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I'm kickin' off my 2013 by dropping this free new mixtape: "Hungry+Humble." Originally it was goin' to be called "Streets Gon' Feel Me" because that was the first song I wrote for the project and I knew it was a smash as soon as I finished it. But I chose to go with this name because being hungry + humble are the two qualities I feel are most necessary towards achieving any success in life. This mixtape is different than my others because I'm rapping about more stories from the hood instead of just focusing on things in my life. Songs like "Streets Gon' Feel Me," "All That's Changed," "What Don't Kill You," & "Give Me a Sign" are meant to speak for the people who the world has ignored. Songs like "Bottom Line" and "My Baby, My Boo" are meant just be entertaining songs for the streets. "Trust" and "See My Potential" are meant to inspire, and the 2013 Monroe Cypher is to show you that where I come from fosters alot of talented mothafuckas.

Check out the music video for the 2013 Monroe Cypher here:


released January 26, 2013




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: Hungry+Humble (Prod. Brad Massey)

I stay hungry & humble you know the whole game is in trouble,
When I'm sick of the struggle and I advance my hustle,
If I put my mind to it then I know I can bubble,
Calgon take me away 'til I'm as far as the Hubble,
My young niggas at the bottom that's how them crackas got 'em,
But I tell 'em fuck they problems nothin' in the world can stop 'em,
I don't sell 'em a dream or promise finer things,
Just organize the team and like Caesar I lead,
The money's where my mouth is don't speak it I'm 'bout it,
That's why I'll never shout it if my dick is where your spouse is,
Anyone around this know how hard I go,
Gettin' my dreads palm-rolled only time out the yo,
Besides that it's all rap treat the booth like the trap,
Meek ain't the only one hollin' 2pac's back,
Man, I'm hungry I come from nothing my stomach is rumbling,
My entree better be coming 'cause I'm sick of these snacks,
Can't relax, bruh, I've been waiting for too long,
Like fans for new songs from London to Tucson,
Sorry if I've been gone for longer than needed,
But even Gods like sleepin', movies, and gettin' weeded,
But peep it it's no secret even when on hiatus,
I'm gettin' chips like a dealer in Vegas,
All you doubters are basic I'm complex like equations,
If I slacked on vacation Skull & Bones ain't Masons,
Wait, I might be goin' over ya'll heads,
Forget everything I said let's get back to the bread,
If you thought I was dead after my battle with Lyriqs,
Hear this I resurrected like Christ the Holy Spirit,
My vision is the clearest I see it so perfect,
I'm killin' all these verses 'til them millions surface,
Fuck you clown niggas doin' Monroe disservice,
I came to get the city right ya'll should stay in the circus,
Yeah it's CipherMusicGroup 'til my heart ain't workin',
See I'm humble in person if you meet me expect it,
I just keep it on record all my braggin' and flexin',
'Cause it's all entertainment, right? Wrong I'm realer than life,
Nothin' I write's of the fraudulent type,
Real niggas give me spike when they see me on sight,
'Cause on the mic I show 'em light in the darkest of nights,
I'm from the gutta small town mothafucka,
Where you're lucky if your job is sayin' "Can I take your order?"
We rub together quarters baby mamas extort us,
And everyone and they cousin know ya business like reporters,
That's where I'm comin' from country slum #1,
I'm in the game to win it, son, and I'm playin' zero sum,
Young but not dumb with OGs I hung,
With OGs I run so I'm OG'd to them,
Havin' too much can knock you off your pivot,
First get shit done before you sip on the spirits,
That's just a little taste of the game I was given,
Who you kiddin' sayin' you as hungry as me?,
That's like coppin' Jordan 3s expectin' 'em to be free,
Ain't a nigga like me on the P-L-A-N-E-T,
Book smart with street heart all in one MC,
Don't play with me my niggas stay with me,
And they all hold me down better than gravity,
Holla CMG the new regime we takin' over everything,
I won't stop 'til ya'll all rock Noillib Pot,
They say my flow is hot I take it in stride,
Not a jew but I do believe it's a sin to have pride,
My humble side is genuine not a facade,
I'm thankful for each opportunity that's arrived,
From meetin' Brad and gettin' all the beats that he had,
To doin' shows for my fans signin' autographs,
To makin' jams with a man way out in France,
And each blog that posts something from my email blasts,
Thank you, gracias, merci merci,
For all of ya'll I'll stay hungry and humble working
Track Name: Streets Gon' Feel Me (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Streets Gon' Feel Me"

Can't fake it I can only be the real me,
I'm makin' money but the money don't build me,
I'm from the bottom everything I sing is filthy,
You ain't gotta like it but the streets gon' feel me,
Can't fake it I can only be the real me,
I'm makin' money but the money don't build me,
I'm from the bottom everything I sing is filthy,
You ain't gotta like it but the streets gon' feel me,
The streets gon' feel me the streets gon' feel me,
You ain't gotta like it but the streets gon' feel me

