Le Classique de Bayou

by Top Billion

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This is my album for Louisiana. I'm putting on for the state with this one. All of the songs are produced by Deezy on da Beat.


released January 31, 2012




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: A Rapper That's Real
"A Rapper That's Real"

(Verse 1)
Well, I ain't never been the type to go and lie in my raps
I never put my hands on dope and never stood in the trap
I never had to buss a strap or sell a junkie some crack
I played a couple chicks but never put some hoes on the track
I like all White Ones but I fuck with Airmax
I like to let my 'locks hang not pushed to the back
I really like to write raps that's all I do in fact
And I really like beats when Deezy on the track
My name is Top Bill I rep from the Boot on the map
Louisiana for you people who ain't visited yet
I'm from Monroe but N.O. Is where I let my head rest
At my show is the one place you'll ever see me sweat
I'm a mothafuckin' vet you should bring me your pet
I been rapping since 18 I'm already the best
Who the fuck would expect so fast I'd progress
My O.G. asked me this and I said yes

Are you a real rapper? Or a rapper that's real?
Are you a real rapper? Or a rapper that's real?
Are you a real rapper? Or a rapper that's real?
A rapper that's real a rapper that's real
I'm a rapper that's real
Are you a real rapper? Or a rapper that's real?
Are you a real rapper? Or a rapper that's real?
Are you a real rapper? Or a rapper that's real?
A rapper that's real a rapper that's real
I'm a rapper that's real

(Verse 2)
I'm hopping straight up out the gumbo nigga into your pot
I'm looking at the top dawgs like gimme your slot
Mixtapes that I dropped man I got a lot
After Bayou Classic go cop that 'Off the Top'
I'm like Louisiana summers, man, I'm tryna get hot
I want a single on the radio every time that I drop
Email Gravedigga like a hit in your inbox
Call up Starr like man I got these streets on lock
They say you got a new hater for every dollar you got
If that's the case I want a million people saying Fuck Top
Pull up in a new drop that's missing the top
Still hood hoppin' out it in socks and flip-flops
My grind won't stop I been at for a minute
Dropped alotta videos got alotta fans with it
I'm ten toes in it like my kicks fresh fitted
My O.G. asked me this and I ain't forget it


(Verse 3)
White tees what I like to wear most of the days
I like Forces 'maxes never had me some Js
My favorite drink water and O.J. in one big cup
And I'm random as fuck as you can tell, ok
Man, I'm murdering these beats call me O.J.
Been my dream to be a rapper since the sixth grade
I'd be writin' all in class I don't know how I passed
In fact that's prolly why I'm bad at math now to this day
Serious about mine no jokes Tina Fey
Got a hustler's spirit like my first name Jay
I'm a champion fighter like my last name Clay
But my name is Top Billion and that's how its gon stay
I keep it hundred in my songs ain't no lies going on
Lookin' for that dope, man, this like blowing that strong
Nigga, am I wrong? I've never been a liar
My O.G. asked me this before he retired

Track Name: Bill Russell
11 Rings (Bill Russell)

I stay down I do my thing
I'll be around until I get 11 rings
I stay down I do my thing
I'mma be around until I get 11 rings
Score! Bill Russel! Score! Bill Russell!
I ball hard, boy, you in some trouble
Score! Bill Russell! Score! Bill Russell!
I'm 'bout to lead the league in trouble doubles

(Verse 1)
I'm not a hooper by no means, boy, but I do I my thing, boy
Athletes and rappers we both got that dream, boy
Going straight to the league, first draft to a top tier team
Highlights on the TV on the screen, the hall of a F-A-M-E
Yeah, same thing different scheme you run suicides I do my rhymes
You wear cleats I tear beats you eat right Ion't sleep nights
Black men of the same type in the same struggle in the same fight
We'd probably reach the same heights if you and me could change lives
Real nigga I'm 'bout this in my flow you'd drown, bitch
I want rings on my fist so many I can't count it
Bill Russell from my town excuses Ion't know now
He did what he did for me, kid, it goes down
Hot beats I chose now Deezy got those fireballs
Fuck it, man, I gotta ball the bench don't see my ass at all
All the above for the love, my motive: to be the coldest
Ya'll should know this I'm not chosen I took my skills and honed it


