Noillib Pot III

by Top Billion

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released June 20, 2012

Simon "Top Billion" Hill x Brad Massey




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: Noillib Pot III (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Noillib Pot III"

The lights on the mics on time to get my write on
Top Bill the icon got the game in my right palm
Not a rapper sicker, nigga, that I'd bet my life on
See me in the bigger picture centered where your eyes on
Youngin' with his grind on the money's what my mind's on
Chik-ching and bling-bling the sounds that keep me rhymin'
Third times a charm Noillib Pot 3 the trilogy
I'm seriously uppin' lyrically each time you're hearin' me
No one here is real as me I'm so anti- the industry
To make me sign to anything at gunpoint you'd be needing me
I do this for my city, G, monroe, boy, I represent
For niggas in them tenements and projects that I won't forget
CMG 'til my death when I breathe my last breath
Attach it to my casket so the maggots even know my rep
The God is in the flesh listen as the beat's blessed
The answer to your prayers if you're asking is the real left
Competition's no threat so far in the lead
Them little playas should leave and go and join the minor leagues
Look, I enjoy the finer things white wine designer jeans
All the green grinding brings makes up for the time it needs
Through the pen I bleed hemophiliac rap
To be the king and to succeed you gotta kill me for that
I'm on my job never lax I put my all in these raps
I grew up crawling for scratch now I wanna ball 'til I'm fat
You haters callin' fall back you ain't stallin' up jack
I'm still tearin' up tracks like hittin' hoodrats from the back
What's the business? You talkin' dollars? Finish your sentence
But if your next words are cents-less then the convo is senseless
Not the nigga to mess I'm more the one to get checks with
Beef with me'll get reckless instead be Top Bill invested
Man, I'm widely respected on the verge to be legend
21 year old veteran still getting money no pensions
Man, I'm constantly mentioned but I'm so un-celebrity
Can't be Hollywood you could never Halle Berry me
The game is lacking clarity to many clowns are burying
Real niggas from carrying the torch that's flaming barely
That type of shit is scaring me like the Human Centipede
So many people eating shit couldn't watch if you're daring me
CipherMusicGroup we're the truth that's for no dispute
Shoutout N.O.T.Y. shoutout Will, Brad and Chris-Style too
When I'm in the booth I'm standing livin' proof
Anything you can do if your mind is on it glued
I'm true like blue hue they're as real as a cartoon
These rappers are more actors than a war movie platoon
June after June I drop songs that are hits
Hip-Hop's in this bitch and I ain't going pop like a zit
I'm not gonna quit I'm grindin 'til the grind don't exist
And hustle my mustle 'til the hustle regarded as myth
My heart's in this shit pause I'm goin' hard as my dick
I'm raw when I spit nasty like the jaws of a pit
Bitch, I'm the underdog to come this far I had to claw
Had to prove to mom and pa I'm not a failure after all
Son, I didnt rhyme to ball or get the broads up out their draws
In fact when I recall at the start of this they thought I'z flawed
But I'm no going hard poppin' bottles livin large
Young niggas in charge told you devils we're the gods
Yeah... Tony Montana the world's ours
American born but I adore all those foreign cars
So I look toward the stars and think if someone's looking back
Then they're about to see me stack cake from how I rape a track
You haters face the facts Top Bill is eternal
I toppled so many hurdles my words are forever worthful
My game's tight like a girdle your disses are never hurtful
'Cause when you're from the bottom you see pain is never personal
We all go through the struggle so to cry about it
Is to show you'll never climb up out it and that you'll die around it
This is all real I don't just write about it... Top Bill
Track Name: The Whole World's Mine (Prod. Brad Massey)
"The Whole World's Mine"

I got New York dreams and a L.A. state of mind
Detroit hustle and a Atlanta grind
Devil on my shoulder angel on the other side
Putting thoughts in my mind they tell me all the time
The whole world's mine the whole world's mine

(Verse 1)
Yeah hustling that is my business I ain't playin' 'round with these bitches
Getting money got me on missions that got mama thinkin' I'm missin
Man I'm in the game like Pippen and my only aim is winning
This rap thang I'll be pimpin 'til I'm ballin - Piston
From a small town but got big dreams LA and NYC
I've fantasized about these things more than I dreamed about fe's
Mama wouldn't even let me see MTV before I was a teen
Maybe she knew that all those things would have some effect on me
And she didn't want her son growin up wanting stuff that's a front
Chasing bucks in a game that no one trusts
Tried be a good parent but eventually gave up
When my interest perked up I was gone star struck
Now my mind is far from this small town where I'm stuck
Each day here is bad luck I'm ready as fuck to pack up
So anxious I act up only calm when writing songs
Even then my mind is gone thinking 'bout California palms