(Verse 1)
Gutta & Gangsta some niggas so full of anger,
They pop their bangers at strangers puttin' the babies in danger,
Project nights street lights splittin' blunts with a razor,
Chevys pass while the blast Plies and 36 chambers,
2:15 AM, mama, you know where your child?
Been runnin' wild for a while by the boxes they piled,
Black & Mild bummed off the lady with the gold tooth smile,
I breath it out while she bitch about her cousin on trial,
My nigga Kyle showin' out in his Caprice he styled,
Exterior crocodile interior argyle,
Baby mamas be bitchin' 'bout who they think they man hittin',
To they dirt we can listen from open windows of kitchens,
Chickenheads be annoyin' ghetto scholars be poignant,
A mother lost her young boy when he ate rat poison,
Shit... "Well, so much for pest control." I said,
Then flicked my roach at MPD on patrol,
You ain't gotta like it, bro, but respect what I flow,
'Cause this verse I let go sums the world that I know,


(Verse 2)
Girls givin' pussy up before their bras are hookin' up,
I'm lookin' up like what the fuck she 12 with a pregnant gut,
Niggas gettin' dreaded up spliffs in the air,
Sittin' in chairs while they sister there twistin' they hair,
Just a night in the projects I left my Nikes in the closet,
'Cause these boots store more loot when I scoop my deposits,
Some old Magnavox's they still up in the apartments,
On top of cardboard boxes playin' re-runs of Martin,
All this Reggie we sparkin' got of talkin' new jargon,
We created when faded playin' street dice on the tarmac,
The cornerstore is our market Arabs sell us the products,
Cheap low end objects EBT pay for all of it,
Sippin' lean as I swallow it I examine the gutta,
Kids skip over hurdles of broken glass in mud puddles,
We live inside a bubble all we know is the struggle,
Some'll live and die here I already know of a couple
You ain't gotta like it, bro, but respect what I flow,
'Cause this verse I let go sums the world that I know,

Can't fake it I can only be the real me,
I'm makin' money but the money don't build me,
I'm from the bottom everything I sing is filthy,
You ain't gotta like it but the streets gon' feel me,
The streets gon' feel me the streets gon' feel me,

(Verse 3)
You ain't gotta like it but the streets gon' hol' up,
Mosquitoes the flyin' evil bitin' people with their needles,
While locusts and beetles shed then spread their wings like a seagull,
In the 'jects Ramen Noodles, Spam, and sardines feed you,
Granny beat you Auntie claim on you her tax 'cause she need you,
Good credit forget it everyone ex'd into debit,
When cards max Mama use you to replace 'em in seconds,
Tattoos on your cousins some faded some wasn't,
Inkin' your hood as custom as heatin' the house with the oven,
Air inflated your mattress off the wall we do back-flips,
Crib smell like cat shit barrin' windows is practice,
Gettin' pistols as easy as turnin' up the TV,
Barbershop down the street be where the bootleg CDs,
Only white folks we seeing is the police and junkies,
'Cept the rednecks coming out their yelling nigger and monkey,
Ion't know why they do it 'cept to make us hot,
Guess they wanna lynch us when one of 'em get shot,
You ain't gotta like it, bro, but respect what I flow,
'Cause this verse I let go sums the world that I know,

Track Name: Bottom Line (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Bottom Line"

(Bridge) 4x
When I pull up show out,
If you real shout out,
We in the house,
Fake niggas file out (Bow! Bow! Bow!)

(Verse 1)
Niggas mad at me 'cause they can't get on cypher,
Quit being a crier, boy, make yo' shit tighter,
I hear threats I'll expire by shooters for higher,
Liars if it was true like Trump you'd been fired,
Instead I'm more liver than ever come & see me whenever,
Wherever they'll tell ya Top tougher than leather,
Run from a fella? That I've done never,
And it ain't on my agenda the gutta raised me better,
A section where protection with a weapon required,
If you're my kind and heard that line then I preached to the choir,
'Member when ol' boy rolled through thinkin' he flyer?,
'Cause those dubs sat 'im higher? Niggas shot at his tires,
I admired his whip but I learned indisputable,
Thinkin' you're the shit make niggas more pissed than urinals,
Rich & beautiful people are victims of the evil,
Envy of those who'll see you but never be you

Bottom line niggas gon' hate niggas gon' hate,
When they can't participate (Bow! Bow! Bow!),
Bottom line niggas gon' hate niggas gon' hate,
When they can't get this cake (Bow! Bow! Bow!),
(Bridge) 2x
Bottom line niggas gon' hate niggas gon' hate,
But say it to my face (Bow! Bow! Bow!),
Bottom line niggas gon' hate niggas gon' hate,
Niggas gon' hate niggas gon' hate (Bow! Bow! Bow!)

