Noillib Pot II

by Top Billion

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released April 12, 2012

Simon "Top Billion" Hill x Carlo "Carnage" Callowood




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: Noillib Pot II (Prod. Carnage)
"Noillib Pot II"

Stayin' on my grind like my OGs taught me
Tryna ball hard call me Top Charles Barkley
How I do it big, kid, ho, I'm Chris Farley
I'm all about the green like a grove street party
I'm Paul McCartney with the hair of Bob Marley
Brown like Charlie and a killer Lee Harvey
Serious 'bout mine it's no game: Atari
I'm sorry but that's why I'm raw calamari
Largely I've been hustling so smartly
My I.Q. charting defies all marking
Hardly been out the studio you should know
If not a video a tape I'm dropping
Ya can't stop me I'm tellin' you, boy
'Til heaven I'm raisin' hell up in this, boy
How I murder these beats its felonious, boy
Real rap those other dudes sellin' that noise
I build and destroy that's what gods do
Five Percenter remember but 100% true
Don't believe in souls or ghosts that say boo
A higher powers in you like a chewed doobs
Bitch, it's truth when Top speak out
I flow just like a hemophiliac bleeds out
My presence alone tells fakes keep out
And the snakes in the grass I came to weed out
That's why I don't be out in them clubs freaked out
I just bring drink out and rap what I think 'bout
King of the south I know that's gonna be my crown
Not because of what's up but because I stay down
Dumb listeners don't know my struggle
That's why only smart ones feel my hustle
My two role models Huey P. and Bill Russell
If Top's anything it's those two in a bundle
The game is trouble like a fourth quarter fumble
Fans wanted this longer than the hair on Rapunzel
Well, I'm here to please never been a tease
I don't ever come up short: mini-Ts
The world finna see what Top meant to be
And if not king then the throne's under siege
My work schedule has no room for fatigue
It's kinda hard to sleep when you're making history
I take this rap shit so fuckin' seriously, dawg
It's hard to laugh at all
Everytime I rhyme my only goal go hard
If this grind's a crime put me behind bars
Real nigga in the flesh never been a facade
Like a donor I told ya I give you my heart
In every word that you heard... That's on my ma
With speech I don't cheat... Unlike my pa
I do this rundown from sundown 'til dawn
So my fans follow like when Forest Gump jogged
Life is a box of chocolates... nah
Life's a Snickers it's filling but hard
That's why I play my cards so smart
Aiming for the bullseye when I shoot my darts
Tryna hit that dot's like reachin' for the top
You'll get it don't stop Top Billion Noillib Pot
Track Name: Young Niggas (Prod. Carnage)
"Young Niggas"

This for my young niggas
Who on the grind all day
This for my young niggas
It's all work no play
This for my young niggas
Devils want us to fall
This for my young niggas
But I'mma stand with yall
You know I ride for ya 'cause I rhyme for ya
You know I ride for ya 'cause I rhyme for ya
You know I ride for ya 'cause I rhyme for ya
You know I ride for ya 'cause I rhyme for ya

(Verse 1)
Big Top
Crackas wanna try to kill all my niggas
Dirty cops pop shots put a clip in my niggas
Killed Troy killed Sean killed a fistful of niggas
Now its Trayvon Martin rest in peace to my nigga
You know I ride for 'em 'cause I rhyme for 'em
Every time you see me on the stage I'mma shine for 'em
I press the line for 'em stay on the grind for 'em
'Cause in my mind I'mma keep their name alive for 'em
Real talk we're marked for death before we take breath
They see us as threats from our very first step
They smile and express that we made progress
They'll even cut checks and call you nigga nonetheless
But whatever my youngins 'bout cheddar
Hate us forever we'll still hustle through this weather
Fuck what you tell us we ain't shit you can sell us
You jail us 'cause you're jealous we're gettin' lettuce
What up


(Verse 2)
This for that nigga with a ounce and a dream
A handheld scale and dimes in his jeans
A daughter on the way from some random ass fling
Don't love the hoe but his child will get what she'll need
He's gettin' to the green with the green that he sling
Did the school thing but saw how little it means
He's thinking of a scheme wants to the rapping
But his funds are lacking so now it's trapping
Ugh A soldier a black king
If I was in those Jordans I'd do the exact thing
We both tryna chase Porsches and flatscreens
We've made choices but I'm not better than he
He no better than me look close and see
We're all one flip the W we turns into me
We're supposed to be working as a team
Cause you and I are allies Johnny's the enemy


