage years I had drama with,
Mama, Papa, and you saw alotta,
Times I’d plummet… times I got punished,
Times I walked out of the house and said ‘fuck it,’
Yeah, you witnessed all that; Good and the Bad,
Sometimes I ponder I what kind of big brother you had,
I never saw myself as a role model, never thought to,
Now I’m feeling awful for not being your example in the past,
We barely looked up to dad, I shoulda been the closest friend you had,
Instead I look back and I’m full of regrets like when I was mad,
And trashed your Nintendo DS,
Now we can laugh at how I got vexed,
But that can’t mask my plea for forgiveness,
Brother, I ask overlook where I missed,
And in the future remember just this, please!



(Verse 3)
I love my brother like no other,
No one he’s under everyone he ‘bove ya,
We got inside jokes you can’t discover,
Outside fucker peepin’ in through shutters,
For him I’ll gut ya, Link-style cut ya,
That’s a Wii joke… shoutout Smash Brothers,
When I get my cheese up he can put his feet up,
I heard you’re going for engineering,
That’s Peace, Bruh,
All I can say is read up,
College ‘bout staying head you don’t wanna play keep up,
Don’t skip class… keep your sleep up,
I’m here for you, man, I promise not to leave the


I love you, bro.
Track Name: What it Means to be Young (Prod. Alex B)
What it Means to be Young

(Verse 1)
Yea, what it means to be young,
You’re looking at life more bright than the sun,
Your hopes in the future before it comes,
The world’s not cold enough to make you numb,
Not yet, and you don’t have enough done to regret,
Anything… so you make a lot of missteps,
Mistakes and catch some bad breaks,
You experience love & heartache… just wait,
Life is a long road. Before you travel this path there’s a lot to know,
But, when young, a lot of keep our ears closed,
Like “I don’t want advice from them old folks!”
“What do they know?”
We’re so headstrong… thinking everyone we know has a halo,
And that’s dead wrong,
But, you learn and you live and we use the excuse “we’re just kids!”
A take and give: gotta take the good, take the bad,
Give up childish things as time goes past,
But make it last don’t let it go fast

A lot of times are great (What it Means to be Young)
You’re gonna make mistakes (What it Means to be Young)
But youth is the moment of truth when you find out who are you
That’s what it means to be young
Times are great (What it Means to be Young)
You’re gonna make mistakes (What it Means to be Young)
But youth is the moment of truth when you find out who are you
That’s what it means to be young!

(Verse 2)
I’m 20 years old feeling too ancient but at 15 I was too anxious,
To be a grown man. Oh man! If I knew what I know, man,
I wouldn’t wanna grow, man,
The pressure piles on as you get older,
Feels like I’m lifting a boulder,
More responsibility, less possibility,
The world gets colder the wind is chilling me—burr!
But, when I was younger everyday was summer; never was a bummer,
If that’s not true the bad times are few and far between, know what I mean?
Writing raps in class and still I passed,
My first girlfriend then had the fattest ass and back then,
I never had a lack of cash,
Pops always kept me laced like coke and hash,
And you’re gonna laugh but my comic book stash in its own class,
What a youth I had…


(Verse 3)
Young nigga dumb nigga but I had more sense than some niggas,
I’m not stuck in the place I’m from, nigga,
The truth: some people can’t let loose of youth,
They would deny they’re not stuck in time,
You’ll find they don’t act their age they act their shoe size,
They’ll spend each dime getting high or fly,
They’re trying to forget they’ll die,
Clutching to the past like it’s all they have,
If it would keep them young some wouldn’t take baths,
Growing old is the goal what they don’t understand,
They’d rather be a boy than a man,
The wise, on the other hand, enjoy the Early Years,
Learn with their eyes and ears-- move to the Wonder Years,
Become men and women with kids and careers,
Then retire in France in the Golden Years,
Everyone, raise a glass to the roof,
I wanna make a toast… “TO YOUTH”

Track Name: Everybody's a Fool (Prod. Harald)
Everybody’s a Fool

Everybody’s somebody’s fool,
The world is the biggest school
Everybody’s somebody’s fool,
The world is the biggest school