(Verse 2)
I'm gettin' to the money every day of my life,
I'm sparin' no price wearin' ice tearin' these mics,
Sharin' my strife with anyone who care for a slice,
But haters despite deny me like Peter did Christ,
Flow is nice sub-zero below ice,
Yet critics still strike like the wanna wage hike,
Critiquing how I'm leaking every three weekends,
A new tape bringing me rapping, singing, and speaking,
Get off my penile region I'm doin' what I'm needing,
To succeed in this game while on my nuts you're swinging,
You're living with your parents I'm takin' trips to Paris,
Your girlfriend's head is hairless I'm gettin' head from an heiress,
Niggas shouldn't care if I drop a hunnid albums,
You softer than talcum if you diss me about one,
Nigga I ain't doubtin' you brimmin' with envy,
Everything 'bout you tell me you're confidence ain't healthy


(Verse 3)
I got the game on lock and key the lames stop at me,
I'll put you dames in a box for free,
I was taught if you aim rude not to squeeze,
So I'mma do you the honors of gettin' shot by T,
O-P the Billion real niggas in the buildin',
OGs get feelin's like 2pac's livin',
When this young kid spittin' I have no religion,
But if God's listenin'... Sorry! Had to kill 'im,
There's so much one man can tolerate and stand,
Everybody draws a line in the sand,
And it wasn't in plans shit was outta my hands,
If you ain't want it to blam coulda made the gun jam,
Guess you wanted 'im to die so did I,
They hatin' on my grind so it's fuck the other side,
Most of the time we don't see eye-to-eye, Big Guy,
But seems the bottom line makes killin' their kind justified


Track Name: My Baby, My Boo (Prod. Brad Massey)
"My Baby, My Boo"

(Chorus) 2x
My baby, my boo,
You know she stay with me,
My boo, my baby,
She keep me so carefree,
She stay off in my pocket,
If not she in my ride,
You know she gets it poppin',
She 'on't ever stay inside

(Verse 1)
My world my girl yeah she's just my type,
A rider cool tempered and black as midnight,
My cutie my beauty yeah I think I did alright,
But don't think shit's all nice 'cause she'll buss on sight,
Twenty-two like me and light as a feather,
Don't weigh more than two pounds I take her wherever,
My buddy she lovely wouldn't trade her for nothing,
Got a heart of steel no stunting see it when I undress her monthly,
I clean her and feed her more clips for dumping,
But it's funny she hungry for a nigga to trip or something,
I go she coming don't see her she ducking,
She play the cut G as fuck in my waistband she tucking,
Homebody she ain't that but the club she hate that,
They won't let her in anyway shot down too many cats way back,
So we get it poppin' in the parking lot,
That's where shit gets sparked alot,
Aiming at ya head X mark the spot,
Her mag hold ten she don't talk alot


(Verse 2)
My baby she gangsta the cops'll never tell,
If we murder 'cause like turtles she catches all them shells,
We don't play around she don't lay around she exercise as well,
We hit the range spray some rounds to stay in shape ourselves,
My baby my boo she a low key kind of chick,
Down-low relationship she ain't registered for shit,
But ain't stoppin' us from this I don't think we'll ever split,
If we do her serial scratched off and I ain't leave no fingerprints,
She's gorgeous she's pretty she's all those adjectives,
She don't have no additives I like her how she is,
She's sensual she's sexy she turn me on without flexing,
Her beauty is arresting when her body I'm caressing,
My God, Oh God I'm blessed she's in my life,
She's there in all my fights like Cus D'Amato with Mike,
To you pussy niggas that want me left she'll set you so right,
We can have a menage a trois alright she'll kiss you goodnight AAAH!

Track Name: All That's Changed (Prod. Brad Massey)
"All That's Changed"

All we had was dreams,
To get outta the gutta and take care of our mothers and brothers,
All we had was dreams,
To escape the ghetto and take our talents to an upper level,
But now all that's changed, my nigga nigga nigga,
But now all that's changed, my sista sista sista

(Verse 1)
Now we both two niggas of the same kind,
Quick to write a rhyme and use the same punchline,
Bangin' on the table freestyle at lunchtime,
Rappin' even louder when the pretty girls come by,
We were both from the bottom but we both had dreams,
Of shootin' to stardom no more government cheese,
Rockin' tripple X tees and hand-me-down Rees,
While we'd write our 16s in apartment 14,
Formulating schemes of our team being on screens,
Was a daily routine between us we'd dream of,
Leavin' public housings deplorable surroundings,
To tour the world astounding people from the Caucus Mountains,
But we weren't accounting for the possibility,
It'd take more to succeed than dropping two CDs,
And in the interim before we'd win we'd need cheese,
I lost my PinC to the streets R.I.P.