(Verse 2)
I'm not a hooper by no means, boy, but I do my thing, boy
Ion't follow sports don't even have a favorite team, boy
Time is just so vital I can only finals or the playoffs on my day-off
Then I'm to writing soon's the game off from the beats it's hard to stay off
Especially when you're hungry when the clothes you're wearing are bummy
When your living space is crummy tuna and ramen is in your tummy
Everyone on T.V. stunting makes you either just do nothing
Or find some way to get shit bubbling
I chose the last part not the fast part
Now I'm on track to owning Nascar
ll in your grind and if you have heart
To say if you get what you ask for
I ain't out slappin' backboards I'm shooting threes mo'
Not trying to hustle backwards I want my cheese hoe
Eyes on my goals putting it in my soul
Hard in paint I go my jersey will b in sto's
Playing like I'm pro like I signed my deal
Like my dream is real like that title game is near


(Verse 3)
I'm a champion player I should get draft to the Lakers
I got the stands full of haters I'm making plans on the paper
How I hustle is major my mixtape full of flavor
Don't try to guard me I'll shake ya tell ya ankles I'll break ya
I'm And-1 with this, son, go and ask commentators
Skip Bayless can't hate this, man, I'm on like Lebron
I'm more quickness and agile not much muscle and brawn
How I speed with Blackberry keys, man, it's just wrong
Probably finish a song when they finish a quarter
I'm the coach of my order fuck what Phil Jack does for ya
I got the heart of a warrior on the court I'll destroy ya
Let's get out a shootout I'll go on defense for ya
I'm that confident in how I play this ain't NCAA
I last that eight extra minutes in this NBA
Fuck a O.T. you know me; clutch player T-O-P
Bill Russel: I want 11 rings
Track Name: For the Town
"For the Town"

Ok put me in and let me roll I bet they say I'm ice cold
Them other rappers nice, bro, but they ain't touchin' my flow
It's go hard or go home and I ain't in my zip code
Though I ain't there you should know I do it for my town

Every time I come around, man, I'm reppin for the town
Told 'em if I get the crown I'll never let you down
So the only goal now is to make 'em all proud
I always hold 'em down I do it for the town
I said I do it for my town
Yeah, I do it for my town
I do it for my town
And I'll always hold em down
Why? 'cause I do it for my town

(Verse 1)
Just a country kid who wants a label's money bid
I want it big because I know deserve every cent
My swag and how I split defies any comparison
Your girlfriend's compliments helps me know that I'm different
Get the hint I'm too slick style on point toothpick
On the mic I'm ruthless for my city I do this
Fuck if a DJ choose this the streets approve this
Boy, this is more than music CMG is a movement
Got yo' bitch rockin' Noillib Pot like it was Baby Phat
No crewneck I bet my name's on the sweatpants on the back
Everybody knows I rap but if they don't know my tracks
When The Classic drops niggas gonna think Boosie's back
'Cause I'mma set it off goin' hard never soft
Blow me off you're missin out on history your loss
Finally paid Deezy off now it's time to take off
Cover's done by Marwan Monroe's gone love this one


(Verse 2)
Second verse it's a hearse for you niggas
I'm at work its must that I'm stackin' up my figgas
I got merch and CDs that are making me get richer
Ain't the first but damnit my hustle is so much iller
All of my raps be killer not a line in 'em be filler
Yo' girl can recite 'em quicker than I can unzip my zipper
I'm a businessman to niggas and crackas call me mister
And what makes it more sicker it's for my city's big picture
I'm a boss no Ross can't buy Rozay
Just yet but no fret I got a case of Andre
How I put on my city I feel like Jay
Bringing Monroe more fame than a Mocassins' game
Put the title by me quickly new mayor of the city
And all the niggas that I came up with will come up with me
It's in the water like 50 to breed Gs like Top
'Cause every Monroe nigga I know feels the shit I drop