(Verse 2)
I'm from that dirt I'm from that mud
I'm from that bottom from that gutta
From that boot I'm from that ROE
I'm from that pain I'm from the struggle
All I wanna do is bubble and see the stars like the Hubble
Telescope then tell my folks that they aint gotta sell this dope
I give hope tell 'em, yo, that I'm nice or twice as dope
As city folks quote unquote
Proof is in the raps I wrote I'm not from the chi or close
But I can hold my own, joe, And I'm not from the east coast
But the snow aint cold as my flow
Yeah... Real shit I'm talking it on top of it I'm walking it
These other rappers aint raw as this I give my heart all of it
Same Diff' be apart of this Brad and I on our artist shit
We're giving ya'll the hardest hits
Ever since Gangstarr split...
Ha.. Ya'll thought I didn't... Know about them did ya'll
You think down south all we listen to is dance songs
Well to quote the late Biggie Smalls you're dead wrong
I am hip hop and through me the legacy lives on


(Verse 3)
All my life I've been doubted now I'mma do somethin 'bout it
I'mma make my home proud even if I leave the town
Guaranteed I'll put it down and spread the wealth around
No disrespect to my kinfolk but when I ride around Monroe
I see one thing I do know I'm too big for this one hole
A shark stuck in a fishbowl a dog you're feeding wishbones
I'm too old and too grown to be only locally known
I sell records and go stone fucked up that's happenin
'Cause how I'm rappin, son, I should be platinum
Conceited maybe? Nah, I'm just effin crazy
That's how this town has made me I feel boxed in daily
Only thing that'd save me was all these songs I was making
It gave me hope for somethin' greater without praying
This shit I'm not faking it''s real to me I feel incomplete
I'm doing things lyrically I'm just in the wrong scenery
I know someone is feelin' me if your are
Let me know you're hearin' me
I'm just one man in this world tryna make history

Track Name: So Weak (Prod. Brad Massey)
"So Weak"

(Verse 1)
I sweep her off her feet like I broomed her to a seat
She gets in heat when I'm on stage rapping to these beats
She love the slang I speak and how my dreads are so unique
And how B R A D chops SWV
She reps CMG I call her Billionaire girl
She put 'em on now so are all of her homegirls
She fuck with Same Difference she wears Noillib Pot
Ask her her favorite lyrics she'll be quoting Top
(Knocks me right off of my feet)
That's what she tell 'em when they ask her the question
Why you play him every second and you own all his records
My girls keep reppin' for that I respect 'em
These aren't rap I'm penning I'm love letter sending
To all of them especially you
Don't have to drop gem but you know who
Yeah she loving crew the feeling is mutual
She supports what I do and it's beautiful
She (Knocks me right off of my feet

Other rappers in game but to her they're all lame
Ain't sayin' no names but they're (So Weak)
She want that real thang gets that from what I brang
I hear her complain these dudes (So Weak)
I'm doing my thang staying in my lane
So I never hear her say that I'm (So Weak)
I'm staying in my lane doing my own thang
So she can't say that I'm (So Weak)
(Knocks me right off of my feet)

(Verse 2)
I sweep her off her feet everytime a song complete
She hashtags CMG after every tweet
Her last one said these other bitches can't compete
With us Billionaire Girls ain't that right TOP?
Occassionally they flirt and throw a little pass at me
But I'm too cool a cat to ever fuck fans of me
It's all fun and games like we're playing tag or freeze
It's 'bout good music that's all they ask of me
(Knocks me right off of my feet)
That's what I give 'em ain't in this game to dick 'em
I'll smoke and chill with 'em but I ain't in it for women
My motives way different so I get a high percentage
Of beautiful ladies goin Billion crazy
Get messages daily Top have my baby
And it don't even phase I'm out to get paid, G
Some chicks wanna run up 'cause they're looking for a come up
But my fans know what's up I ain't lookin for a fast nut
(Knocks me right off of my feet)


(Verse 3)
This for my homegirls who 'bout gettin' money
And listen to young niggas who do rap about something
Ya'll always hold me down when I come around
If you were dudes you'd get pounds but when I see you I'm hugging
All of you are stunning even the ones who ugly
I love people who love me skinny, fat, thick, or chubby
I know ya'll wanna rub me, touch me, or fuck me
But I'm married to the game to that I'm hubby
I'm sorry (Knocks me right off of my feet)
To all you rappers you should follow my lead
Instead of thinking every female wants to swallow your seed
Look, a groupie is a groupie you'll know when you see
But Lucy ain't a fluzie if she just wants a signed CD
Keep it G real niggas don't sweat every fe
If you got game for real then just let her breathe
If it's meant to be then she'll cling to the D
If not that you got a fan who'll always pay currency
For real (Knocks me right off of my feet)