(Verse 2)
We used to be like distance cousins fightin' playin' dozens,
Had the hood buzzin' discussin' how we were crushin',
Couldn't tell us nothin' our lovin' was truly somethin',
At a time when we wonderin' when our next meal was comin',
We kept each other company through suffering and struggling,
When your mama died suddenly you were blubbering hugging,
Came to comfort me after those five kids jumped on me,
Iced my bruises from the pummeling and rolled a blunt for me,
Ghetto romance play fight no hold hands,
More cool than four fans my boo I'm your man,
Or was growin' up splits people like Siamese,
Twins but in the end I revered you like Chinese,
Last I heard you're riding with a guy supplying,
The South with smoke that'll make you need Visine,
And you were driving when you got flagged down,
Cracka found a whole pound now you're in lockdown,
But I miss ya


(Verse 3)
Well guess who's movin' up this nigga ballin' now,
When his car is out people think a star around,
Went from lint his pocket to big ridiculous profits,
From who hoes ain't acknowledge to Fendi linin' his closet,
No college pure street knowledge brought his dollars,
Disciple of the ghetto scholar my partna,
From the curb yeah that's my nigga my nerve,
But since these millions he earned a word I haven't heard,
We used to talk about at ya mama house ballin' out,
And it revolved around movin' friends from the 'partments out,
With us fuck who got the golden ticket,
Us poor black boys would have stacks on 'roids,
What happened to that? Why couldn't we do that?,
True dat some us blew that chance and slipped through cracks,
'Cause I ain't mad that you on, my dawg,
But like a deadbeat dat 'least give ya son a call

Track Name: Give Me a Sign Ft. N.O.T.Y. (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Give Me a Sign" Ft. N.O.T.Y.

I really wish you were there for me,
I really wish that you showed that you cared for me,
I really wish that you had things prepared for me,
I wish you had time to share with me,
I said I said

I really wish you were there for me,
I really wish that you showed that you cared for me,
I really wish that you had things prepared for me,
I wish you had time to share with me,
Pops gimme a sign
Just give me a sign that we share

(Verse 1-N.O.T.Y.)
Mama say we act just alike but how would I know,
'Cause you was never there in my life,
I mean I'll never hold nothing against ya,
We stayed outta touch but to let you know I miss ya,
Rollin' up this swisher goin' through these pictures,
Liberian boy Bassa tribe I know what's in ya,
I'll never forget the times that we had,
But when things got bad you flew back to the pad,
Damn I got mad 'cause I was missin' out on something everybody had,
What's that Phil? a dad swag,
Memories keep me up pourin' gin in my cup,
Overflowin' the glass until they say that's enough,
But I'm the one that's fallin'
Stuck at the bottom of the map like New Orleans,
Lord hear me callin' keep that man from stallin',
Pops give me a sign 'cause I'm tired of fuckin' crawlin'


(Verse 2-Top Billion)
I know a thing that alot of niggas didn't have was a dad in the pad,
To show 'em things like how to be a man,
Well understand my pops gave all he can,
Except time with his son that ain't in his plans,
Some people drive by my crib and think all is grand,
But they don't know about what go on in this house,
Dad was cheatin' on his spouse always creepin' in and out,
And hardly talked about what a man should know about,
Ain't teach me to shave I just had to do my thang,
AIn't teach me no games so what sports could I play,
Ain't teach me to fight so I've always been 'fraid,
And you wonder why I am who you're seein' today,
See who wun't a bad father but coulda tried harder,
And been a lil' smarter on how I was brought up,
I'm the eldest son of his two plus a daughter,
I just wish pops gave more tips when I dropped


(Verse 3-N.O.T.Y.)
Hold ya head up youngin' we livin' no more trippin',
And tell 'em father figures that we ain't gotta miss 'em,
And when we get back on our feet we gon' handle business,
'Cause I'm my own man no more of a spittin' image,
Hold ya head up youngin' we livin' no more trippin',
And tell 'em father figures that we ain't gotta miss 'em,
And when we get back on our feet we gon' handle business,
'Cause I'm my own man no more of a spittin' image,
It burns my chest and it aches my soul,
To know there's a half of a Phil that I just don't know,
A half of my fam I just don't know,
I missed the chance to see my sister grow into a wonderful - woah,
What's happenin' bro out there in San Fran,
Heard you was the damn man 'member at pops we used to am-scram,
Or either get yourself left behind 'cause dad was tearin' behinds,
When he came across what he would find,
So pops let's make it official you'll die alone and I'mma roam until my end too,
Give me a sign

Track Name: Trust Ft. Heather Renfro (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Trust" ft. Heather Renfro