(Verse 3)
What's the word you ain't heard I'm the best rapper from there
I dare anyone to go there and say I that I don't own there
Really, man, it's no fair for the next up-and-comers
'Cause for the next 10 summers I plan to put up them numbers
The truth I aint no stunter in the booth I'll stun ya
On the stage I'll son ya and my bank got more commas
Rappers don't want no drama ya girl ain't worth it
After I have her slurpin' you'll never kiss on purpose
Haa... What up north, south, east, and westside
When I rhyme I keep in mind you guys all of the time
It's for the city I grind and put my life on the line
So when I shine we'll shine like the sun in the sky
Just be patient I'm pacing my elevation to greatness
Niggas hatin' they're waiting for me to fail and to break in
So I'm taking precaution going as hard as often needed
For succeeding in this game before I'm leavin
Repeat it

Track Name: In My Own Lane
"In My Own Lane"

Yeah, pussy nigga, be yourself
Keep copying someone else
Always end up on the shelf
Niggas wanna rock what's hot whether they like it or not
Tryna be the next man you won't get what he got
Off top just do you fuck with who you want to
Wear what you wanna wear, nigga, just be comfortable
When you do it's wonderful let it be begin
'Cause I'm doin' me on ten fuck with me for the win

I ain't worried 'bout ya'll, man, I'm in my own lane
Got my way of getting money now I'm getting to the change
Ion't see no one else like in the club wearing shades
I'm focused on me and you should do the same
Man, I'm in my own lane and I'm doing own my thing
Man, I'm in my own lane and I'm doing own my thing
Man, I'm in my own lane and I'm doing own my thing
Man, I'm in my own lane and you should do the same

(Verse 1)
Imitation ain't flattery it's an assault and battery
On making originality part of your personality
Niggas think it's a fallacy being yourself better
They'd rather jock whoever to get the next man's cheddar
If I ain't know no better I'd think everyone was Weezy
So many new dude saying Suwoo thanks a lot to T.V.
You niggas never see me being anyone but T.B.
It's so easy, nigga, really I just do what the fuck I'm feeling
My swag up to the ceiling I don't need new clothes to feel me
I don't hustle to be sportin' Jordans when that shit is unimportant
Bitch, I'm hot yeah I'm scorching wearing what I always wear
Raiders hat, Air Forces two years I've had the pair
Thick locks in my hair bigger than your average
Fresh twist hardly there I'm looking like a savage
I hustle selling CDs out'a jewel case packets
Made 200 in two days I'm getting cash, bastards


(Verse 2)
Hop off his dick, boy, that makes me sick, boy
When cats in this and don't find their own niche, boy
Get your own shit, boy
Be an O.G. and not a C-O-P-Y that's not fly
A one of a kind is worth more all the time
Than a dozen of dimes that fall in the same line
Nigga, you will shine long as you stay true
Just watch what you do then watch the rest watch you
Each real dude will make news when through payin' dues
Fakes do too but they don't last long on the tube
Stay down on the ground ten toes in ya shoes
Put in work don't be a jerk these are the rules
Everything'll be smooth just hustle
And when success comes please stay humble
Stay positive stray away from trouble
Memorize this rap and watch your money double


(Verse 3)
Innovators are the greatest 'cause they didn't take shit
To lead them to greatness they just got creative
Everyone will claim this like they've been unique for ages
If that's the case then everyone at NASA made the spaceship
Nigga, that's that fake shit that you're sayings your own
Let's hear you we don't need another Jay-Z clone
My skills were honed at my home since fourteen years old
It wasn't given or shown I planted the seed its grown
Yeah.. Hungry to own.. But I'm not biting
I'm writing and reciting telling my life in the rhyming
I hate it when dudes say they're grinding but not getting money
Hustling to me ain't funny I'm out there when it's not sunny
Getting all the cash selling CDs hand to hand
That's economics,man, supply and demand
I'm a self a made man putting truth in these jams
What u know? T-O-P stackin' dough
I'm getting money, bro

Track Name: Pelican State Poverty
"Pelican State Poverty"