Track Name: Ladies Love Lyricists Ft. Chris-Style & N.O.T.Y. (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Ladies Love Lyricists"

Every time that we rhyme we be killin' it
What you say though? (The ladies ain't feelin' it)
Come on, man, what you talkin' is ridiculous
You don't know, bruh, ladies love lyricists

(Verse 1) (Top Billion)
She can only take so much Waka Flocka
Before eventually she wants a real mic rocka
Who said being too smart with it might stop her
From liking my raps, dude, get your mind proper
I'm the modern day Cool J for the new wave rap game
No Kangol I pull hoes when the dreads hang
I got bars I ain't talkin' only raps
So many numbers in my contacts think it's barcodes, jack
Scan that
Girls wanna dance I'll admit that
But when I get a round of applause she'll make that ass clap
And that's from a track where I ain't dumb it down
In fact the other way around I smarten up panties down
I get around like 2pac but it's Top
Me against the world but your girl's my mascot
Chicks dig it when you're not an idiot I'm serious
Ask Beyonce, dawg, ladies love lyricists

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 2) (Chris-Style)
Your boo's into Boose while mine's into Lupe
Well, I'm trying to say that I got a cool babe
That finds what a dude say to be more important
Than how much a dude make (That's fine, nigga, touche)
While yours into crime out here tryin' to move ya
Mine blowin' my mind rhymin' to new 'Ye
Kick game mean patent leather on the new Js
Another two days ma rockin' the cool grays
Your shorty on that Lil' Ru grindin' her booty
My lady in the ill du she buyin' that new Jay
When me and my boo thang kickin' it like Lu Kang
Vibin' to Nas or we listenin' to Wu-Tang
Ooo, mane, maybe we are mates because we relate
To true school rap, boom bap, and the beat breaks
For Pete's sake your babe may be into Thugnificents
But if you ask wifey, ladies love lyricists Ha Ha!


(Verse 3) (N.O.T.Y.)
What a psycho any minute she'll lick the mic slow
No tight flow? I guess that's just how the dice roll
My block's cold but my spot is gettin' hot
From this chick on my dick sayin' spit one off the top
I'll make your girl lean and rock when I hit the spot
And make her do the Yung Joc when she ride my cock
Ha ha! Them R&B tracks that's irrelevant
Forget a slow jam we go ham to Dead Presidents
And every girl know my name in your residence
They got their pen and their paper hope to schedule in
Attend a 30 minute on how to win
And when they end they hit the net and go start a fuckin' trend
Pound sign Young N.O.T.Y. been better than
Your 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane-s, and Kevin Federline-s
Ha! And you can spit fast and furious
But, baby, no love from the guhs if not a lyricist

(Chorus) 2x
Track Name: Sky High (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Sky High"

(Verse 1)
And this one for my niggas with them college degrees
And this one for them boys who're up in debt to their knees
And this one for the chicks who hit the pole and they strip
And this one for the babies that they feed with their tips
And this one for the rapper tryna get in the game
And this one for their fan out their spreadin' their name
And this one for the macks, the pimps, and the hustlers
This one for the cluckers all the loyal customers
This one for that person aimin' for that promotion
And this one for that nigga workin' way after closin'
And this one for the ambitious gettin' to the money
And this is for the dedicated out their rain or sunny
And this is for my partners who ain't out in the club
Unless goin' out will multiply their bank sum
And this is for the DJs who show Top love
Now like you're on a rollercoaster put your hands up

And this one's for ya'll
Everybody on they job, nigga
This one's for ya'll
Everybody goin' hard, nigga
Money getters in the building tonight!
Put your hands to the ceiling sky high!
This one's for ya'll
Everybody on they job, nigga
This one's for ya'll
Everybody goin' hard, nigga
Hustlers in the building tonight!
Put your hands to the ceiling sky high!

(Verse 2)
And this one for my niggas who are dead and gone
And this one for their memory so they'll live on
And this is for the folks in the every day struggle
This is for the ones who learned to get it off the muscle
And this for everybody who got bills to pay
And this for every slave to minimum wage
And this is for the single mothers raisin' they kids
This for dads doin' bids from gettin' it how the live
And this is for the ballers poppin' bottles in LIV
Real big spenders in the club doin' it big
And this is for my niggas outta town takin' trips
Comin' back with them bricks makin' stacks off a flip
And this for the employee who don't take days
And this is for the boss who really paid that cost
And this is for the journalists who show Top love
Now like you're on a rollercoaster throw your hands up