All I need all I need all I need all I need,
Is the trust of you,
And all I seek all I wish I need to receive,
Is the trust of you too,
All I need all I need all I need all I need,
Is to trust you,
And all I seek all I wish I need to receive,
Is the trust of you too,

(Verse 1)
She don't know who to trust 'cause every man's heart's so full of lust,
Every crush she had rushed to make her give up her ugh,
Her beauty is a plus truly she's been touched,
But her guard stays up 'cause she don't know what's up,
Every compliment and gesture by the opposite gender,
Is rendered as an attempt to bend her she remembers,
The lies from guys like "I love your eyes,"
While their sight wasn't more high than her chest and thighs,
No surprise those clowns got turned down burned OW!,
Killed niggas confidence the Ku Klux Klan proud,
None've come around that weren't hounds,
If Mr. Right could be found in the crowd he drowned,
Her friends joke about that she turned to a lez,
"No," shakin' her head "Just won't settle for less."
Her mama ask when she'll wed a man with bread,
"The day I trust him 100%," she said


(Verse 2)
He don't know who to trust 'cause every woman that he seems to pick up,
Is after what's in his wallet more than his heart to his knowledge,
The cash in pocket and his bank slip deposits,
Would make any gold-diggers eyes pop out her sockets,
Young, rich, and handsome hoes come by the tandem,
They'll love and understand him long as he push a Phantom,
One tried to trap him get her pregnant jam him,
Almost happened caught her puncturin' the rubber wrappin',
Since then he's different keeps women at distance,
Can't tell who'll kiss him for pleasure or business,
If there was a lady who ain't want his Mercedes,
The diggers from Hades made him see her as the same thing,
His dawgs joke about that he turned to a homo,
"No," shakin' his head "I'd just rather be solo."
His mama ask when they'll be at the altar takin' photos,
"The day I meet a girl I can trust with what I own, yo."


(Verse 3)
I don't know who to trust 'cause my work attracts alot of hangers-on,
Cronies yes-men those the folks I came upon,
I grind so my name'll get the fame it's owed from songs,
These lames want the same but I can't save 'em all,
I do each feature I'm offered with no fee for my coffer,
But they mad I pass on verses and sponsors,
I put on for my city with cyphers and pass the mics,
But they trash it like I only fuck wit' who I rap alike what?!,
They bash my hustle and ambition listen,
To how they're dissin' me droppin' these 'tapes spittin',
Back-to-back on track-to-track every four weeks at that,
How you hear them cats attack you would think these raps were wack,
And to top all that when Little Man tried to rob me and the fam shit was all outta hand,
Trust as I understand the one thing I can grasp,
Being the most important thing in life you can ever have

Track Name: See My Potential (Prod. Brad Massey)
"See My Potential"

(Verse 1)
Ok started from the bottom dreamin' of the top,
I wanted to be the hottest and I swore I'd never stop,
Take my mama to a mansion and my niggas off the block,
Buy my girl all she's askin' and put diamonds in my watch,
Niggas used to speak of Top like I was destined to fail,
'Cause where I'm from most black males either dead or in jail,
When I first started rappin' they were givin' me hell,
'Cause I wore thick glasses and tucked in my shirt tail,
Now I'm grindin' like I'm 'sposed to be rhymin' like a dope MC,
Same cats who blowed on me now wanna get close to me,
Few people roll with me and I'll tell you why,
Same ones who'll build you up will tear you down when it's time,
And I only need supporters honest people in my corner,
If something's wrong they'll give me heads up like a quarter,
But more important than them or havin' any friends,
Is I believe in myself and never give in, man

It's astounding everybody doubt me,
They talkin' like they know but they don't know this about me,
I'm a go getta, real go getta,
I may been born to lose but, baby, I'ma die a winner,
My potential my potential,
No no no they don't see my potential no!
My potential my potential,
But, baby, I always believed in my potential oh!

(Verse 2)
Put my mind to it and I know I can do it,
Givin' up the surest way for your success to be ruined,
Hell, I hated college everything about it is stupid,
But droppin' out just to do music? That seems more foolish,
Everybody and they mama rap if not they make the tracks,
Gettin' a degree to me'll help me stand out from the pack,
I know the facts my favorite rappers are dropouts,
But they won the lottery I'd be stuck at my mom's house,
I've wrestled in my mind 'bout how I spent my time,
On this college boy grind instead of writin' rhymes,
Like damn all this energy gettin' my bachelors,
I could be goin' after bein' superstar rapper,
But as years passed I stayed in the class,
Findin' time when I can to scribble jams in this pad,
Teacher told me recently he'd doubt I'd last in the past,
Now I'm glad that hater saw the potential I had yeah