(Verse 1)
Bruh, I gotta tell the truth since a youth I been in the Boot
Born in Alabama but I moved ok
I always had roof, bellyful of food, and I stayed in school
But that's a rarity in my state ok
'Cause all my friends I can name grew up on section 8
And EBT put food on their plates ok
I may have never scrape but a lot of them can't
Say skippin' dinner wasn't commonplace ok
Shit they probably wouldn't ate if it weren't for the state
Or school lunch wasn't served every day ok
Their parents weren't in one place family in bad shape
Shit some were even wards of the state ok
Good kids how I saw 'em but in school they had problems
Getting paddled by the teacher just for talkin' ok
This environment they're brought in is what I'm now calling
Growing up in poverty in the pelican state

Look out my window and all I see yo
Is all these people living so po'
Our lives get worse the rich get mo'
This is America but we ain't equal
Bruh I gotta tell it like it is from what I see
Bruh I gotta tell it like it is from what I see
Bruh I gotta tell it like it is from what I see
This is Pelican State Poverty

(Verse 2)
Bruh, I gotta tell the truth the poorest state is the Boot
We average 20 stacks each as a group ok
Nobody has more youth up in jails than us too
Google the stats if you want to dispute ok
Our murder rates are the highest N.O. and B.R. supply it
Guns so cheap anyone can buy it ok
White and black are divided court system one sided
They'll deny it but racism is inside it ok
There are more babies dying after they're born in this region
For no reason than good care they're not receiving ok
There's a slew of colleges but graduates aren't following
If they do pretty soon they're leaving ok
No jobs for the people only Wal-Mart and casinos
We ain't touching hundreds barely seeing singles ok
They wanna drill more off shore they say jobs it'll make
But that's fake; Poverty in the Pelican State


(Verse 3)
Huey Long did us wrong with Katrina and Rita
And BP didn't care about us either ok
Our politicians been corrupt for generations on up
And don't even get me started on FEMA ok
I ride round my city seeing cribs that are unfitting
For anyone to be living it's a pity ok
We're in the richest nation living like Haitians
And Angola's our new plantantion ok
And it's not just black people facing these evils
These poor whites are in the same plight ok
Fuck melatonin it's 'bout how much dough you roll in
That determines where you're gonna be in life ok
In the bayou I reside dude tell the prez to ride through
I'll show him what's hood when he slide through ok
Instead of buying bombs to cause people harm
Why don't he kill Pelican State poverty gone?
Track Name: Crabs in the Bucket
"Crabs in the Bucket"

No matter how far you climb up
There's someone wants you down
It be the same cats you work so hard
To make 'em proud
Like Bun B said it be the ones from ya town
That you knew when you strugglin'
They change all of the sudden to

(Chorus) 2x
Crabs in the bucket crabs in the bucket
Soon as I start stuntin', man
They want me back with nothin', man
Crabs in the bucket crabs in the bucket
Throwing dirt on me in public
When my name in the discussion

(Verse 1)
Ok success breeds envy like VW makes Bentleys
Haters won't act friendly until every pocket empty
I'm saddened to no ending
'Cause the same people I was tryna make proud
Want to darken my cloud
Gravity should be the only thing that's pullin' me down
But friends and even family are apart of the crowd
Tugging on my feet hoping for defeat
Of everything I seek
For no other reason I think than me reaching this peak
Sheesh... Deezy on the beat gives me all the freedom to speak
About these naysayers hatin' players gettin' paper
I'm tryna do good why you wishin' me bad?
I'm feelin' like a slob how I have hate for these crabs, man
I started out with a pen, pad, lotta heart
No one believed from the start so I'm used to that part
But I atleast thought when I got successful
It wouldn't be so stressful boy I tell you


(Verse 2)
Put some crabs in one big bucket, cousin, watch what they'll do
When one tries to climb through it's pulled back by the crew
Atleast one or two the crazy part 'bout this, dude
All the crabs that are trapped 'bout to be boiled into stew
So instead of help escaping they're just hating and waiting
Like they're sayin' "If I die we're dying in this situation"
Sitting patient... for their final destination
The one trying to claw out has two claws pulling him south
Let me think out loud don't this sound familiar
The people near ya you hold dearer
Got a hand in tryna kill ya?
You reach for something higher while they prepare for the fire
So goals you desire make 'em start to conspire
I'm hearin through the wire like Kanye grill
Cats who don't want me with the deal smile in my grill
Got to the point I can't tell the fake from real
But I feel claws gripping on my heels still