Rest in Peace Mike Jack. This is real rap. Top Billion CMG

(Verse 1)
Yo, we’re fooled by the leaders, fooled by the preachers,
“Columbus found America!” fooled by the teachers,
Told there’s tooth faires and bunnies on Easter,
But, I ain’t seen them nor Santa Clause either,
Fooled by the media… TV and the radio,
They repeat to ya things they think that you need to know,
“Buy cars, buy clothes, buy food, buy jewels!”
You think buying new shoes means you can buy cool?
Naw fool, that won’t sell any cash and college degrees don’t mean you bought class,
You can have a BA, think you’re the best,
And be the bookworm in the room full of BS,
But we’re taught higher learning’s the way to progress,
It is! The foolproof way to boost your debt,
Up to your neck… you won’t regret ‘til them Sallie-Mae checks,
But you learn things you won’t regret… Like…


And that’s real talk. Since we’re young we’re fooled by the preachers, leaders, and teachers. Hell, even our parents a little bit. That’s like nowadays; rappers and street cats telling youngins hustling is the way to come up. From personal experience, that’s not where it’s at.

(Verse 2)
I pity the fool that pities a fool,
If you pity a fool you’re swimming in the same pool,
I don’t clown with niggas who run with buffoons,
Monkey around you’ll slip on banana peels soon,
Making fool moves is the quickest way to the tomb,
I could have died if I brought that whole ounce to the dude,
Or I could be in prison if those dogs started sniffing,
Funny, doing the speed limit makes the difference,
Nigga, listen: don’t let the drug game fool ya,
You’re 12 inches from death if cash is your ruler,
Streets made of winners and loser but loser look like winners,
Like Lakers wearing jerseys of Clippers,
‘Til their body see a zipper or they get a cot,
Cell block and three dinners… they fooling niggas,
Tellin’ them hustling is the way to come up for ‘em,
‘Til them crackers cuffing ‘em… it’s done for them


People start to hustle for the love of money. But the acquiring of money isn’t the end all be all and that’s where they got ya’ll fooled. A love of money is only gonna get your heart broke in the end like a bad relationship. And I think we’ve all been there.

(Verse 3)
Have you ever felt like you’ve been used?
Emotionally hurt your heart’s been bruised?
Feeling no better than a hammer or a screw,
‘Cause the one that you loved treated you like a tool,
Feeling like a fool and a jackass, I know I have,
I gave my heart and she chunked it in a trash bag,
I tried to get the last laugh saying “Girl, you ain’t that bad!”
But that can’t mask I’m sad,
I’m not glad that I’ve been through what I have,
You don’t have to be a fool to know the world’s cruel,
So why’d I still have to go to school?
Why’d I have to have heavy heartache just to know the rules?
God, that’s not cool if you’re up in heaven,
You’re making me question how you teach lessons,
But, if you’re there, keep giving blessings,
‘Cause the world’s ways keep us stressing,
Mike tell ‘em. Yea

Track Name: White Man's World (Prod. Harald)
White Man’s World

(Chorus) 2x
Everyday we fight for survival,
This is the only life I know,
We’re just stuck in this white man’s world,
There’s not a place you can run to,
This is what it’s all come down to,
We’re just stuck in this white man’s world

(Verse 1)
In a foreign land that was owned by the Red man,
Stolen by the White man and worked by the Black man,
They made it hard for the Yellow and the Brown man,
I swear, sometimes they wanna keep us down, man,
Try to come up they won’t let you see the roof,
Think you’re a CEO you’re just a nigga in a suit,
Think you’re fly you’re a jiggaboon in a coop,
Think you’re innocent but they don’t care about the proof,
I put it on my soul America’s a living hell,
The cops can put fifty shots in you like Sean Bell,
Projects look like run down motels,
Make us fiend for the day we see jail cells,
It ain’t shit to see another Black man killed,
We hate ourselves while we lick the White man’s heels,
We’ll almost do anything for these damn bills,
That’s how we feel in this white man’s world, nigga