(Verse 3)
And last but not least this one's for my fans
And last but not least this one's for my mans
And last but not least this one's for my riders
Who hold down Top as a person and a writer
And this one for the soldiers in the streets - survivors
This for all aspiring singers and writers
Everybody goin' hard everybody on they job
Can the beat pause? Here's a toast to the Gods
This for everybody in life with a mission
Even a blind man can still have a vision
This for everybody who buys this album and listens
You have a lot of options but chose Same Difference
I'm humbled you picked it really I am
So this one's for you when I'm sippin' on champ'
And this for those who rockin' with me ya'll are my fam
Now I shouldn't have to say this but throw up your hands

Track Name: Life is Crazy (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Life is Crazy"

(Verse 1)
I don't over think just speak to the beat
I don't take long getting songs complete
'Cause life's too short literally in a blink
This all could cease and I'm permanently sleep
21 but feel like an OG 'cause the road I've walked put sores on my feet
But Ion't complain I do my thang stayin' in my lane at a steady speed
The fast lane's where you crash, mane, ask anyone who gangbang
It's the same thang we're tryna maintain but some try to do it the insane way
They know it's jail or in the grave but wave that away and chase the pay
What can they say they're against the odds
Life's crazy you gotta take care of moms
Some die to get their money long
Others born with green like they're birthed on lawns
Who am I to say what's wrong? Why can't ya get ya hustle on?
Yo' bitch chose to suck me off but is it right to let her come along?
Niggas know that my game is strong
'Cause their girlfriends know all of my songs
Like the bathroom light she keeps 'em on
You hatin'... Life is crazy, huh

You know the saying Life is Crazy
It's amazing but it's true
This game we're playing we try to stay in
Long as we can 'til we're through
Some try praying some try saying
That they can guide themselves through
But the truth is life'll be crazy no matter what you do
Life is crazy life is crazy life is crazy life is crazy

(Verse 2)
The world is so cruel you only need to know one rule
Don't want folk steppin' on your toes then watch where you put your shoes
Life's cold but be cool shit gets deeper than a pool
But to Frank if you're in the Ocean better know how to Swim Good
I kick game like I should imparting knowledge to the hood
Life's crazy I could die tomorrow knock on wood
But I ain't the one for the superstitions
To the old wives tales I never listen
Like a player I stay in position prepared for the worst but the best I'm wishin'
Mind only focused on my mission of livin' up to my name Top Billion
So that's why I'm killin' any beat I'm given
Life's crazy no one expects their children to grow and be musicians
Now here you have Same Difference two guys from different conditions
Comin' together to make some hits and probably couple millions
No kiddin'


(Verse 3)
A rollercoast life's up and downs a wild ride that flings you around
You'll be in the air then the ground then back in the air at the speed of sound
Trust I've been on this ride awhile I've been broke and then rich
Then re-broke and re-rich and during the trial I still smile
That's how you live long, nigga, get your grind on
But all that stress doin' you harm find some time to be calm
Smoke ya trees, drink something, fuck ya skeez, whatever, B
Just do your thing be at ease life's crazy enough without worrying
You can fret yourself to death without even making The Reaper sweat
That's not what I suggest I'm 'bout checks and livin' fresh
Fuck the rest I'll never rest 'til I'm the best no contest
Life's crazy who'd expect that nerdy kid to get model neck
if it was my guess I'd say yes
But you would say that's craziness, huh

Track Name: Still a Soldier (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Still a Soldier"

I'm still cocked and loaded still usin' Trojans
Protected by any method that's what the game told me
I'mma still be a soldier, still be a soldier
I'mma still be a soldier 'til the day I roll over

(Verse 1)
I'mma still be a winner still be that nigga
Still be a hustler in the summer 'til it's winter
I'mma still be a grinder still be a rhymer
Even if I'm an old-timer with Alzheimers
I'll still remember all my niggas forever
So when I get a lil' cheddar then all their lives'll be better
I'mma still love the game like the first day I met her
I'mma still treat these raps like I write love letters
I'mma still call my mama when I'm out on them tours
Probably be my first date when I hit the awards
Only thing I still won't be is damn sure poor
Proof then'll be the mansion and four door Porsche


(Verse 2)
And to that bitch ass nigga that tried to jack my equipment
You should pray every minute that you're life ain't finished
Me and pops rode to the studio with a quickness
When the alarm was triggered we showed up with the biscuit
We were ready to shoot we were ready to squeeze
We were ready to pop off on you and your team
Know how much to me it'd mean just to see you bleed
Thank G O D cops beat us to the scene
Ugh pussy ass crook heard the alarm and got shook
Ain't as tough as you look if that's all that it took
I wish them cracka faggot judges throw your black ass the book
And them sweet Bloods in prison treat your booty like puss
And you're prolly on the southside doubtin' that I'm 'bout mine
Try to steal my bitch again though that's a flat line