(Verse 3)
This how they act at the bottom of the map
They wanna pull you back
When you start to stack like a Pringles pack yeah it's wack
Rappers from monroe are prone to have never blown
'Cause ain't no help from home if you really want to get on
Some niggas on the radio they got a couple songs
Them dance hits; club shits, really that's it
Try somethin' different you won't get a soul to listen
'Cept ya mama'n'em and prolly then they'll be tellin' you ditch it
But I ain't switch it like Pops used a stick when whippin'
I play my cards right now I'm in the limelight position
Those crabs claws snippin' at my toes hissin' and wishin'
That I fall to their position Haa keep dreamin'
While you're boilin' in the stew
I'll be out on the move doing what I do to be the crab to escape
So ya'll can end your life as food or however you'll be used
But one day you'll see me on the tube as the king of the state
Track Name: Run 'n Tell That
"Run 'n Tell That"


(Verse 1)
My nigga I don't speak that G shit because I know this secret
100 is when you keep it honest with who you be, bitch
These new cats don't peep this they're quit to repeat shit
They hear from their peers just rephrasing up the sequence
Nigga, you ain't popped clips, hit licks, seen bricks
Before Jeezy you thought traps caught mice with cheese bits
'Fore 50 you thought cracks were just in cement
Before a rap sheet, man, you wanted on the dean's list
Who would've foreseen this you'd make the switch
From Johnny B Good to Mr. Slurrin' Up-His English
On what purpose? For what purpose?
So it'd service your street cred' that can't stand on its legs?
You made this new life you lead created all in your head
You were poppin' lead since ten left many men dead
You believe in your pretend but you can't fool them
Real Gs you might offend then they'll come for ya head, yeah


(Verse 2)
Real eyes realize real lies and you guys
Are looking untrustworthy when I spy
Oh my! Can't help but ask why anyone'd ever try
To act like wolves in our eyes when they're sheep in disguise
Makes nada sense in my mind why you'd think it would fly
Like caterpillars in cocoons who don't become butterflies
Man, be true to your inside and it'll be a smooth ride
Nigga, what you got to hide? In your flaws take pride
Can't be hard all the time, damnit... Cialis
Gs got a soft sides too, damnit... Mattress
Keep rap real don't be an actor or actress
Finding your voice takes talent, patience, and practice
And please don't try to balance an image with the real you
Just let the people feel you the moment they reveal you
You may believe your pretend you can't fool them
Real Gs you might offend then they'll come for ya head, Yeah


(Verse 3)
Ok, I got raps on raps on raps putting out my life on tracks
Autobiography on wax so everything I say is fact
Not a studio gangsta, video thug, fake blood, fake cuz
Hipster, skateboader, stoner, none of the above
I'm me, man, got my lane I don't need to change
I'll remain and maintain long as I do my thing
Fuck tryna gangbang CMG what I claim
Prison is the White Man's chess don't wanna play that game
I'm tryna get some nice chains, nice cribs, nice planes
Clothes with my brand names movie parts that I'll play
Word, nowadays, gangsta rappers don't get those things
You better off where you stay sellin ye', ok
If that's your M.O. if it ain't, homie, hell no
Don't put it in your demo you rep more red than Elmo
You wholesale the kilos you cookin' up the elbows
If so be ready to say hello to a halo
Track Name: Shooter Ft. Shay Briggs

Top Billion:
She a shooter 'cause she killin' everyone here (One here)
And the gear she rockin' don't come out 'til next year (Next year)
She the baddest girl around shootin' everybody down
In the club like pow pow pow (Brrrat!)
Shay Briggs:
I'm a shooter 'cause I'm killin' everyone here
And the gear I'm rockin' don't come out 'til next year
I'm the baddest thing around shootin' everybody down
In the club like pow pow pow (Brrrat!)