(Chorus) 1x

(Verse 2)
I make more than her networth,
But when she walk by she still grab her purse,
Go to interviews… what they ask first?
What’s my criminal record before my date of birth,
Walk in the office: they think I steal somethin’,
Walk down the block: they think I kill somethin’,
Walk to the corner: they think I sell somethin’,
Put me in them cuffs: I won’t tell nothing!
You devils got a lot of nerve knocking us for birds,
When Reagan pushed more white than Meech ever served,
They put money in the hood on the 1st and 3rd,
Knowing the J’s’ll make the cash burn,
And this school system don’t make us kids learn,
They teach us white history and to wait our turn,
And that’s probably why we won’t get what we deserve,
‘Cause we’re small black dots in this big white world, nigga

(Chorus) 1x

(Verse 3)
An Uncle Tom loves Uncle Sam,
I'll burn that Red, White, and Blue flag in my hand,
To a Revolutionary, this song his jam,
See, niggas need to mask up like the Taliban,
And I got love for Obama, but that man a sham,
He's just a chess piece used in a bigger scam,
They tell us to join the army: Be All You Can,
But that army kills Blacks in a foreign land,
And they don't give a fuck about us,
They hate to be around us,
That's why they build the public housing with the gate around it,
I swear, in 2012, they're gonna try and drown us...,
And they're excuse then is "niggas can't swim,"
I see this through the lens of the past,
That's where I learned from,
They hung us off the trees, cut our dicks off, and burned them,
Now what makes you think they won't bring that back?,
They started AIDS, but I won't get to that.

You’re just a black gnat in a jar, nigga. Don’t get swat.

(Chorus) 2x
Track Name: All Falls Down (Prod. Brad Massey)
All Falls Down

(Verse 1)
The Hindus teach of dharma it’s related to karma,
It means you have a duty in life God put upon ya,
You make not like ya orders but there is no other offer,
So some people gotta kill, steal, fraud and rob ya,
America honors equality and justice to the public,
But don’t discuss the injustice we harbor,
The poorer people of the world America bombed ya,
So can we see the planes hitting The Towers as karma?
America, tables are turning on ya,
You’re targets of Osama,
You’re in hotter water than Ozarka in a sauna,
The Arabs are plotting on ya, China has gotten stronger,
You won’t last longer and you’re not getting smarter,
See, this was America’s dharma: to be the greatest nation on Earth,
Then killed by its own work,
Overthrew by the very seeds it grew but we knew,
That this coming true was long overdue but

What goes up (up) must come down (down)
And whatever goes in always comes back around (aye!)
It’s the truth! Look around! Listen close for the sounds!
What we gonna do when it all falls? (All… Falls… Down)
What goes up (up) must come down (down)
And whatever goes in always comes back around (aye!)
It’s the truth! Look around! Listen close for the sounds!
What we gonna do when it all falls? (All… Falls… Down)

(Verse 2)
Uhh. Right now across the planet the movement of jihad,
Has planted the seeds of war of the West versus Islam,
From New York to Tehran; L.A. to Lebanon; what’s going on?
How can you kill an army of human bombs?
Quote unquote terrorists grow strong recruiting young men along,
To fight the infidels of ALLAH,
With the U.S. in Iraq it became Vietnam and triggered in places,
Even more Muslims that hate us,
Now, we gotta face it… Al Quaeda wants to erase us,
And decapitate us killing the heads of our nation,
I can’t even blame nor can I say I hate ‘em,
‘Cause all the problems Blacks face—they fight what made ‘em,
I’m saying…


(Verse 3)
Why did we hang Saddam? For fear of nuclear bombs,
We knew North Korea had all along? (Naw!)
It was wrong but we still danced to the song,
Now, the club’s closed and they’re waiting for us in the parking lot armed,
Be alarmed be very alarmed it’s the midnight hour,
Dark! No electrical power,
Supervillians are banding against the one Superpower,
The seeds of the U.S. are now flowers and not cowards,
We couldn’t cleanse our sins in a holy water shower,
For showing no love we gotta pay in blood,
God Bless America! But no one’s above,
What I’m seeing come up is an earthly hell for us,
Unless we change course we’ll be crushed by the force,
Guilty in the world’s court and I don’t mean sport,
On the road we’re on we’re at a fork: Left or Right,
In my site, moving Left can only make things right. Get it?