(Verse 3)
How could you do me that, dawg, you were apart of the squad
I shoulda knew all along 'cause you were actin' so odd
You were talkin' down on niggas that you knew from the start
And I'mma day 2 cat so shit couldn't been hard
Shoulda put 2 together 'cause now that I remember
You've been jackin' forever I just wasn't on the agenda
Guess I endeavored on tryna make you a better
Person but serpents won't change I'm learnin'
For certain you'll never succeed bitin' the hand that feeds
Instead of fuckin' with me
You coulda had everything if you were down with the team
But to you being loyal isn't fly, cool, or clean
So what's real then? Stealin' from you real men?
Niggas that fed you when you were lookin' for a meal then?
Huh? A real friend for you he woulda killed when you told 'em
Though you hardly know 'em
Why? 'Cause he a soldier

Track Name: Baby, I Miss You (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Baby, I Miss You"

(Verse 1)
Girl, let me fess up, baby, I know I messed up
It wasn't a trick or set up that lead up to where you're fed up
With me and all my troubles and our drama as a couple
We love harder than tone muscle and harder when we tussle
Our love is contagious are fights are outrageous
We'd die for each other yet tried to kill us on occasion
My whole mate my soulmate exceeding expectations
Don't want you as my old mate forgive me's what I'm sayin'
I' yearning for your touch to see you is a must
A simple kiss would be enough to lift me up from depression
Meeting you a blessin' keepin' you got me stressin'
Love's a battlefield and affection's the only weapon

Baby, I miss you (I Do)
Baby, I miss you (I Do)
Every moment we're split up
A new part in my heart rips up
Baby, I miss you (I Do)
Baby, I miss you (I Do)
I can't go on without you
My body yearns to be 'round you
Baby, I miss you (For real)
Baby, I miss you (For real)
I know I made my mistakes
When I stepped way outta place
Baby, I miss you (For real)
Baby, I miss you (For real)
But give me a chance
To prove that I'm a good man

(verse 2)
Let me pause I know I'm flawed but is that a cause to be uninvolved?
I've done it all as a far as wrong but through it all I ain't been a dog
I treated you like royalty showed you love and loyalty
You meant more to me than anything I own mortally
You're the love of my life I want to make you my wife
And if that wish isn't right then being wrong is aight
I miss sleeping at night and then not holding you tight
I miss the texts that you'd type I even miss all the fights
Baby, please return I have learned what's hard earned can be overturned
I don't want our love lost and burned that makes my stomach churn
We can straight this out - perm - Our foundation stands firm
I miss you more as the world turns I miss you more as the world turns


(Verse 3)
I'm losin' focus it's hopeless I know this I'm copin'
'Cause we ain't spoken since we've been broken
And you ignore when I'm phonin' I see you
Rollin' and growin' you got new options open
I guess I shouldn't let emotions be postponin' those motions
Ugh but just for closin' reference, baby, please don't forget this
Heart that I invested and the moments that we cherished
I'm so embarassed being careless will now make us perish
But in all fairness to happiness you should be an heiress
You're loved by my parents so there's a home for you
In case you're ever rollin' through the city and you need a room
I won't even speak to you or be near you
Nothing I need from you I just want to know that somewhere safe is keeping you
My heart will bleed for you I miss you that much
I don't even have to be the dude but you should be loved
By someone who respects you and the furthest from neglects you
And understands that you're special forever I'm a miss you

Track Name: Windows Down (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Windows Down"

I'm just ridin' through the town with my windows down
Lil' wine in my cup not givin' a fuck
Got my music up loud whenever I come 'round
And when I see the ladies out I ask 'em what's up
'Cause I'm livin' it up yeah I'm livin' it up
A lil' wine in my cup not givin' a fuck
'Cause I'm livin it up yeah I'm livin' it up
I'm just ridin' 'round town not givin' a fuck

(Verse 1)
Yeah, sippin' while I'm rollin' a steering wheel what I'm holdin'
A foreign whip I'm controllin' the emblem glowin'
Windows down how I'm showin' you would think I'm posin'
Come down how I'm blowin' that's good smokin'
Yeah, the wind is in my dreadlocks the music make my head knock
Stones in my wrist would make you think I came from Bedrock
Feelin' like a star sittin' big in my car pourin' swigs out the jar
Carlo Rossi wine, par
Got the music loud and my settings are perfect
Hear me all through the town like a gossipping person
How I'm sippin' while I'm whippin', boy, I'm not gon' be swervin'
I'll be pulled over not sober and cops'll be searchin'
I'm certain I'm the flyest nigga you'll ever see in an SUV
The color tree leaf green
Cruisin' through the city like it was a slow-mo scene
Of a Hype Williams video on yo' TV