(Verse 3)
Its all eyes on me all lights on me
If God's real I'm blessed that he put this life on me
All my ice on freeze all my niggas are free
I hit the mall and say y'all that the price on me
Young niggas like me be inspired and see
These devils want slaves but we meant to be kings
We weren't put here to struggle we were put here to bubble
'Til ya pop don't stop, boy, stay on ya hustle
The world is in trouble when we're organized
Ask Meech ask Hoover and them other guys
Imagine if these street niggas formalized
Wouldn't no one ever have to do 25
Niggas realized along time ago the world's mine
It took Tony to tell us but that's all fine
To all my young guns, stay on ya'll grind
I'm here for ya in the streets and online

Track Name: Girl (Prod. Carnage)

Girl, you're so fine
You're the one I was hoping I would find
And I was thinking if you didn't mind
You and me should really kick it time to time
Let's give us a try
'Cause, girl, you're so fine
You're the one I was hoping I would find
And I was really thinking if you didn't mind
You and me should kick it time to time
If you think it's alright

(Verse 1)
I'm infatuated, baby I'm elated
That I made it long enough to find you here waiting
My dream-girl I say that with no hesitation
Such fine creation I must be hallucinating
Well, if this is fantasy I pray I won't awaken
Any time soon to a cold black room
Feeling blindly in the dark look for you
If this ended like that my hopes would be doomed
But this is real life and it feels right
And you're so like my ideal type
There's nothing I could write
About you're beauty that'd be like
Trying to describe what are colors to the blind
You stay on my mind even when we're side by side
Anything you've ever told me bout you don't have to remind
I've locked you in memory every word especially
You bring out the best in me you're one of a kind 'cause


(Verse 2)
Beautiful baby you're flawless, gorgeous
I'll pay you all my mind fuck what the cost is
When we're talkin', caked up, or walkin'
I see a new side of you I love but not often
Can't be from Earth you're an angel or a martian
Take me heaven or when you leave on a starship
Conquered my heart I should nickname you Spartan
300 reasons why you're fuckin' awesome
You're Corretta to Martin, Betty to my Malcolm
Water to my fountain, feathers to my falcon
Peak to my mountain, air when I'm drowning
You laugh when I'm clowning, smile when I'm frowning
You always stay down and I love you for it
I don't smoke but for you I'll burn a forest
I don't fight but for you I'll join the forces
I don't sing but If I could I'd sing this chorus


(Verse 3)
I'm so into you I think I'm losing myself
Being so true to you and barely true to myself
I think of things to do with you not nothin' else
If I am being clingy you ain't said that it's felt
I don't wanna overbear just show that I care
And be there whenever you do need a man near
Don't wanna annoy you like a bug in your hair
But all that weight you bear ain't for you let's share
To talk about my feelings naw I'm never scared
Let's do it if you need your mind I can't read it
Future I can't see it perfect I can't be it
But I can try to reach it long as we're speaking
Baby there's not a reason why this can't work
You're my goddess on Earth a billion's what you're worth
You're the holy grail of my search
And if I can't have you I'll be single 'til the dirt 'cause

Track Name: Until I Die (Prod. Carnage)
"Until I Die"

(Verse 1)
Man, aint it funny how some people say they really know 'bout
Where I go, what I do, and when I go out
These niggas talk about me like they're tryna show out
And nine times outta ten it's from a hoe's mouth
I've heard so many rumors 'bout me on the low-key
It's hard to pick the real even from the phony
Like I'm pussy like I'm mean like I'm so cheap
Like I'm ugly, a cheat, and a racist
But that's never my bother the gossip nada
My life's good it's theirs with the problems
I'm doing what they would if they could solve 'em
But they dont try instead they talk about mine

But that's fine that's fine 'cause I'mma ride until I die
Man I'm livin' my life my life
Ya can't stop me goin for mine
Stayin' on my grind on my grind
With both eyes on the prize
'Cause you know I'm gon' ride gon' ride
And I'mma ride until I die

