Future Nostalgia.

by Top Billion

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It all started when I contacted B. Lane after finding his blog on Nahright. We chatted a bit through Twitter, built a relationship, and after a month of work and countless direct messages this is the result. A masterwork.


released May 21, 2011

I want to thank all of the fans first and foremost, you keep me wanting to rap, and all the producers who donated beats, you keep me rapping. Adam Stewart, you were great; this is my first album I ever recorded wholly on Pro Tools. Shoutout to Funmi for the love and support as well.




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: Future Nostalgia. (Prod. LV Beats)
"Future Nostalgia."

This aint art this is something that I live
What you hear is a part of me that I give
Over time you'll love what I've done for ya
(And this is Future Nostalgia.)
As of now, you wont understand it
But down line you'll see that I planned it
This is for your Future Nostalgia

(Verse 1)
Man, this ain't a classic it's a masterwork
Not a masterpiece
Cause nothing's perfect
It'll never be
But it needs no tweaks
When complete what you will see
Are the flaws and all
And when you peep the bigger picture
You'll probably drop your jaw
Maybe not now or no time soon
But you'll come along
Same songs that you're now written off
You'll end up singing along
Like a Warhol hanging on your wall
In one of your halls
Inspiration from it you can draw
If you stare so long
Though if Andy was there with you
Looking at his painting I bet you
That you would call it a masterpiece
And he'd call it rough draft at least
That's what makes art such a beast
That's hard to tame
The painter and the surveyor wont see one thing the same
At the end of the day
With this tape I wouldn't change a thing
T'was hard call me a sadist but I enjoyed the pain
... What up, b lane, its time to get some monetary gain
Shouldn't wait for May 21st
To have cake like it's our birthday, ok!


(Verse 2)
When they look on the timeline of my rhymes
They'll realized I inclined
Through the grind
Didn't come easy like a virgin fuckin'
Wont nothin' be idealized
My truth is bared for the eyes
Of those who criticize
Hate or love fuck just it discuss it
I know that I'm on to something
When I can't put my finger on it
But I can feel success so close to grip
I can almost palm it
One day I'll reflect on this
When I eat so much caviar I'm nauseous
Vomit need a colonic
And recall when poor I had dust in wallet
And I'm just being honest
I never lied try to lie in my phonics
It keeps me modest
Besides being fake makes new hardships
And we all know how hard life is
Look around see the high gas prices
Its surprising people even driving
Or the gas station owners aren't lifeless
But that's besides what I'm typing
Excuse me, I got a lot on my mid and
Some of it leaks out when I'm writing
Hard to bottle up all this lightning
Ya'll just think I'm rhyming nice words
But, man, this the tip of the ice berg
In the future this'll be your tutor
On Top Bill 101 let me school ya
I rep CMG, nigga
From the 'Roe, nigga
I'm five PERCENT
Call me GOD, nigga
LV on the beat and
Adam the engineer-man
Put the mic in my hand
Guaranteed that'll be a jam
Damn... I'm the motherfucking man when I stand in the booth
I don't need a band to help me boost
You don't need a fact check to know the truth
Everywhere I go I get salutes
It's like the whole world is now my troops
I'm like 2pac now I got the juice
Don't need to rap no more-- duece

Track Name: Angel (Prod. Michael Franco)

(Verse 1)
I don't believe in heaven, hell, or purgatory
Heard the stories of afterlife and all it did was bore me
Never warned me never made me think or worry
In fact it made this youngin' do more bad in a hurry
I'm caught up in a flurry a whirlwind of world sins
Adrift surrounded by the friendliest non-friends
Back to my family face to insanity
No one at my side the world weight below grabbin' me
I'm sinking under pressure 30,000 leagues below sea
So deep this where light don't reach
Can't see can't breathe can't do a damn thing
Dived to my own grave: shark food T.B.
Praying to Poseidon "Don't let me sink deeper.
Send anyone... Little Mermaid... Sub-Mariner!"
And right then I seen her; no fins, all feathers
An angel my saving grace delivered

(Verse 2)
I don't believe in heaven, hell, or purgatory
But for angels that's different story
Top had a guardian playin' cards for him
Keepin' Hell's beast from harmin' him
Like when he was hustlin' niggas tried strong armin' him
But his steel-wing-angel was barrin' them from scarrin' him
Protectin' all of him takin' any fall for him
She thinks I'm Batman kept them from robbin' him
She see a star in him: Alpha Centauri
She want to see me start to shine: 6 in the morning
Told the Reaper "Sorry, can't take him yet."
He was draggin' me down to drown she gave breath
Took the wheel when I almost died in that wreck
On I-20 my brother and sister could've met Death
I guess her reach is wide enough to hold all the lives of us
My soul in her clutch
A wretch like me doesn't deserve this much
Deserve this touch or to even have this luck
I got an angel