(Verse 2)
Full tank clean oil new subs I'm too spoiled
I'll make a hater health in danger how I make his blood boil
My paint shine like tin foil it's summer and I'm wired off Malibu and Molly
Like a wire that's been coiled
Ugh I'm feelin' like a billion bucks in these seats so plush
With one foot on the clutch
I see honeys movin' while I'm cruisin' ladies what's up
At 10:02 let's rendezvous at this house party cut
Ok, see you there, and I skate off player
Recline back in the chair and put one in the air
I'm not HBK but it's a good ass day
I'm livin' like it's vacay all my worries away
See I would if I could just permanently stay
In my driver seat ridin' sweet through these Monroe streets
But everything good must end but even then tell 'em, friend
I'll be at it again


(Verse 3)
Ugh yeah I'm a lil' tipsy but that ain't stopping me
Whipping something spiffy through the city
My lovely passenger lady is looking really pretty
I pull up on your side and make your dime look shitty
I hustle like I'm Nipsey and it shows in the car
If I was lazy then maybe I'd be in hoopties with ya'll
But naw I fuckin' ball see me stuntin' as a crawl
In somethin' you can't afford knockin' pictures off the wall
Ugh damn rhymes paid off
I got more free time for me time than men laid off
These car seats so soft I turn on and take off
In a spaceship lookin' like an afronaut
Well, in my fantasies... 'cause, nigga, actually
I'm whippin' something that was passed to me by my family
But does that have to mean any that matters?
When I push my Xterra I stunt like any these rappers

Track Name: CMG Lifestyle Ft. N.O.T.Y. (Prod. Brad Massey)
"CMG Lifestyle"

Uh-huh you know what it is right now
It's more than music it's a CMG Lifestyle
We in the building and the game on lockdown
The last thing to do is take it to the top now

(Verse 1)
(Top Billion)
This is the business ya'll about to witness
The game about to change from these two young niggas
This CMG shit I don't spit it, bitch, I live it
That's why the streets feel it 'cause we kick the shit authentic
Sheee, Top B, I'm with it this lifestyle I live it
Picture me rollin' with homies while smokin' somethin' vivid
My niggas say N.O.T.Y. get it I did it with ease
These letters define my life G O D and CMG
(Top Billion)
That be the team young black rap kings
On the scene salute the new regime
You say you runnin' things and gettin' green
Ha! Nigga, please
We got the game sewed like the seams on your jeans
You niggas ain't what you seem like hoes on a one-man team
We reign supreme when green is the motive between
Lame niggas in skinny jeans with they half baked schemes
Get smacked back to The Pack in they history, haha!


Now hol' up (Now hol' up)
Now roll up (Now post up)
Now hol' up (Now hol' up)
Now roll up (Now post up)
Now hol' up (Now hol' up)
Now roll up (Now post up)
Now hol' up (Now hol' up)
Now roll up (Now post up)

(Verse 2)
(Top Billion)
Yeah first it was the sweaters next'll be the tours
After that the stores then we'll win the awards
The new generation is kickin' down the door
Tell them ol' heads we want war
Ugh and while the world's ending
In your disk player we'll still be spinnin
Screamin' out lyrics while the Lord takes you to New Beginnings
I'm hinting that the end is getting near
Not by the number of the year but our words that strike fear
My peers they're like yeah Young N.O.T.Y. you a fool
I tell 'em to play it cool it's a CMG attitude
(Top Billion)
It's more than shit we rap to it's somethin' that we have to do
From sunup to the afternoon Ben Frank we're after you
It's how we dress, how we flex, how we rep
That makes you never have to guess when my clique is on the set
Yeah don't you forget
(Top Billion)
N.O.T.Y., let me keep on killin' em
Drillin' 'em put the steel to 'em
So they know we the realest in



(Verse 3)
My cipher only dislikes the shady niggas and shiestas
Overthrow ya or Ike ya I'm the meaning of righteous
We the symbol of tightness hate it love it or like it
Bite it write it or type it but you cannot fight this
Feeling of a team of niggas that's killin' it
Willin' it to start to peelin' at rappers who lost the thrill
And I'm chillin' at the same time with the same dime
My aim is never lame, slime, can you aim prime?
(Top Billion)
You know my aim is always steady just tell me when you are ready
And I'm clutching something heavy to a jacka that is deadly
The weapon's for protection of this lifestyle that I'm reppin'
And I'll pop it in a second you can put that on the record
I'm reppin' to the fullest for my team that's on my life
I'll take a knife or a bullet without thinking 'bout it twice
The grind is my life if you're something like my type
Then we C-alike, B-alike, so we're A-alike, right?