(Verse 2)
My girl told me her homegirls dogged me
After they heard "Love Scarz" she called me
Told me how it made her feel bad awfully
And all the pain and embarrassment I'm causing
Now all they think I do is beat her
Hit her and mistreat her
Threaten to leave her and a constant cheater
She know that I'm neither and I'm bein' honest
But they dont believe her so that don't stop gossip
That's how you get rumors and lies
Spreading far and wide about stand up guys
Same ones out there talkin' down on mine
Same ones you'll find won't look me in the eyes
But it's fine yeah it's cool
It reminds me kind of high school
'Cause all the misinformation 'bout my situation
Shows that their life they're hatin'


(Verse 3)
It used to bother me alot to be the talk of the town
Hearing people whisper 'bout me when I'm walkin' around
Getting weird side looks when passin' a crowd
Friends actin' brand new instead of dappin' me down
But why get bummed out if it's somethin' I did and it comes out
If I do something in the dark when it's night out
Can I be mad if you see it when the light's out?
That's why right now none of them concern me
Thats right you heard me if God's real
He's judge angels are the jury
Nothing but my reputation's my attorney
And no one else gets in the court we're adjourning
Now if niggas wanna talk 'bout Top
Permission granted nonstop say as much as you want
But to every gossiper know this off top
For each rumor you spread there's two about you watch

Track Name: White Faces (Prod. Carnage)
"White Faces"

Nothing in the world makes me more anxious
Than seeing round me only white faces
Faces... These whites faces
Those blue eyes make me feel nameless
I feel so alone when I go places
And I'm greeted by only white faces
Faces... These white faces
Those blue eyes make me feel nameless

(Verse 1)
When I was younger I had little experience
That let me know how much my skin made a difference
At the time I didn't know that it was serious
But growing up'll help you see the world for what it really is
I was a little kid literally a little kid
Couldn't been more than 4 'cause kindergarten I was in
I had a lot of friends everyday I'd play with them
Jokes I would say to them, nap, draw, and paint with them
Those were the days, man... It was lovely
But when it changed, man... It was ugly
Some boys that I wanted to hang with shunned me
I asked one why and he put it to me bluntly
You... Look... Different from me
Can't play with us so go and find your own buddies
When what that meant struck me, it cut me
Luckily, then I thought it meant that were shoes funny
But as years keep coming, wisdom increases
And what was once invisible now you can see it
And what was not factor can now magically be it
When some say your color picks how you'll be treated
... When it hit me, couldn't believe it
Me being different then I couldn't think
But I'm no kid now so for obvious reasons
I still get these feelings... Man...


(Verse 2)
Been followed around stores
Been searched at the door
Been assumed I was poor
Been profiled before
Growing up down south felt all that and more
And those things formed how I feel in my core
Inside I'm torn no I wasn't warned
That how I was born would stir up this storm
I feel like to whites in their sight I'm deformed
Playin' down bein' brown an act I must perform
But regardless I'm alienated
How though it's hard to explain it
Even a Caucasian with his face painted
Wouldn't feel my pain in the end he can change it
But me... Permanent minority
The one nigga in class and teacher ignoring me
The one kid at work that the boss treats horribly
Hell, they even talk about Barack horribly
... Every black man knows 'bout this
Around them white folks you don't say this
When they look at me I wonder do they see just this
Or everything they've come to believe black is
... What do they say when I'm not around?
Would they prefer that I'm not around?
I walk in rooms and hear not a sound of greetings
Just their shifts in seating... I'm feeling....

Track Name: My Apologies, Queen (Prod. Carnage)
"My Apologies, Queen"

(Verse 1)
To all the beautiful girls all across the world
Who love the songs I sing but feel it ain't returned
'Cause I use slurs sometimes for her
Where bitch, ho, etc. how she's referred
To my real fans that don't deter
From them tryna learn what I mean with words
But this right here what I would prefer
To call my apology to anyone who's hurt
Now all of you have heard every rapper say bitch
Every rapper say that every rapper say this
Well, I don't mean to diss every woman that exists
Unless I'm really pissed about specifics
I call you out your name I'm doin' that vain
'Cause how can I degrade a power that can't fade
Source you're the main from you even I came
If I've done anything otherwise let me say

