Peace to the God

by Top Billion

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I titled this album "Peace to the God" because it's a powerful statement of acknowledging who I am and indicating where I am at this point in my life. I'm a multidimensional artist. One of my dimensions is that I'm a Five Percenter. That means I teach that the Black man is God and Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding the Universe. But on this mixtape I'm mainly rapping about my life; drawing from the pain of a bad break-up with a long-term girlfriend, the death of my grandparents, growing up, being a young Black man in America, and wrestling with student loan debt. Yet at the center of it all, the unifying concept of this project on each song is that I am God and that I am in ultimate control and totally responsible for my fate.

This mixtape is also an homage to producer 9th Wonder. I picked my favorite beats from him and made my own songs from them.


released May 23, 2013

Simon "Top Billion" Hill, Philip "N.O.T.Y." Horace, Damon "D. Landry" Landry, and Patrick "9th Wonder" Douthit.




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: 22 Years Young (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"22 Years Young"

Been living under the sun for 22 years young,
Knew I'd be the one since I swum in pop's cum,
Got alot done for someone who came from the slums,
But I'm still eatin' crumbs so the war still ain't won,
Though I feel like a juvie truly I've been through,
More horror than a movie watching even men be doing,
Locked up I saw niggas heroin shooting,
I popped up and saw gang member recruiting,
I got tough and didn't fall victim to their system,
Told some niggas God within 'em hope it sticks with 'em,
"Cause in my 22 years I've shed my fair share of tears,
And what's kept my head clear is knowin' I'm the king here,
Peace is all I teach to the streets,
'Cause all I see is niggas decease like Juice stuck on repeat,
My biggest fear when I sleep is someone pull out the heat,
And put two in my sheets before I even can peep,
I think of death too much it make me stress too much,
Guess when my friends set me up it really messed me up,
Made it through the stuff yeah I know I'm blessed but but,
Is it really a blessin' if your life always in question?,
I use these raps as confessions if not I'd fall in depression,
They track my growth and progression like tape used for measurin',
Only 22 but I learned some lifelong lessons,
Like girls use sex as weapons and don't abandon your brethren,
I'm no reverend I don't preach I just reach,
My young niggas in the streets over these hard beats,
I'm from the bottom there'd be whole days where I couldn't eat,
I'm from the mud my life dirtier than baseball cleats,
So don't speak like I'm too young to know real pain,
Real niggas do real things and ain't no fake in my veins,
Top Bill is the name CMG is the gang,
Only 22, mane, and I'm runnin' the game
Track Name: Trafficin' (For Sallie Mae) Ft. D. Landry (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"Trafficin' (For Sallie Mae)" Ft. D. Landry

(Verse 1)
I owe more money to Sallie Mae than I could ever pay,
On graduation day I could start flippin' ya,
Yola grade A I could make eight K,
Servin' to the same J long as I don't vacay,
I'll cop a AK for my protection,
You know jackas be plexin' gotta keep me a weapons,
Arm & Hammer to stretch it keep a junkie to test it,
Not too much though it'll lose its off-white complexion,
Do my own measurin' no bitch in my kitchen,
'Cause if my dope come up missin',
She'll end up swimmin' with fishes,
Usin' mamas old dishes whippin' work in the kitchen,
She'll ask me what I'm doin' I'll tell her mind her own business,
Sike I can't be rude like that to my Old Earth,
To be true I owe her what my life's worth,
Her whole life's work was puttin' me through college,
Now that expensive knowledge got my whip gainin' mileage

Trafficin'! Trafficin'! I'm on the I-10 interstate travelin',
Lord, forgive me but I'm out here with the bag again,
I got a trunk full of yola pray I don't get pulled over,
Trafficin'! Trafficin'! I'm on the I-20 interstate travelin',
Lord, forgive me but I'm out here with the bag again,
I got a trunk full of yola if I'm stopped it's over

(Verse 2)
Bricks on bricks flips on flips,
Trips on trips just to make payments,
Swear if I had a cent each time they hit my hip,
I wouldn't sell this shit and I could pay my rent,
Windows on tint I'm out in Screwston, Texas,
Buildin' up connections with the Blacks and Mexicans,
Out of state plates make me feel unsafe,
If I'm stopped by Jake their dogs'll sniff these cakes,
And I ain't worried 'bout the time that I'll do Uh-uh,
I'm more worried 'bout the interest that'll accrue uh-huh,
'Cause mama will be left owin' all of those dollas,
When Sallie holla the curse of co-signers,
So if I'mma depart gotta be smart,
Trafficin' is an art it's intricate in each part,
Gotta do the speed limit my seat belt click it,
Make sure my paperwork finished,
And my lights ain't the dimmest