Track Name: Only the Strong Survive (Prod. Chris-Style)
Only the Strong Survive

Ok, I wake up every morning with my dreads over my eyes,
Throw my bed sheets to the side, stand on my 2 feet high,
Walk over to my mirror, look myself in the eyes,
To keep this thing in mind that only the strong survive
Where I come from

(Verse 1)
Don’t nobody give you nothin’ they don’t want to see you stuntin’,
If you got it then we know you’re hustlin’,
If you nickel or dime or you do it big time either way you out there strugglin’,
Youngin’ out there on the grind tryin’ to survive,
But it’s harder as the days keep comin’,
He ain’t tryin’ to stay alive he’s tryin’ to thrive,
And he’ll get it through strong arm muscle-in’,
That’s how my thoughts coalesce; I’m grinding with rap like the last thing left,
It’s all I know (no) can’t tell me yes,
I’m ‘bout my dough like a baker’s check,
If CMG blows up next and these cliques meet their death,
Tell ‘em that (OH THE STRONG SURVIVE), {Hahaha Yeah!}
I ain’t never been scared to fail or scared to bail or lose,
Standin’ 10 toes planted in my shoes with my chest out like a cockatoo,
Plus, niggas know that I’m cocky too. Bein’ the best what I often prove,
Plus, if you don’t ever think you’re number one who’s gonna think you are too (two)?
Damn, double entendre… Top’s a monster,
I’m big in the game just like E. Honda,
Work too hard to drive Hondas,
I’m stronger—thought there’s a place for weaklings here you can’t be wronger,
(OH THE STRONG SURVIVE) {They some goners}

Ok, I wake up every morning with my dreads over my eyes,
Throw my bed sheets to the side; stand on my 2 feet high,
Walk over to my mirror, look myself in the eyes,
To keep this thing in mind that only the strong survive
Where I come from
Only the strong survive (Where I will be)
Only the strong survive (Where I wanna go)
Only the strong survive (What you will see)
Only the strong survive (What you gotta know)
Only the strong survive (Where I come from)
Only the strong survive (Where I will be)
Only the strong survive (Where I wanna go)
Only the strong survive (What you gotta know)

(Verse 2)
Charles Darwin said it best: “The strong is who Nature selects,”
“The weak and sick ain’t meant for this that’s why their species dying next,”
That’s why fuckboys stay with plex; they’re just fighting to exist,
If they came from my gene pool they’d be cool; unfortunately, they ain’t that blessed,
Yes, ya’ll know how I wreck. Born for rap so I can not sweat,
A beat I can’t kill I ain’t met. Ain’t a song from me I ain’t murk yet,
Yet, niggas still wanna test when they should know this fact best,
(OH THE STRONG SURVIVE) {Ha! Now let me ask ‘em somethin’}
Why you wanna push me? I’m far from a rookie,
What you see when you’re looking?
I know I’m a lot of things but I damn sure ain’t pussy,
I can live through anything you put me through,
No heat under pressure I keep it cool, in fact,
I encourage you. Try it, fool,
Watch Simon turn ‘to a diamond,
No, I’m not lying your Son (sun) is shining,
The hair on my head makes me a lion; I should rule Zion,
‘Cause I’m that strong like Kimbo’s arm,
For you slowpokes not catching on bring it on, uh
(OH THE STRONG SURVIVE) {HAA! Sing the song}


(Verse 3)
Ain’t built for it better git, man, you need more support than just a kickstand,
‘Round here you’ll get swallowed like quicksand,
And spit out like you’re from a Listerine can,
Here’s the thing, man, we’re in the jungle,
Where you either try to get it from the brain or the muscle,
If you ain’t got either then ya body get discovered,
Layin’ down face down right in the puddle,
Yup! That’s how I been so bold—from a young age my heart turned cold,
When it thawed, thought it was a flaw, so instead I kept it closed,
Now, I got no feelings for my foes—I know people suffer ‘round the globe but,
I… I suppose that’s how it goes,
Some people gotta go without food, shelter, health, clothes, all of those,
While the others buy the gold, drink the Rose, and drive the Rolls,
I don’t see what strength has to do with that but then again who knows,
But you know that one of goals is to get my own bank roll,
Put a couple of my niggas on then have some homes to own,
I can do that I know… it’s a matter of time, fa sho,
The strong survive but the intelligent thrive and they grow. Yeah


Ha! You know, man, this what we do. Top Billion CMG. 2010, what’s happening. Chris-Style, what’s up. Will, what’s up. Skip, what’s up. El Swagg, what’s up. You know how we do this, man, only the strongest out here getting it. And you know I’m out here getting it 24/7 365 out for mine, man. I’m out for making a killing, you know. This what I do best. Top Billion CMG. Brrrat!
Track Name: Death (Prod. Brad Massey)

Uhh. CMG.