(Verse 3)
Never let somebody try to kill of your dreams,
Keep doin' your thing no matter how hard it may seem,
Look in the mirror all you should see's a king or a queen,
I said the whole's world mine it's yours too just believe,
See, life can get rough but you gotta stay tough,
If you're down look up we'll get through this stuff,
'Cause nothin' last forever rainy days get wetter,
Before a change of weather that's real game to remember,
Put your life in your work family and your faith,
Whoever you call God'll make sure that you're straight,
I ain't promisin' steak or a house by the lake,
But if you're focus is great I'm sure you'll love your fate,
This for my listeners students and the prisoners,
9-to-5ers hustlers whose grind may be sinister,
No I'm not a minister preach? Ha! fuck that I teach,
Bein' firm in your beliefs to whoever I reach peace

Track Name: What Don't Kill You (Prod. Brad Massey)
"What Don't Kill You"

I'm learnin' as I live longer,
What goes around comes around that's Karma,
If you live through trauma consider that an honor,
'Cause what don't kill you only make you stronger,
Yeah what don't kill you only make you stronger,
I've learned two things as I lived longer,
What goes around comes around that's Karma,
And what don't kill you only make you stronger

(Verse 1)
I reminisce about this story I heard about a brother who serves,
Time now in a federal pen,
Had a car full of hard when the jumpboys cut 'im off,
Shot a cop now he's gone 'til 3010,
In his cell pacin' thinkin' of all the changes,
He'd make to his situation to skip incarceration,
But he's a victim of location you know it and I know it,
If the ghetto didn't coach him to own it woulda smoked it,
Anyway the penitentiary was hell dementedly,
Rape and violence incessantly fucked with him mentally,
Most kids with life bids become killers essentially,
He was goin' down that path 'til somethin' happened heavenly,
An old Muslim approached him in the yard,
Before cuz went on a job to kill a slob,
Sat 'im down and started readin' psalms from the Koran,
'Til the shanked dropped from his palms,
Praise to Allah


(Verse 2)
I reminisce about this sista I knew I got acquainted through,
Her once estranged father now she married with kids,
But before her weddin' vows and pitter-pat in the house,
Used to be a wild child in the club with her friends,
Flirtin' with men reelin' 'em in havin' them buyin' her gin,
Smokin' their weed 'til the whole blunt'd end,
She would lead them niggas on 'til they played the final song,
But as soon lights came on she was gone with the wind,
She was thinkin' she could play niggas for suckers,
'Cause they'd lust her and trust her to let 'em one day fuck her,
'Til one busta wouldn't let her leave 'til he touched,
She tried to book it resist it but he took it hit it,
Blamed herself for it fell deep in depression,
And questioned why she's even alive tried to end,
Seconds 'fore she could put on the hangman's necklace,
Her father who used to be distant came in to prevent damn


(Verse 3)
I reminisce about the old times the shit that made my old rhymes,
Thinkin' the whole time how I've grown in my own mind,
Life has been so kind and dirty as a coal mine,
To me truly blessed I saw it through my own eyes,
When I hear old tracks or read random old raps,
Sometimes I get thrown back by how little I hold back,
Failures and successes acceptance and rejection,
Since adolescence all collected on these records,
These niggas must respect it how I hustle and grind,
Fans have come to expect it I have nothing to hide,
Brad told me jokingly keep pops outta my rhymes,
I told 'im I'd try that's my therapy through these lines,
No therapist shrink just beats and this ink,
Throwin' out all I think touchin' whoever it reach,
Twenty-two year old black male usin' his speech,
To keep peace of mind through these troublin' times alright

Track Name: 2013 Monroe Cypher Ft. Brance B., Playa P, Photokidd, J the MC, Young Thug, N.O.T.Y., King Twanie, The 6th Grade, J-Money, Will, & Chris-Style (Prod. Brad Massey)
"2013 Monroe Cypher" Ft. Brance B., Playa P, Photokidd, J the MC, Young Thug, N.O.T.Y., King Twanie, The 6th Grade, J-Money, Will, & Chris-Style

(Verse 1-Top Billion)
I'm lyrically superior trill is in my interior,
And I'm my city's brightest star far from just a meteor,
Ain't have it easier I'm from the mud like worms,
Where your options are rhyme words, be a nerd, or serve birds,
So watch and observe this a master and work,
That album you birthed is worse than my accident verse,
You trash and you dirty Top the best rapper on Earth,
Billion my last name sir 'cause that's the cash I'mma burn,
After my turn no one comin' close to this dope,
To the streets what I spoke's like the words of the Pope,
Diss me you'll be a ghost before you rap what you wrote,
I think like rich folks and grind like trapper's that broke,
CMG my crew camp we in the streets like food stamps,
I'm Nino in New Jack but no crack I move tracks,
Top a true champ Cassius Clay of today,
Hands down I hold the crown in Monroe, LA