Apologies to my queen
I know I may come across as mean
With what I rap what I say what I sing
But know I don't mean any of those things
Apologies to my queens
I know we may come across as mean
With what we rap what we say what we sing
But know we don't mean any of those things

(Verse 2)
Most rappers and singers don't wanna bring ya
Down with their singles just entertain ya
But the paradox this 90% of the songs that are hits
Call a chick...
Well, if you took it as a diss why when the DJ play it
You shake your hips
I guess it flies if it don't apply
And fuck the words when you just think the beat's fire
To understand this shit I won't even try
'Cause I'm not changin' my speech I won't even lie
At the end of the day I'm the same ol' guy
I'm just showin' every one of ya'll my brighter side
And lettin' every woman know that I'm down to ride
For the cause yall's respect for all
Got balls to say I'm feminist
And this is long overdue when I reminisce and say


(Verse 3)
'Pac said keep your head I'm saying never let a
Man talk you down leave now you can do better
Ladies if you're fed up don't deal with them fellas
Who are only good for five minutes or lesser
To the single mothers with kids on their own
'Cause Pops wasn't grown enough to stay home
Don't feel alone raise the babies like you oughta
Hell, even Jesus didn't know his real father
The sons of tomorrow should adore their daughters
Their mothers, sisters, whoever else follows
Our women are precious gotta respect 'em
So girls with boyfriends know who you're selecting
And mothers teach daughters that sex ain't a weapon
That's wrong step in a terrible direction
All in all if you don't wanna be called broad
Don't sign up for the job I'm gone

Track Name: Hate This Shit (Prod. Carnage)
"Hate This Shit"

(Verse 1)
This for that person gettin' up in the morning
Wishing that they ain't wake up
Slam snooze on the clock and lays there face up
Staring at the ceiling thinkin' how I'mma gonna make it
Life's a bitch and they wanna break up
Sliding out the bedsheets landing on the cold floor
The crust in ya eyes deep and ya feel ya thighs sore
Walk to the bathroom mirror you're an eyesore
Wash up, brush teeth, then you're out the door
In the garage ain't sittin a Ferrari
You got a whip same age as the Atari
Hail Mary and a hard crank get it starting
Now you're skrrtin' to the place you tolerate hardly
Traffic's way out of control
Who's holdin' it up? A woman that's 90 years old
You make it to ya work clock in and you're told
By your boss your loss but we're lettin' you go

I hate my job hate school
Hate my car hate these clothes
If charged with a hate crime that's case close
'Cause I hate this shit (Man, I hate this shit)
'Cause I hate this shit (Man, I hate this shit)
Hate my bitch hate my house
Hate where I hang out
I'm stuck in this life can't find a way out
And I hate this shit (Man, I hate this shit)
And I hate this shit (Man, I hate this shit)

(Verse 2)
Fuck sittin' in that classroom that place a sad tomb
Where creativity dies inside the mind's womb
Always hated school used to skip homeroom
3:45 couldn't ever come too soon
My teachers stressed the importance of math
But those tasks I passed were useful in the past
I ain't never need a graph outside of the class
Or how to calculate a train that moves fast
The tests and the stress
Exams and the crams
Outside the school's rules
Never meant a damn
And I can understand all of their lesson plans
But who wants to earn what they don't wanna learn
As the world turns I got wise... Old Owl
Street smarts, common sense, good ol' know how
But I'm trapped in the school system's hole now
'Cause Sallie Mae takin' much more now


(Verse 3)
I can't even get high I get too down
If smoke makes smiles then why do I frown?
I hit purp', feel worse, then it all turns brown
And what I think first is that I'mma clown
I'm not happy with myself or who I'm around
I'm looking for my purpose it still isn't found
I feel uncomfortable even in the skin that I'm bound
When I smoke weed these demons come and surround
They say heavy is the head that wears the crown
If I'm the king of anything it's not pullin' crowds
If I cried in the forest would they hear my sound
In my pool of self loathing and pity I drown
I hate my life biggest understatement around
Like sayin' Harriet Tubman's underground
So I drink myself numb like my father now
And try forget what I was talkin' about