(Verse 1)
Have you ever thought death? Your last exhale,
Details: maggots in your entrails, peeling skin cells,
Rotting teeth, eyes, hair, and fingernails,
In a cold box six feet below grass,
Last items—a suit and a gin flask,
It’s funny how life moves so fast,
You’re born then there’s a tombstone for that ass!
No matter how you pass your last day’s tragic,
People at the funeral commemorate your passing,
Ugly tears stream the faces hung over your casket,
Coroner dolled you up but he can’t mask shit,
You’re worm food now… they’re ‘bout to chew down,
Feast on you while your skin turns blue/brown,
The rotting smell of flesh so bad it makes a sound,
Hear the screams of bacteria as you break down,
Empty bowels get rid of all the shit in you,
Ate your whole life now you’re on some fly’s menu,
Cold numb body… no life in you,
It’s for certain when they say The Reaper might get you, Huh

Have you thought about death?
Have you thought about death?
Have you thought about death yet? Heh
Aye, I thought about death,
Have I thought about death?
Have I thought about death? Yes
Aye, have you thought about death?
Have you thought about death?
Have you thought about death yet?
Aye, hey, I thought about death,
Have I thought about death?
Have I thought about death? Yes

(Verse 2)
Uhh, some say there’s life after others say this is the final chapter,
Some hope that they will meet their master,
Others say the grave is the higher power,
Some believe in Casper… spirits,
Others say if there’s no proof how can you believe it?
But, no matter which side you pick this time,
Only way to find out: die,
And that’s no surprise,
Whether rich or poor, low or high,
Death is the one thing that equalize,
I could have died plenty times,
Like when I was hustling and niggas tried to rob me for mine,
Set me up, We me up,
If I ain’t get that phone call I’d probably be a pencil right now,
Lead-ed up,
This is heavy stuff… this song carry weight,
Now, let me ask, Did you contemplate? Uhh!


Uhh. Uhh. Top Billion. CMG. Brad M. on the beat, man. You know what it is. Uhh. Uhh. Uhh. Yeah. Don’t die, nigga.
Track Name: MaryJane (Prod. Brad C.)

Uh. Top Billion CMG. This is a love song. A sad love song. Brad C. on the beat.

(Verse 1)
I used to date MaryJane, she was a bad bitch,
When we were together as a couple it was magic,
She’s high maintenance, such baggage,
But break her out the ziplock she’s the total package,
I met her in my late teens… I was 18,
First comment when I saw her: YO WHY SHE AIN’T GREEN?
She wasn’t really looking good that day,
I can’t blame her we had bought her in the hood that day,
On the first date, she made the skies ungray,
After the first kiss, I vowed I’d always stay,
Mary stayed on my brain… she made me go insane,
Got me so high one time I thought I’d float away,
It’s no lie love’ll make you do wild things,
‘Cause I’d be broke and still find a way to buy green,
This girl emptied my pockets ‘fore I was 19,
But even then her praise I would sing like

Mary Mary Mary Mary MaryJane, you make everything right,
Mary Mary Mary Mary MaryJane, I need you in my life,
Mary Mary Mary Mary MaryJane, would you please stay the night,
Mary Mary Mary Mary MaryJane, in the dark you’re my light

(Verse 2)
Like any relationship, we had up and downs,
She filled the room with her perfume I’d tell her tone it down,
“Bae, I love your scent but in the dorm not now,”
“If they catch a wiff of you they’ll bring the cops down!”
But we made up when 4/20 came around,
They day we left the ground and fooled around on a cloud,
Gentlemen don’t call their exes freaks but after every time I hit Mary,
Had to sleep… Yea,
My friends said we weren’t meant to be,
They dated Mary but ain’t like her affect on me,
They knew if me and her got down when I came around laughing like a clown,
With bloodshot eyes,
And Mary was the girlfriend who hung with the guys,
I’d be with my niggas and she’d somehow arrive,
She let us train but among 8 or 9 of us you can’t really catch a nut,
Still I’m like