Track Name: Trouble (Prod. Brad Massey)

Somebody said
I said somebody said
Somebody said

(Chorus) 2x
I said somebody's in trouble
I said somebody's in trouble
On the grind all the time tryna make my money double
If a nigga fuck around I'mma have to bust his bubble
Somebody's in trouble
Somebody's in trouble
On the grind all the time tryna make my money double
If a nigga fuck around I'mma have to bust his bubble

(Verse 1)
I'm loved by so many and hated on by plenty
And I'm barely up in my twenties
Just imagine when I get my Bentley
These niggas pray for my downfall like a rainman when a drought's on
That's why I'm never seen 'round ya'll like rectangles or octagons
Must be mad that Top is on where they are I moved way beyond
Now they say they wanna take me on but can't box with God they got baby arms
How you gonna bring crazy harm to a nigga with enough guns to daily bomb
You're Fredo to me you can't play The Don I'm platinum, bitch, you're made of bronze
Bad bitch on my side like Jay-z arm pull up on your chick your lady's gone
Blowin' that purp it ain't maybe strong I run the game like I'm playing Tron
Wanna stop my grind, bitch, you out ya mind
Must be the kind lookin' forward to dyin' that's fine 'cause I'm firin' pow


(Verse 2)
If you baller blockin it's on and poppin'
You're shit I'm rockin 'til you're heart is stoppin'
What they say about Top? I'm the hardest droppin
And I got zero tolerance for hustler knockin'
The industry want a nigga blackballed critics wanna change my swag, dawg
These hoes tryna take my aim off but I'mma still kill shit like Adolph
When ya doin' good they want you in the hood
When you doin' bad they got love for your craft
When you do better they come with barettas
To take all ya cheddar and put holes in ya ass
But I'm too fast won't catch me slippin' I stay in the lab tracks I'm rippin'
The stu- is my trap raps I'm pitchin every album a bird I'm steady flippin'
Gettin money the mission, wo, to you jackas tryna kick my do'
Got big black dog and bigger .44 leave somethin' in you size of black hole
Nigga, I'm 'bout it wanna find out come be around this
Never been a lame, boy, you can't clown this
You're in trouble if you ever talk down, bitch


(Verse 3)
What come get me if you really got it in you to hit me
But one thing is guaranteed if I'mma go you comin' with me
If anybody want me touched I'mma bust the 9 on tuck that you can trust
I don't give a fuck I'm buckin you up when aimin' to dump these slugs in ya gut
Yup, why mess with me? Like sidewalks I'm stayin' out the streets
But like a word with a silent G that part of me they want to see
Well, nigga, this ain't show and tell go to hell I got flows to sell
Got dope raps like 'dro for sale pure weight no scale
Hater tryna drag on my coattails gettin' fame up off my name
But I'm in the game like hotels ya'll come and go I still remain
Real nigga I'll never change bust ya head ya play with my change
Instead of tryna derail my train why 'ont u do the same and stay in ya lane

Track Name: Dear Lord (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Dear Lord"

I'm tryna see a better day
They tell me God'll lead the way
I tell 'em that I don't pray
He don't wanna hear what I'll say
I'm tryna see a better day
They tell me God'll lead the way
I tell 'em that I don't pray
'Cause he don't wanna hear what I'll say

(Verse 1)
Dear Lord so many suffer no bread or butter
No roof or cover no mothers for comfort
Funerals for brothers olders and youngers
Sisters get smothered by quote unquote lovers
Bullets riddle houses where babies slumber
Slept on the couches now they're 6 under
Why we don't believe in you do you need to wonder?
These killers are seeds of you yet they live longer
The innocent on deathrow, sick kids, with strep throat
The hungry no home abandoned no phone
The sad and alone ones you should care for
You ain't there for 'em it ain't fair for 'em
You're above and show no love
They that plead that you'll come and to them you're numb
The screams from slums fall on deaf eardrums
That's why we doubt you're real where I'm from


(Verse 2)
Dear Lord so many hungry so many need money
So many waiting on your son's promised re-coming
So many churches costing millions constructing
So many people in pews of them with nothing
So many wars so many gun stores
So many poor folk chalked on floors
So many whores and pimps galore
Each days there's more girls selling it, Lord
Do you even care do you see that we're there
Do you prepare the bombs bursting in air
Why you let them devils give Troy Davis the chair
Why you give cops medals for shooting the scared
Why demand that we do it but don't answer our prayers
Why live by a book full of secrets and layers
That's why so many niggas even doubt that you're here
And I haven't believed in your ass in years


(Verse 3)
Dear Lord you're nonexistent nothing you're mythic
You're really just a remnant from when we were ignorant
The pain that we live with shows so specific
We're alone here and no savior'll visit
So many young niggas I know atheistic
We see what the preachers preach unrealistic
My rounds too smart for that shit it's simplistic
It's only us here anything else forget it
It's up to us to get it in this hole where we're pigeoned
Only man alone can change his conditions
Goals that I know is stack cake to the ceiling
And stay in control and outta them devils prisons
I'm tryna see a better day
They tell me God'll lead the way
I tell 'em that I don't pray
He don't wanna hear what I'll say