(Verse 3 - D. Landry)
Since Sallie Mae's nice as Kimbo Slice,
I play the game and I roll the dice,
Said it's a hood by air fly by night,
Connect from Cali so I get it much cheaper the price,
Ya see I move Kush I don't fuck with the white,
It keep my conscious good can't fuck up her life,
But I can't knock your hustle for real, dog,
It's admirable if you can fight your demons and still ball,
Just a player in this fuckin' game on the field, ya'll,
Quarterbacks, half-backs, wholes I do it all haha,
My route's good long as I got my receiver,
And a strap in my backpack next to sativa,
Don't get me wrong not a thug nor a wanna be,
Just need to pay a hundred grand for a hundred K salary,
And the strap that I got right in front of me,
In case a nigga try me for another QP I'm out


(Verse 4)
Who'da thought higher learning would lead me to the underworld,
Sellin' white and other girls,
It's funny how life starts and then it unfurls,
Used to study 'til I hurl now my coke whites as pearls,
When young cousin Earl watched Brady Bunch wit' me,
Now so much snow in the trunk the Brady Bunch wit' me,
Hittin' city after city like ya boy's on tour,
But no shows for sure I'm just sellin' that pure,
Sallie Mae want me poor 'least that's how it seems,
They killin' young niggas dreams takin' all of our cream,
So by any means I'm gonna do my own thing,
Even if the triple beam only way I'll succeed,
Tried to find legal work you know that ain't work,
Everybody on that search I'm better off sellin' purp,
I'm out here doin' dirt 'cause collectors are jerks,
Foremost and first they'll quit breakin' ma's purse

Track Name: 9 AM (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"9 AM"

It's 9 AM I'm in the studio again wit' no pen,
Gotta grind to the end in this game that I'm in,
'Cause it's 10% talent 80% friends,
10% luck the last 5 commit a few sins,
That's the formula to win no cheat codes about it,
Try to up-up-down it but nothing will come up out it,
The game is so overcrowded look at our surroundings,
Wack rappers clownin' while the real niggas drownin',
But I don't complain they threw dirt on my name,
'Callin my style lame when I came in the game,
Funny how things change when you make a few gains,
The ones who put you to shame memories start to fade,
Now they love you bump you bitches wanna fuck you,
I've seen that a little but the whole dream ain't come true,
'Cause I'm still in the struggle doin' what I must do,
To get some stack bundles in the duffle ya heard,
R.I.P. Stack Bundles it's so absurd,
How the young black and talented are slaughtered like savages,
From Big L to 2pac to Biggie the average is,
One in five black men gonna need an ambulance,
My mathematics is supreme though,
I be the G-O-D, hoe, not your average negro,
I drop high science and I bomb like Hiro,
Do this for the people somethin' like a hero,
I rep Monroe, LA, USA in a airplane,
You wouldn't glance where we stay,
We're that little but our hearts ain't brittle,
Smack dab in the middle of nowhere like a dimple,
They call us simple country and slow,
Yet act surprised to know we're out here gettin' the dough,
Money talks yours low then we can't convo,
Shit's real, bro, Sallie Mae callin' my phone,
Can't reject that neglect that nigga gotta check that,
Tell me where the checks at I'll be there to get that,
This a minor setback small to a giant,
The bounce back president far from a client,
I've never been compliant I don't sit on my hands,
I'll be damned if my plans don't land me some grands,
I'm out for bands like a music major at Gram,
I want coupes, sedans, the whole fam pushin' lams,
I won't be a success 'til that happens,
So I gotta keep pushin' with this rappin',
Real shit bitch no this ain't actin',
I'm unbreakable word to Sam Jackson
Track Name: Fear No Man (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"Fear No Man"