After dating Mary for a year it was clear,
We were gonna break up she’d have to disappear,
She made me lazy nigga took my eyes off the picture,
And I hated how she looked when she dressed in the swisher,
Though she did me plenty favors when I was with her,
I was broke one summer and she let me pimp her, You know
Selling her body to John, Vick, or Bobby,
I made a little money but the risk to costly,
When niggas tried to rob me: final straw,
“Baby, time to call it quits.” And that was all,
Last date we had was at the levee in the Fall,
She asked if we’d meet again I said I’d call,
But I didn’t. She’s in my past,
My memory of her dimish as times pass,
But I can’t forget it what we had,
But I feel a reunion would be too sad. I’ll just sing

Track Name: Home, Sweet, Home (Prod. Chris-Style)
Home, Sweet, Home

Can I take you to my special place I call Home Sweet Home,
And I know you love me. That’s my Home Sweet Home,
And I know you love me. That’s my

(Verse 1)
Some people would say “Top, don’t rep where you from”
They deaf and dumb—like I’m not Monroe’s son,
Like I ain’t sprung from them same schools when I was young,
Like the Sun don’t shine on these backwood slums,
You should come; my home sweet home; this is where I roam,
Northside Monroe: where all roads lead to Rome,
North 18th running like a mainstreet,
I almost died crossing that bitch during the school week,
I keep it honest my city made my honest,
My city made me like onyx so to my city here’s homage,
I’ve went to school with some since the 5th grade,
I even know some like family in this way,
I loved some of them, fucked some of them, fought some of them,
That lets you know a little where I’m coming from,
318; upper part of the Pelican State,
Right ‘round where The Boot top takes shape is my


(Verse 2)
A love/hate relationship in my eyes is how I would describe,
My ties to Roe City if I summarized,
I made up my mind way back in time I wanted somethin’ for mine,
I knew this city won’t provide me, (Top)
So I’m walking this tightrope between putting on a moving on where I’ll grow,
Making fans here hard—I know,
At seventeen rapping got booed at Apollo,
I ain’t let it stop me, knock me, or shift,
But shit, I couldn’t help feeling amiss,
Pissed, dismissed, hit, wanting to quit,
But, I flipped that quick—put out another disc, Yeah
That’s that bounce back… I found that,
With any obstacles I can trounce that,
First semester home from college I was glad I left,
But Monroe, to me, never nothing less than


(Verse 3)
Yeah, some people would say “Top don’t rep where you from!”
They deaf and dumb—like I’m not Monroe’s son,
Like the levees ain’t down my street,
Like when I’m in whip I don’t even drive through the East,
Like the Southside don’t house some of peeps,
Like I ain’t take trips through Robinson Place each week,
Under my feet is the same soil that the Ouachita drug in,
Same Ouachita during Katrina that flooded,
Catch me on Reddix with Will and his lil’ cousin,
Or in Cypress scoring Reggie for the puffin’,
No disrespect to the West or nothing,
But I only crossed Lee Joyner for a bitch,
The movies, to eat, or to kick it with Chris,
You see Epps made a beast when my dude’s on the beat,
And I’m a pro with the flow from the Roe,
Not even close to born here, but you know,
This is my

Track Name: Never Turn Away (Prod. Chris-Style)
Never Turn Away

(Verse 1)
Honestly, I feel like total shit now,
It couldn’t get worse as it is right now,
Nigga, I’m fucked up smoking on this black ‘til the tip burn out,
Eyes teary, nose burning when the smoke come out,
I hit right now thinking ‘bout my situation like “Wow,
It came to this point? Lonely, ashamed, with no one else to blame,
And shit I can’t even tell how! I’m fuckin’ up!”
I told Nikki that… I love Nikki, bruh,
She always here to hear the God and I’m here for her,
But shit, I told people I love ‘em and then for somethin’,
I have to dump them… who says she won’t be the same?
Man, I’m hoping ya’ll can feel the pain,
I know I do wouldn’t like to but it came,
But you know they “when it rains can’t run away,
Or make it go away it go away… so never turn away”