(Verse 1)
What it do? You're super fine (boy, you're kinda cute)
Well thank you I guess you knew I had a eye on you
The way you move dropping and popping got me like ooo
If I didn't holla mama I'd be a motherfuckin' fool
Yeah it's true I rap I do my thang in the stu'
But fuck the booth tonight I wanna be where it's hype
I heard this club was live my niggas were not lyin'
Been in here five minutes time and these hoes been fine
Guess that's why outside them ugly broads in line
With them lame niggas with that middle of mall shine
But I been on the grind you know hustling rhymes
So when they seen me they immediately let me skip the whole line
Soon as I got inside you were catching my eye
How you were popping that thang and still looking so fly
Saw you wink lil' mama what you drink lil' mama?
What'd you think lil' mama I can't tell signs?
Naw, I ain't clueless show me how you move it
Back that thang on me like a reversed Buick
I ain't gonna do shit I'mma catch the wall
And let you twerk on my Sean Johns


Walked up in the club shot everybody
Call the cops there's a crime scene at the party
She don't give a fuck she know she a hotty
And I'mma have that bitch over everybody

(Verse 2)
Man I'm lookin' for that good-good from a bad bad
Have her saying this good jug bomb: Baghdad
I don't care nothin' 'bout your past or ya last man
'Less he had you poppin pussy on a handstand
Woah lemme see u twerk work like a madman
Would I be jerk if I say you got a fat ass?
Baby you a flirt actin' hood but you high class
You're NuNu your girlfriends give your ghetto pass
I won't revoke it, girl, you're too smokin'
Muy calienta bonita and you know it
I'm not hiding or joking straight up I wanna stroke it
True player I can catch it anywhere that you throw it
You're the one that I've chosen I'm who you wanna choose
Pimp game most lames don't know those rules
In this club it's so hot hoes don't have shoes
But Ms. Independent still lookin' good in those wedges
After the party we're heading to a quieter setting
Where she'll show me how she really work newborn naked
Lil' nigga forget it you think you're gettin' with her?
Word? You thought you had her? I snatched your bird pow

Track Name: The Opposite Sex
"The Opposite Sex"

(Verse 1)
The opposite sex the opposite sex
In my case I'm talking about the kind in heels with breasts
Smooth soft skin curves in a skirt or dress
Panties bras makeup garments made up of mesh
I've had time to reflect when working for checks
At Arden B "a women's clothing store?" yes
Walking the deck of the floor ladies come in the store
Some the finest I've seen before some no more than fours
But what I've learned while I money earned
Everything on her is made to make his head turn
From her bust to her butt to extensions her perm
Whole time she's fly is to catch eyes of guys
Every slope you can scope will have you hypnotized
If she's your kind in size that's how they're designed
At the end of the line any dime that you find
You lust after it's fine that's women's power on our minds

The opposite sex the opposite sex
Womens power over men is their control on sex
The opposite sex the opposite sex
What's stronger than allure of the butt or chest?
The opposite sex the opposite sex
Girls smarter than boys I'll agree with that guess
The opposite sex the opposite sex
But men who know the game got the best cards in the deck

(Verse 2)
Cut the confusion I believe in evolution
Its got us what we're doing keeping us reproducing
Programmed to be pursuing any bad bitch moving
That's why men are dogs chasing cat it's fact
That's why men cheat like that and go behind your behind back
That's why men act like they can't keep their hands where they're at
It's been put in us to nut and spread our seed as much
So raising up above any of that stuff is tough
Yup, genetic make-up a powerful thing
The sex drive has brought down empires and kings
Gave rise to queens changed people and things
Hell, even think of the scene of Adam and Eve
Women hold all the strings if you go off what you see
But seeing ain't believing not now this evening
Men can't go off their feelings when it's women they're dealing
With gotta think with your wit and not your dick


(Verse 3)
Ladies have something that's real: sex appeal
But if a man want not to be ruled he has to deal
Keeping his mind clear not clouded by big rears
Remembering as time goes her fineness disappears
For every one man there's two chicks out here
So they're replaceable like cheap studs for my ears
You she the finest but dude remember what the time is
Don't sweat gold you can't hold 'cause you can find a diamond
Yeah, that's game chasing dames that's lame
If you focus on your own thang they'll jock ur dingalang
You don't wanna fuck them they wanna fuck you
Only reason you holla is to help them see that through
Don't be impressed by a big chest, nice dress
Your quest is to think free without sex
Women have pull yes but men have it best
We get better with age not wither away aye
The Opposite Sex
Track Name: Love Scarz
"Love Scarz"