(Verse 1)
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
We all bleed we all cry we all,
Now if I ever had a weak bone in my body,
That'd be the day that I'd join the Illuminati,
And I would never sell my soul for these worldly riches,
But I'll be damned if I die poor in dirty britches,
I'm out to get it if you ain't wit' it then we burnin' bridges,
Pussy nigga if you scared pay the church a visit,
Haven't felt fear in my heart since Granny died,
And since then I don't even care if I'm alive,
I can't lie like I didn't think of suicide,
But how I'm feelin' now I'm down to do a homicide,
And since _______ left niggas say I've been crazy,
I shoulda killed the nigga that fucked my ol' lady,
And I can't trust my friends 'cause they so shady,
One trie to rob me now he hate me how that work?,
I don't understand it niggas so underhanded,
But I'll be goddamnit if I run from that bastard

Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
Shit we both breathe the same air, right?,
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
Nah, I don't fear no man no man on Earth,
We all bleed we all cry we all die,

(Verse 2)
Get money is all I tell young niggas be yaselves, young nigga,
Fuck the jails, my nigga, make ya sales, my nigga,
We in hell, my nigga, might as well turn the heat up,
And ball 'til we fall when that happen kick ya feet up,
The nigga talkin' most shit the first to get beat up,
If you 'bout it make it happen just do it don't speak up,
The past I don't bring up but it always seems to creep up,
Everytime I think of every scar marked on my features,
My teachers told me I wouldn't amount to shit,
Now I'm about to graduate they can suck my dick,
My wrists got slits you know the knife did this,
It's fixed but the psychological wounds unstitched,
So I'm still off the hinges still a bit senseless,
Explainin' why I'm reckless and always so friendless,
Now I'm bein' threatened by niggas in my city,
Tell 'em come get me I'm 51/50


(Verse 3)
Wouldn't beg for my life wit' a gun in my face,
Didn't beg for my life wit' a gun in my face,
Been pulled over by the cops just because of my race,
Next time I see the light they gon' go for a chase,
I ain't doin' no more courts, nigga, fuck those dates,
I ain't payin' no more fines, D.A., fuck your case,
I ain't goin' back to jail, judge, fuck that place,
I ain't sittin' in a cell, lawyer, fuck that fate,
So ya'll want some restitution? Ya'll best get to shootin',
This whip I can keep cruisin' all the way to Houston,
I don't fear your laws I don't fear your God,
Only thing that I fear in the mirror I saw,
The man lookin' back I didn't recognize,
Though we had the same face, hair, and eyes,
But from first glance you can tell he's traumatized,
And a long time ago somethin' in him died

Track Name: Peace to the God (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"Peace to the God"

Peace to the God Top comin' in the name of Allah,
The sun, moon, and stars, ya'll, inspire all of my bars,
In the streets every car should be blastin' this hard,
I'm makin' Earths outta broads and turnin' niggas to Gods,
Everything I spit raw gotta sushi roll flow,
Permanent underdog perfect for the movie role,
Head to my cuticles I embody the struggle,
Can't copy my, brother, I'm one of one no other,
Word to my mother though of losin' make me shudder,
My team got me covered if I shoot I'm beatin' the buzzer,
Fuck these motherfuckers hatin' brothers that's upcomers,
Though I'd rather you discuss us than shun us you disgust us,
Trust us young niggas runnin' the game,
And I'm the leader of the gang so hand over the reigns,
All I spit is that pain that lives in my brain,
Like when I didn't have change to my name in the rain,
I'm the same hungry artist that I started as,
Still spittin' lyrics that go over your retarded ass,
Never had alot of cash comin' straight from Auburn Ave,
To get what I want to have life's horns I had to grab,
Sold weed for a bit got little cheese for the shit,
Got seized for the shit made me forfeit,
See, prison can't afford the shit really I ain't built for it,
Plus clients I was dealin' wit' they the type to kill for it,
So I became a lyricist pen game sick wit' it,
Gotta stick with it 'cause now I'm tryna get some chips from it,
My mental illnesses I ease 'em when I release my demons,
Every time I'm breathin' on this microphone I'm speakin',
I'm who the streets believe in, man, I'm like the black Christ,
I know what not to haves like and only eatin' mad rice,
The crib doesn't have lights our cockroaches have flight,
And we can only shop at Fred's 'cause everything is half-price,
I'm 16 playin' Goodie Mobb's "Black Ice" over and over,
Hopin' one day I'll be that nice,
And I can take mama to a mansion somewhere in the Hamptons,
All just from rappin' and jammin',
I'm the CMG captain NoTy that's my lieutenant,
From Day 1 that's been my round and he'll be down 'til I'm finished,
So you don't have the privilege to be down with the squad,
Most you can do is kick it and say peace to the God
Track Name: Never Again (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"Never Again"