(Verse 2-Brance B.)
Smooth criminal chillin' at my pinnacle,
Haha man I been a fool I'm too sick man just clinical,
Your topic of discussion is nothin' compared to this youngin',
All I make is hits so my new rap name should be Young Percussion,
I does it 16 with 16 lines,
With this heart of twenty tigers and 'bout sixteen lines,
I spit these rhymes Monroe Cypher three and yes I'm in it,
So D-I-doubleF-E-R-E-N-T that they don't get it,
They can't figure how this kid is so dope,
Brance B flow dirty ya'll should hit with soap,
Paintin' pictures like Picasso with the pen and you can't crop it,
I suggest you grab a bag of Orville Redenbachers and watch it,
This is classic I'm 2013 Illmatic with swagger,
Close your eyes and imagine rappers that define creativity
Rappers that don't miss a beat,
Now open your eyes and see that them same rappers are here with me

(Verse 3-Playa P)
Ok life is just a bitch and I do this just to excite her,
So here I go again with my voice on another cypher,
Oh they don't wanna hear shit lemme cut my mic up,
I know you niggas hate me but fuck it that's why I'm hyped up,
Too many niggas bitchin' I'm guessin' they on that dyke stuff,
Focusin' on Facebook posts to get they likes up,
Keep playin' like you hard I'm bound to get you washed up,
I'm tellin' you on I'm known to keep the light up,
But fuck it on a whole new subject I think it's lovely,
That a nigga's got the privelege to kill it spit how I'm feelin',
Specially me I'm flattered I promise I'm bein' honest,
And they thought I wun't gon' do it how dramatically ironic,
See this cypher shit I run it fuck no I'm stuntin',
Really I'm just happy I'm excited to be on it,
Like I'm sittin' at the peak and ain't nobody else beyond me,
Man I love this cypher shit this my third time comin'

(Verse 4-Photokidd)
I feel the beat then kill the beat that's how it's been since knee-high,
To make it to the top is my only inspiration,
Moms moved me out to Ruston to better my education,
Still the dopest in my city you niggas should just admit it,
Yeah I go by Photokidd but you can't picture me kiddin',
I mean a bar is cold but you can't picture me chillin',
I mean I got options but you can't picture me pitchin' I run it,
Ironic that you niggas prolly talk alot,
How we get so dope is what you niggas prolly talk about,
I'm runnin' up and you niggas prolly backin' out,
Grown man shots leave you plankin' like Manny Pacquiao,
It's over down goes Frazier I want it by any means,
I'm talkin' down goes Abel,
And that's referrin' to Genesis prolly rushin' my sentences,
That explains why I'm restin' where the finish is

(Verse 5-J the MC)
Yo I put on for my birthplace and go crazy like it's my birthday,
Gotta get it in the worst way 'til I find myself in first place,
Heard they 'bout to take a survey on the lames who tryna curse me,
I'll forever remain sick so fuck what a nurse say,
On to the next topic city full of rap monsters,
'Bout to go bonkers so we can get rich and prosper,
Hotter than a sauna gettin' overrun by lava,
Tell ya mama you got burned call the doctor,
Tomorrow afterwards I'll holla,
But I'mma shine today comin' like a lion out its cage,
Leavin' stuck in amaze like an endless race,
Louisiana AKA State of the Greats might seal ya fate
With one line off one 'tape bums hate but what's new,
If it isn't me it damn sure ain't you,
I been stepped up only one thing left to do and that's conquer,
Vow to never be an impostor,
Top sent this out and we all did the honors

(Verse 6-Young Thug)
North Louisiana representer what's the agenda,
It's YT steppin' up ready to go in the blender,
The cypher gettin' served just declare me the winner,
God forgive me for this beat and you created a sinner,
A dominating force going with force TOG honcho the truth of course,
They get mad when I flow but I don't give 'em a choice,
I'm like the devil with a mic I got a helluva voice,
My raps like the sound of a saxophone,
Ask yo' girl she can't leave my sacks alone,
I ain't arrogant at all I just hold the throne,
Tell my son sit down daddy's home,
They denyin' me for years you know that ain't right,
"Thug change your style!" I ain't no dyke,
That's like askin' a bully if you can ride his bike,
I'm comin' for ya you a victim a deer in the headlights what's up