Track Name: I'mma Walk Away (Prod. Brad Massey)
"I'mma Walk Away"

(Verse 1)
Man, I feel like that there's things in my life
That I know just aint right and my mama would not like
Instead of living in the light I'm in the dark like it's night
Instead of coups and jet flights it's hoopties and riding bikes
But at the bottom like my nikes hard to imagine another life
When trying to live each day's a fight you never know when shit could strike
At any time they could ring my line and bust my bubble: nothing's fine
My mommas dying, my girl is lying, or there's a tumor inside of Simon
But what I'm realizing that's no excuse truth is I gotta show and prove
Get off my ass and make somethin' move I got work to do
Procrastinatin' sittin' waitin' ain't helpin' my occupation
My hustle game needs changing being lazy ain't helpin' pay me

This life I'm living's too insane
I'm one foot in and out the grave
6 feet ten toes in the game
Can't go on living this way
I don't hear doubt that's people say
I know that I can make a change
I'mma walk away walk away walk away walk away

(Verse 2)
They're all doubtin' that I'll give up the swishers and liquors
Chasers and mixers parties and strippers
All the things that I'm into they know me for
'Cause they didn't know me before
I bought cheap champagne at the convenience store
So they can't see ya boy doin' nothin' more
Than drinking my health out of my self
Spending my wealth buyin' bottles off the shelf
Naw can't imagine anything else
'Cause that's all I've shown for myself
Time to make that impression melt
I'm turnin my life around no Christ was found
I saw the God in myself yep



(Verse 3)
I'm puttin down all the clownin' round
It's time to grind up from the ground
I'm careful about who I surround
Myself with even who I pound
My moment's now from here on out
Only I can fill me with doubt
And I'm thinking things like I'mma king
Just one piece missin' is the crown
Not saying I won't sip the brown
Not saying I won't hit the blunt
Not saying I won't hit the town
And I'm not saying that I won't get drunk
I just know enough's enough gotta earn the right to live it up
If I wanna party can't hustle hardly gotta do it big like LRG
My OGs taught get it in if you wanna win
If you must leave some fam and friends then the means justify the ends
There's only so much time to spend 'til death can't do nothin' then
So I'mma stray from wasting days in other words I'mma walk away

Track Name: Why I Do What I Do (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Why I Do What I Do"

(Verse 1)
You really have no clue about why I do what I do
About why I move how I move let me fill you in with some news
What you know 'bout going to school and gettin' picked on for your shoes
'Cause the gear you rock ain't new and you're talkin' proper too
So you stand out from those around ya walk down the hall then they clown ya
When the hoes chat it's not about ya 'cause they don't find shit hot about ya
Those things still bother me I know they shouldn't possibly
But it's probably boxed in me in my head that's what I'mma always be
That's why I cop these kicks and lock my hair in these twists
And spend chips on fits I'm tryna make up for bein' dissed
And all the years that I missed in school, kid, bein' a cool kid
You may think it's stupid but that's why I do this

You really have no clue about why I do what I do
About why i move how i move
And the things that I've been through
You really have no clue about why I do what I do
About why I move how I move
And the things that I've been through
Until I tell it to you
Until I tell it to you
You really have no clue about why I do what I do

(Verse 2)
Mixtape after mixtape you niggas say give it a break
I drop music like everyday some ya'll say step away
But I keep doin' me anyway I remember the early days
When writin' poems on a page and the fucked things that ya'll say
Top you're not an artist. Wanna rap? Who got you started?
Even my parents made me embarassed threw my books in the garbage
No one around believed in me what I wanted to be they didn't see in me
That's why I grind vehemently releasing shit repeatedly
Keep in tune writing raps from noon to noon
Dropping albums from June to June working like I'll be dying soon
So that's why I do what I do songs of mine are just how I prove
Music's my avenue and all your doubts couldn't block my moves
What it do


(Verse 3)
Now that should answer all you're questions on why I'm so unrelenting
Every day I go and get it on my grind no suspension
Gave the hustle my full attention so I expect some big rewards
'Til a Grammy's in my collection I'll keep truckin' call me Ford
Every night I'm working toward that once chance one glance
At greatness like Jordan scorin' that game point from his hands
Label give me that advance I'll stretch it like a wristband
Anything I can withstand I came from crumbs to bricks, fam
I'm built for this competition, ha! they sweet as licorice
I kill this shit with Charles Manson viciousness
Ain't a rapper out that's real as this I work on my craft with diligence
I define what persistance is and all the real niggas is feelin' this
Don't forget