Man, I swear I'll never do that again,
Go off and be that stupid again,
I can't be one of them,
Old men who didn't make their amends,
Now they stuck doin' life in the pen,
Can't be me,
Man, I swear I'll never do that again,
Go off and be that stupid again,
Can't be one of them,
Young hardheads so mislead,
Their wild ways brought 'em to a quick end,

(Verse 1)
Right now there's someone in a holding cell goin' through hell,
Askin' themselves how they ended chained to somebody else,
Every wise word they heard from mama's cautionary tales,
Runnin' through their mind more now than their own health,
Thats how I felt stuck inside a cage for days,
With the depraved afraid I'd never see sun rays,
Threat of permanent stay could make an atheist pray,
Lucky I got away I had to learn from mistakes,
Cut my bitch off firstly had to accept it,
She caused my charge of domestic now that's stuck on my record,
It was hard for a second but that's expected,
When you been with someone so long you crave their presence,
Anyway it's over I survived I'm a soldier,
Didn't make my heart colder or put chips on my shoulders,
It just did what it's supposed taught me move boulders,
And all bad times have a closure


(Verse 2)
Right now there's someone on the clock at a restaurant at a spot,
Hatin' they boss countin' down to the second they off,
Wanna quit but shit that all comes at a cost,
Like their crib bein' lost and movin' back in wit' pops,
I feel that food from work you steal that,
Servin' at a place that you can't afford a meal at,
Life's cards hard wish you got a deal back,
'Cause your checks come smaller than an Advil cap,
Real life I know precisely what they feel like,
When your pockets so tight you can't keep the lights,
On your break you think like what I didn't do right,
To always ride passenger in my boy's challenger,
On top of that ya manager findin' ways to anger ya,
Even on your day off you wanna strangle her,
Been through all that I don't wanna fall back,
Into that strife that's why the chorus like


(Verse 3)
A penny saved is a penny earned,
Mistake made is a lesson learned,
You won't fear fire 'til ya burned,
There's no right without the left turn
That's all wise words that I've heard,
Didn't mean much at first 'til I went through my trials,
But before the court adjourned they returned to my files,
Pops always said that I was a hardheaded child,
Maybe so 'cause learnin' on my own been my style,
For a while I made the same bad decisions again,
Igging family friends pleading for it to end,
Hurting people and myself never makin' amends,
'Til that bitch Karma came through reversing that trend,
I needed a cleanse shit but that hoe was harsh,
Swear I paid for every wrong and more before she'd depart,
Now I gotta clean slate and I feel great,
Fell numerous times but got back up in each case

Track Name: Best of All Time (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"Best of All Time"

A nigga been depressed I've been goin' through some stress,
But I don't fuckin' rest nah instead I flex,
I don't pout and get upset I go out and get a check,
If I do any less than that I'd stay distressed,
So I grind put in overtime,
Money's like my dreadlocks it stay on my mind,
I've never been the kind to let my current status define,
Who I am shit I could make a million from a dime,
It's all about the flip like an acrobatic trick,
A true genius don't quit and I got high intelligence,
I don't ride the bench I play the offense,
In the game I'm so intense I should get a health check,
Breathe exhale inhale I don't fail,
Make my own sales, nigga, fuck ridin' coattails,
Quick thinker no snail do this so well,
If I got any better be the last rapper ever,
The boy clever I can bring the city together,
Whoever whenever long as niggas all gettin cheddar,
Used to think this happen never I'd be poor forever,
'Til I saw my nigga Cary come through in the Bemmer,
Oops I mean Beamer that ride was more cleaner,
Than any whip I've seen a young nigga even dream of,
That showed me right then I could have what I think of,
So that permanent poverty shit I don't even bring up,
The game needs a clean up like there's rings on the tub,
So show me some love when I'm done you won't need a scrub,
Real niggas represented I just don't mean thugs,
9-to-5ers school kids too I rap for, cuz,
Who the hardest artist on the market no one can target?,
If you ain't sayin' Top I'm disputin' your logic,
Got the game from the streets and the smarts from college,
Now I'm tryna manifest that to a million dollars,
Fuck that a billion, boy, I'm the building,
God in the flesh no mystery the real him,
Fuck my ex bitch she gon' miss what I'm building,
'Coulda put diamonds on our children,
Oh well hoes fail true niggas succeed,
These raps that I breathe what I bleed and believe,
Real niggas on my team and it's called CMG,
CipherMusicGroup officially my family tree,
What I say I mean it I do I sing it,
I boast I bring it any challenge I beat it,
If you niggas don't see it then you're blind to the signs,
Top Billion's on the way to be the best of all time
Track Name: Forgive & Forget (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"Forgive & Forget"