(Verse 1)
I got a scar on my back that's probably with me for life
And no the cut didn't come from a knife
It's from the nails of the woman I refer to my wife
Another mark of a passionate night I must did somethin' right
See, maybe, baby, ya'll won't understand what I'm 'bout to write
Cause ya'll don't know about our life so judge us you might
But I got a scar on my knee on my leg to the right
From carpet burn that I earned in one of our many fights
On my mama's life I wish it was just verbal
But it's never only verbal I never meant to hurt you
See you're who I spoke to when Pops hit Momdukes
Never thought I'd be ever saying sorry I choked you
It still hurts your throat too when you swallow what you chew
Like flicks past two hour I'm shocked we ain't through
'Cause this isn't new not time one or two
Boo, our love scars have both of us bruised

(Chorus) 2x
We both saw stars! That's how we fell hard!
We love so hard! With our whole hearts!
But when the fights start! We land on glass shards!
And now we stand here! With all these love scars!

(Verse 2)
I criticized Pops in my raps for giving Mama a slap
And as soon I turn my back I go and do just that
How can I look in mirrors and be good with who looks back?
How cats put up with my self-righteous crap on tracks?
Yeah, we scrap over the wildest childish things
Breaking both of our things neighbors hearing our screams
Tears flowing in streams both refusing to leave
It gets crazy one time she maced me
It burnt bad blazing I was partially blind
I was 'bout to spray her too but she ran just in time
Nevermind an iPod cord was the cause underline
That fight alone let me find we're both borderline
A few days we didn't talk passed each other when we walked
But I missed her in my heart she did too no denyin'
When I told her we should part that's when she started crying
Realizing I need her she needs me so I quit tryin'
We're happy love doves 'til we start fighting
I treat her with honor 'til I put hands on her
I don't know what makes me do it I want to be stronger
But I still put all these love scars on her


I got drunk and told Kerri I liked her
She told Raven then almost told you
After that I tried to fight her
I confronted them you tried to break it 'fore it got higher
Then I accidently pushed you through the glass table beside ya
Glass shards everywhere you and me were very scared
Arm was cut up but you ain't need a stitch up
You disappeared with those sluts
I was expecting a bunch of cops to come up
But not one pig ever showed up
Them hoes tellin' you stuff like he needs to be arrested
He'll hurt you in a second and you told them shut up
Now that's the realest shit I've seen in my life straight up
A woman has her man's back no matter what no front
Your scars have healed up yeah barely recognizable
Mine are coming along though yours are more sizable
Seems we're always getting new ones like they're recyclable
Prolly 'cause the love that we make is so volatile
Us being together forever more than probable
I've got you in my skin like a tattoo was in
Promise to not put hands on you ever again
Our love scars have come to an end

Track Name: When You're Famous
"When You're Famous"

I'm on the boulevards I'm selling CD-Rs
The backs of them scarred with 16 of my songs
5 bucks what I charge one hour six of 'em of gone
My knot is getting large I'm out here going hard but

(Chorus) 2x
Man, I hate it when they say this
'Cause I don't know how to take it
Putting all this pressure on me to make it (uh huh)
What they saying? When you're famous
What they saying? When you're famous
What they saying? When you're famous
Don't forget bout me! (Aye!)

(Verse 1)
I've been rapping seriously ever since 14
Nigga it's been my only dream to be the Hip-Hop king
So I've done a whole lot of things tryna get on the scene
At 15 Ronnie put me in "Down South" magazine
Didn't know what it mean or much less who would see
Hell a nigga didn't even get a copy of the thing
See I just I knew I could rap at least I wanted to rap
See back then I was wack I'm now accepting the fact
But I wouldn't take back those early days with my tracks
In high school selling CDs out of plastic case wraps
Man, I'm having flashbacks memories flooding in
Made stacks selling tapes right before lunch would end
Had a song called "Fuck Ya Friend" sold it to a bunch of friends
Much of them will say that's my best to this day
Aye.. Those were my early days in tryna make it
But even they would still say it don't forget me when famous