(Verse 2)
Has it been this bad or did I make it such?
I’m beefing with niggas with bonds I thought couldn’t be touched,
Shit, I woulda paid his bond upfront,
But, now me and D. Bridge don’t even talk much,
Or even at all—I dropped the ball,
Guess those three tweets from me to him the last straw,
Or it coulda, shoulda, woulda—didn’t,
Forget it no hypotheses or if-its,
Don’t sulk on predicaments just fix it,
Top: I’m a realist and the realest,
I’ve done dumb shit but I’ve always ask forgiveness,
If they decline apologies that’s what it is,
Like me and Hugh said “It is What it Is!”
But don’t turn away from fixing up a burnt bridge,
I don’t turn away from building up a new bridge. Yeah

(Verse 3)
And now I think I made another misstep,
Bucking at Damon I regret,
I let a dumb bitch make me forget that’s my ace,
Coming out my face acting dumb in the worst case,
And in the first place I ain’t have a right to pick a fight,
And threaten something in his life that’s important,
That’s a fortune to him; I’d be the biggest ass if I did somethin’ to him,
The fuck am I doing? I need to clean it up,
This not how Allah supposed to handle things, bruh,
And to the listener who’s wondering what went down,
Know that I’m let down by what I let get down,
Yeah… acting like a clown let my guard down and let emotions run over,
That’s not how ‘pposed to conduct yourself,
Now, I really wish I told myself but it’s too late,
I don’t believe in fate. Nope, never did,
As a kid, I let life come as I live,
But what I would say: If I follied then prolly it was best that I did,
So from this I never turn away,
Nope I never turn away,
Naw I never turn away,
I never turn away yeah,
Never turn away. Uhh
Track Name: Sins of My Father (Prod. Brad Massey)
Sins of My Father

This… the hardest song I had to write,
I’m fearing now letting the paper hit the pen tonight,
That’s right I’m scared to write ‘cause I gotta sum all my strife,
In 16’s, 8 bars, and 4 minutes of kilobytes,
Pain in my life I place it on the altar,
My sacrifice to be purged of what has had me bothered,
I’ve kept emotions bottled,
That inner pressure’s awful,
Hold it in I ought to,
But I’mma blow up I got to Uh

Sins of my father,
Am I doomed to repeat all of his problems? Everywhere that he faltered!
Sins of my father,
The apple don’t fall far from the tree and I ain’t rolled farther,
Sins of my father,
Dump me in holy water I don’t want to walk the path he charted,
Sins of my father,
But apples don’t fall far from the tree and I ain’t rolled farther

(Verse 1)
My biggest gripe is you betrayed our trust,
My train of thought don’t wanna toss you under the bus,
But, I gotta say this and blatant I’mma make it:
Why the fuck you say it was a ‘business trip’ in Vegas?!
You even had me drive me you up to where the plane picked you up,
Business conference? What the fuck!
I shoulda known something’s up,
You blowin’ hundreds on a bitch in a casino,
And I don’t get a dollar for tuition not a single,
But what’s evil… you’ve been cheating like a weasel,
But under church steeples you act like one of the holy people,
Like it’s not illegal in the Bible to adulterate,
Fornicate… but we see your morals are second-rate,
Hypocrites I really hate and that’s what you are,
Forced me to join the church when I don’t believe in God,
But what’s odd all along you don’t at all,
Fraud, admit it, Franz, pussy and alcohol’s your God.


(Verse 2)
Every man has faults… no one’s pure in thought,
But you made me walk the walk when all you did was fuckin’ talk,
Like you were holier than thou all of the while,
You were sleeping with different women. That can’t be forgiven,
Felt like I was in prison; force-fed me religion saying ‘Be a Christian,’
Same mouth some slut was kissing,
And need I mention when I disagreed you beat me?
Mistreat me ‘cause church wasn’t where I’d want to be seen,
That’s the past… I won’t be like you or granddad,
Cheating in the fam I refuse to be the 3-peat,
Saw the pain it ‘caused mom,
Her heart ached strong,
You did her wrong that image has yet to leave me,
So on this CD, everything within me,
That could make me like you I’m bidding good-bye to,
I could never like you after being lied to,
Now the biggest fear I knew is being like you.