The heart wants what the mind rejects,
But some things we can't forgive & forget,
I've moved on no longer upset,
But some things we can't forgive & forget

(Verse 1)
We were in love never thought anything would ever split us up,
We gave each other all our dedication and trust,
Apple of my eye only object of my lust,
How did we fuck it up we were on cusp,
Of being something greater than us,
'Til a turn for the worst happened like a crashed bus,
I was crushed betrayal is never what's up,
Felt like you flipped on me like a BMX stunt,
How can you love someone new outta the blue,
Forgettin' all we used to do and the things we been through,
I always stayed true thought you'd do the same too,
If I knew this would go down woulda turned around,
Been a few months now no word from you,
What it do? If you come 'round I won't shun you,
But boo, shots at a second chance won't come true,
Forgiving and forgetting no can do


(Verse 2)
Sometimes I get lost reminiscing 'bout what we had,
The house make me feel sad now that you lef the pad,
I found something in a bag that you left,
Now I know how Nas felt with that green dress,
I swear I was depressed to the point I contemplated death,
Started eating so less saw my ribs through my flesh,
It was hard to accept this is how it's gon' be,
I lost the only one I L-O-V-E'd,
My girl, my homie, baby, I believed in ya,
Now it's a struggle not to check your social media,
By now I should be saying what I'd even see in ya,
Yet the idea of ya still make me tear for ya,
Is it 'cause you fit all the criteria,
Of everything I wanted and I lost it,
Nigga, I'm accosted by all these what ifs in my thoughts, bitch,
Forgiving and forgetting is the hardest


(Verse 3)
My forgiveness is a privilege to whoever it's given,
And I'm sorry, baby, but you won't be one of the gifted,
'Cause the pain that you inflicted was so raw and indignant,
If we ever kicked it you'd see me as one of the bitches,
We're finished finito now we're two people,
Movin' separate paths leavin' us in the past,
Fun while it'd last but the smiles and the laughs,
Are now just memories of something that could never be,
That type of hurt I can't go through again,
My uncle Veral told me this turn boys to men,
Knowin' what I know now then I'd be better,
Prolly heard it but you know youngins ig' their elders,
Guess that's why the game's sold,
That type of knowledge priceless when it's told,
Maybe I'll move on as I get more old,
But forgiving and forgetting is gonna come so slow

Track Name: The Supreme Being (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"The Supreme Being"