(Verse 2)
What you think I'mma do? Get amnesia out of the blue?
To everyone say who you? To even my mama too?
Buy myself a new crew? My old friendships are through
Like "Sorry, Stew, but I need a yes-man in a suit"
Convince myself that it's true I did it all by my lonely
With no cronies or homies the ropes nobody showed
Some guy said I was phony I said prove it, man, show me
He said "Your head's obviously blowing! It's your brother it's Tony!"
Ha.. These girls like remember me when you're celebrity
Like telling me is getting in my memory indefinitely
But I don't mind it especially when they break bread
Helping put a roof over my bed will keep you in my head
Yeah.. But when the day ends I don't depend
On being famous as the end to my anguish
This my life I won't change it on the pathway to make it
I just don't like the pressure when they put that sentence together


(Verse 3)
I've never been the type to switch up in my life
And become a person you don't like if previously we were tight
That's not the reason I write that's not the reason I fight
Just to be speaking on the mics
It's for the people I earn stripes
Everyone that put a dollar down on Top Billion
Everyone I know that rides around to Top Billion
Tellin' all ya friends to listen now to Top Billion
I love it and it makes me proud as Top Billion
Ya'll the people that I won't forget when the Devils cut the check
I'm throwing ones on everyone every time in my set
I put in blood, tears, and sweat just to arrive
Ya'll the people inside who don't want me back outside
I appreciate it so much I can't say it
You're the greatest for tryna help a young nigga make it
I still fuckin' hate it when you mothafuckas say it
But you won't see me frustrated when you tell me get famous
Track Name: The Bayou Classic
"The Bayou Classic"

If Ion't do nothing at all I'mma find a way to ball
And I shine every year summer, winter, spring, and fall
My prime is never passin' this is everlastin'
I'll always be in the game, nigga, like the bayou
Classic 5x
Count on me like the bayou
Classic 5x
I'm from the bayou and this is a classic

(Verse 1)
Classic this is a classic
If the rap game was a test then I passed it
I got this shit mastered with no engineer
I'm defying standards just having a career
See it was never clear that I'd ever end here
All of my peers said I could never catch ears
But the passing years turned jeers into cheers
Now it's queer 'cause those same haters are believers like "Yeah!"
"I knew it!" no you didn't, stupid,
You ain't fuck with my music when you thought it's useless
Now the cash is foolish the whip is gone be coup-ish
All of sudden I'm someone magically you're cool with
Chill out... I'm seeing you're a liar just tryna climb higher
But we'll always be rivals like Jags versus Tigers
I'ma be a shiner and you gone have to be crier
Not apart of my empire as I 'skerrrrt' on these tires


(Verse 2)
Classic call me a classist
if it ain't timeless it don't touch my CD's plastic
Ballin' like a Maverick call me Dirk Nowitizki
Better yet I'm gettin' so far ahead where's Lewinksy
I'm simply the best rapper from here what I've done in one year
Made me shine so hard you'd think the sun's here
Niggas know I run here and Ion't mean jogging
'Til Boosie is pardoned I'm the top-dawg talkin'
Savage this The Bayou Classic
Around Thanksgiving every year now they'll jam this
Smart, man, I planned this marketing is madness
But your girl lovin' the cover she diggin' my fashion
I'm smashin' beats Deezy's passin', man, they're all jammin'
And when done rappin' out each car we'll be blastin'
I'mma hit the Superdome when the game happen
And leave with some chicks from Southern and Grambling


(Verse 3)
Classic no disputing you're hating on my movement
If you see what I'm doin' and keep actin' like you're clueless
I make the best music my track record proves it
And if not the baddest bitches think that's what the truth is
My grind is too ruthless call me Eazy-E
Sick swag you'd think I also have HIV
Jags vouch for me and the Tigers that's my team
I could wear both school colors no one'd say a thing
'Cause here I'm a king when I'm in boot, boy
Proof, boy, love I get is real not decoy
Flyer than Elroy Jetson yes, son
I'm a living legend the South's secret weapon
They'll be rememberin' my name long past
When I'm under the grass or burnt into ash
My impact'll last in the pan I'm not flash
They'll atleast say that Bayou Classic jams