(Verse 7-N.O.T.Y.)
Bitch niggas they want an end to me enemies finger printing me,
Harassin' with their action and thrashin' with the intensity,
Picture me miss me with that bullshit status,
I'd rather be arrested for neglectin' niggas that's average,
Considered a lil' savage a rapper that is,
On Top a Billion Young Thugs for a short in the biz,
My niggas know what is when it comes to the flow,
You niggas know what it when it comes to the dough,
So hit it and the door knob slam when he split it,
'Cause I can read between the lines every time you ain't gimmicks,
My niggas we never timid we burst and dive in it,
Pool coolin' at the bottom but gon' surface in minutes,
Hoes diminish you know what fuck it,
When you playin' the game they gon' hate it or love it,
But they notice the fame they gon' freak out in public,
And I give an ultimatum to fuck it or suck it I'm out

(Verse 8-King Twanie)
This shit simple to me like the letter after A what you want me to B,
Haters hate to C me pull up in a coupe on them Ds,
Throwin' Es on them F-boys rollin' with Gs,
Alphabets, nigga, how you gon' stop a vet,
Like a jet with no break pads there ain't no stoppin' that,
2013 cypher I had to be rockin' that,
Try to jock me watch I pop ya ain't got time for copycats,
Niggas be talkin' smack but I take that as a compliment,
Sayin' that I'm wack but they payin' to see me come and spit,
Real nigga solo you'll never catch me with a clique
'Cause niggas they switch start real then they turn bitch,
Nigga I'm a pro with this it ain't no controllin' this,
Rhymes that I spit straight fire I should blow with this,
Crown I be holdin' it so come and try me,
Get off I-20 on that East that's where I be

(Verse 9-The 6th Grade)
This that braggadocios spit heavy potent while losin' focus,
Sippin' the potion drinkin' and killin' emotions,
I'm killin' these niggas thus killin' what's holdin' me back,
Back to the wall back to break down your pedestals,
Been playin' off chillin' like I ain't did shit,
Findin' myself in every bar like follow my pilgrimage,
I'm a broke nigga without shit that's as real as my feelings gets,
I've been a menace since I could accumulate these sentences,
As I tick talkin' the tickin' time bomb,
Waitin' to blow up whenever the t-time comes,
I'm runnin' through milestones spit crack until my mouth foams,
They formulating opinions I'm too gifted up in my top form,
In every bottle that I seldom come upon,
I'm in my own lane headed right runnin' over every wrong,
I know it's wrong but simply don't give a fuck,
It's The 6th Grade proving grounds a playgrounds on every song clutch

(Verse 10-J-Money)
Now I started from the bottom and blended it up with batter,
Admit it I was dog and they thought that it didn't matter,
Hear the cock of that chopper that ratatat make 'em scatter,
Stay the fuck out my way 'cause I'll bake 'em up on a platter,
J-Money that's who I be officially from that East,
Ain't never been artificial I'm in it playin' for keeps,
Roll with the guerillas and roll over you lizards,
Say YEE YEE YEE YEE YEE he slippin' we gotta get 'em,
Born up in the city and raised up in that 'Roe,
Stressin' about my issues inhalin' that purple smoke,
They thought I wasn't gon' make it and now they know I'm the hottest,
Bussin' it on her face and bussin' it on her body,
Hoes ain't shit and you niggas a bunch of haters,
I'm thuggin' up in the D bye-bye I'll see you later,
I'm killin' the competition my people willin' to listen,
I know I fit the description I'm thuggin' up on a mission

(Verse 11-Will)
Fuck is up you fuckin' up if you 'on't know me,
Started with the truth now my troop got juice like a Sobe,
Swear on all things holy these niggas try to provoke me,
But really they follow closely because they love my shit lowkey,
Man I do it all for the true fans of The Game,
No BET or VH1 either I been in my lane,
Somethin' wrong Obama back and we still chasin' change,
Fuck it hi haters had a hiatus back know it's a shame,
I was gone on my scholarship got alot of lip,
And talkin' Apocalypse just an excuse not to accomplish shit,
My accomplices disembody whoever who want it,
You gonna hear tighter music it's CipherMusic
That type influence they play Will everywhere,
I mean from the Main Road to spots where they pop your Kangol,
Take your 2 chains like Django,
I'm more UFC these niggas Captain Insano,
That fake shit is for the buzzards I'm buzzin',
Get you some fame, hoe

(Verse 12-Chris-Style)
These dudes is type wild I need you pipe down,
Quiet pal please let me speak to you right now,
This genius recites vile things on the mic while,
I con dumb rappers and I see through your lifestyle,
Bread got you cats sick with yeast infections,
Strapped up with magnums 'cause you dicks need protection,
Too smart for most I FUBARed the flow,
This cypher's WOW moment happened a few bars ago,
I swear ya'll go to fa sho but peep what happens,
When I go to far for show I'm reloaded with a new arsenal,
And the beats so sick I flu DUH ya know,
I'm 'bout to fall back these new kids done came ya way,
Spittin' that crack like Snoop did on Training Day,
Only the cypher can give you this feelin',
Call us DeathRoe how rappers in this city is killin' yeah