The god's up in here now these devils in fear,
Wisdom Cipher Knowledge Understanding this is our year,
Fuck who's at the top now I'll knock 'em off of their tier,
I done killed so many rappers I should tattoo a tear,
See my heart has no fear not a smidget,
These problems minuscule I'm a giant and they're midgets,
In the lab like a chemist whipping magic in the booth,
I feel like Alex Haley getting back to my roots,
Real shit niggas gotta feel this all from the heart,
I rapped my life from the start and did it all for the art,
Building up my brand, boy, like Noah did with his Ark,
It's taking awhile but overnight it won't fall apart,
'Cause the slow and steady win the race,
And in this case first place will be most likely,
Where I end in the worst case,
The gutta was my birthplace I know how the dirt taste,
So I grind to first base 'til I'm in an urn vase,
Ugh make the hurt face you know that was sick,
Don't front on this spit I back it up it's legit,
Top Bill in this bitch like the papsmear stick,
And CMG is the click like a flipped light switch,
What'chu know about the prophet out for profit,
Nigga stop it I'm on a level with knowledge,
You can't get from college,
Raw rap, homie, ain't a thing on it polished,
You want that radio BS I want that demolished,
I rap for niggas in them cells getting treated like objects,
For graduates with Sallie Mae all in them pockets,
For single mothers who wish stripping wasn't an option,
For workers with dreams of one day being the bosses,
I encompass that embody that hear me, folk, copy that,
Original no copycat any beat I'll body that,
Holla back I'm from a city in the south,
Where niggas never make it out 'specially rhyming from the mouth,
I'm a rare breed a nigga you ain't never seen,
If this was Django I'd be on a horse in every scene,
Loyal vegetarian married to the green,
Got a fetish for the fetti and boy is it obscene,
If you isn't on my team you an enemy to me,
When we're all CMG guess that means world peace,
An artist for the streets yeah my heart is in the streets,
Makin' gods in the ghetto Allah is in the streets,
Peace but fuck police the sergeant and the old chief,
Day I trust a pig who holds heat I'll have no teeth,
I dog cold beats beastmode no leash,
Do it for the love I ain't Scooby need no treats,
Fuck you niggas I'm in a league to myself,
Used to not believe in myself like I needed some help,
'Til I learned I'm the god and understood what I felt,
See the light was always there just had to see it myself,
Yeah I'm after the wealth but I'm conflicted at times,
I'm a poor righteous teacher can't get rich off of rhymes,
Money corrupts everything no matter where it went,
So if I get it am I no better than the 10 percent?,
I wanna represent the struggle motivate youngins to hustle,
But I put that goal in trouble when my stacks start to double,
I think about that often should my views soften,
When I rap the hood's problems am I just caking off them,
Thoughts run my mind but over time they subside,
When I look into the eyes of my fans that arrive,
And they say my grind motivates them to strive,
To reach for the sky and change their own fuckin' lives,
That makes up for everything and means more than any cream,
And validates the king I'm Supreme Being
Track Name: Thru it All (Prod. 9th Wonder)
"Thru it All"

Through it all I stayed true to myself,
Through it all I did my best with no help,
Through it all I stayed down with my niggas,
Through it all I focused on the big picture,
Through it all I played the cards I was dealt,
Through it all I did exactly what I felt,
Through it all I stayed down with my niggas,
Through it all I focused on the big picture

(Verse 1)
Never lied never compromised,
I've been the same guy in my eyes since the day I realized,
I can be anything I wanted have anything I target,
I just gotta focus the hardest,
So the grind been retarded since I started,
Mixtape after mixtape recorded in the apartments,
Put my heart in every verse all four compartments,
Dad taught me 'bout that early swear my Pop is the smartest,
We ain't been the best of friends but he's been there thick & thin,
If there's anyone to count on it's always been him,
Used to curse him with my pen 'cause of rage I had within,
But I had to go through that to get to where I am,
I had to keep it true everything that I been through,
I vented in the booth so my soul could be smoothed,
May have come across as rude but it's what I had to do,
I'll make amends with Pop soon forgive me


(Verse 2)
I tried to help as many people as I could,
Do as much good as I should,
Showed loved to everybody in my neighborhood,
A leader amongst men I never thought I would be,
But futures we never could see destiny just pushed me,
To organize these cyphers makin' the world brighter,
Met so many writers whose bars were fire,
They made me tighter 'cause they pushed me higher,
I know a lot of niggas got they first videos from me,
I helped them get exposed for free,
I don't look at it now as if they owe me, G,
'Cause C.P. was doin' flicks for me for no fee,
He didn't have to do it he just believed in my music,
Some would say that's stupid but real love is foolish,
So I gotta do this I'm lending out a helping hand,
To every artist that I can 'cause Karma's real, man


(Verse 3)
I can only be one thing me as a human being,
What you see on the screen is exactly what it seems,
No facade with the god if you know what I mean,
If you don't ask the squad they'll tell you 'bout the king,
Will been my nigga since day 1 NoTy from Day 1,
With loyalty we don't place, son,
All my beats jam 'cause you know Brad laced 'em,
Chris-Syle he'll take 'em if I don't blaze 'em,
Them boys show me love like we shared the same blood,
If I had a will, cuz, they'd be at number 1,
My problems never shunned when I come to them with some,
No matter how trivial really it's a miracle,
I have people like that on my side,
'Cause I've hurt so many past people it's a crime,
Real talk before I wrote this rhyme I cried,
Thinkin' 'bout all my past pain and how I still remain