(Verse 3)
I don't believe in heaven, hell, or purgatory
But my angel has done too much for me
Let me breathe this long let my heart beat strong
Let me go one being this headstrong
Let me live when it should've been dead wrong
From the fights to the nights that the guns were drawn
Damn I'm bless to see dawn no morning prayer
I say a silent peace be upon
Humming a beat to a song I got coming along
I think it's dope my angel will tell if I'm wrong
I love her I love this life that she comfort
From counself I confer she's who I come for
Winter, spring, summer I fall through for her
She's too tight to slip from grace not Lucifer (loose)
Owe it all to her got it all through her
Without her life support I wouldn't dare scuba
She a trooper who I give salute to
No bond truer than what me and her are used to
Track Name: Adultery (Prod. Jay Beatz)

What it is, miss?
Could you be my mistress?
I got a wife, but in this life
I want you in this
Let it be our secret
You and me can keep this
Just be quiet
And let the money flow endless

I got this money, baby, I wanna spend it on you,
(Forget my wife and kids
Baby we can do it big)
I got this Sunday, baby, I wanna spend it with you,
(We both know what it is
It's wrong but I love this shit)
We can do what you like
I promise that I'll be true
(Yea, you see my wedding band
You know I'm a married man)
I got this money, baby, I wanna spend it on you
(But, you don't give a damn
As long as I spend these grands)

(Verse 1)
Not gonna lie now
I'm tied down
A good wife two kids
And a job each week I make five thou'
Got a nice house
Two new cars wiped down
In my garage and I'm building a pool house right now
You'd think I'm living the life
If you just see whats in the light
But every night me and my wife
Seem to have the same old fight
And the sex has got so trite
We only fuck once a year it seems like
Now I don't even gripe
About us in the sheets
I cheat
Yea saying I work late just to creep
Goin' out to bars and meeting freaks
Even breakin' off bread so the hoes an eat
Sometimes I seek
Prostitutes and strippers
Some college girls some flippers
Spent so much money on sistas
I went to white girls like coke dealers
Trickin' all my dollars
Because I make so much gualla
On these one night stands
I had no plans on making a mistress a full time partner
Until I met this girl
Man, she flipped my whole world
She's more beautiful than usual
I said to ol' girl when I met her


(Verse 2)
Now this new chick isn't like my used chicks
'Cause she got crude wit
Her own whip and intelligence
Not to mention huge tits
Shes real thick and that ass sits
Right up, high up
With no heels soft yet stiff
She played hard to get
But now she's my mistress
If I'm not with the wife or kids
I'm ducked off with this bitch
At restaurants... movies
Even took her on beach trips
Came home with sand and lipstick
Wifey's suspicious
Grabbin' my collar she see the glitter
"Whose is this shit?"
I yell at her "Bitch, get off me I'm up to no mischief!"
Screaming and cussing
This kids obviously'll hear this
I storm out of the house
And head to the crib of Ms. Mistress
Ain't care if it ruined me
I just couldn't resist it
The pussy was too good
Her clit had no hood
Just quit I know I should
But that's not gonna happen
What's gonna happen
Is I'mma shower her
With Franklins and Jacksons


(Verse 3)
I'm pillow-talking with her
Putting all my secrets in her
Sharing my insecurities
Over hundred dollar dinners
Taking her shopping sprees
Paid tuition for her sister
My sons shoe soles get thinner
But I just got her Gucci slippers
I love it when I kiss her
And when not near her I miss her
I'm breaking the rules of adulterers
I'm catching feelings
Just told her we should see the world
And I got two tickets to Vegas
"Baby, let's go on vacation"
She said "Yea!" with no hesitation
"Ok, cool. Here's what I'mma do
I'mma leave these two tickets here with you
I'mma head to my crib, pack my shit,
Then come back here and meet up with you."
I leave her place, head to my house
And see all my things outside on a couch
A note from my wife on top of the mount
She's taking the kids and heading South
I felt some sadness
But I got my suitcase, packed it
Thinking "I can just start a new life
With my mistress as my new wife."
But when I come back, she's not around
A new note I found on the ground
"Thanks for the tickets to Vegas
Me and my boyfriend appreciate it."

Track Name: So Smart You're Stupid (Prod. C-Wizz)
"So Smart You're Stupid"

(Verse 1)
Have you ever heard someone say "You're so smart you're stupid"?
Or heard a old head say "The wise be the most clueless"?
I'm not foolish I'll raise my hand admit to it
I lacked common sense younger I could still use it
The kid in honors classes with thick glasses passin'
But couldn't tell Judge Judy from Mathis
When I look back then I remember this
Pops said I'd lose my ass if not attached to it
And there's some fact to it
'Cause to this day I'm losin' shit all the time
"Funmi where I put my keys?
They're in my pocket. Nevermind."
Never lying check it out I'm absent minded no doubt
Imagine me with money I'd own cribs I don't know about
Yeah, a dumb-dumb, a numbskull, son
And any synonyms with them I'm each one
I won't shun it or run from it goddumbit
Not none of it from the pit of my stomach

Stupid stupid they call me stupid
I swear I'm so smart sometimes that I'm stupid
Stupid stupid they call me stupid
I swear I'm so smart sometimes that I'm stupid
But truth is I am only who I am
And if you don't like it then I give a damn
Truth is I am only who I am
And if you don't like it then I give a damn. Go

(Verse 2)
I remember when me and Will were doing mixtapes
But when we dropped the feedback wouldn't be great
The people loved Will and all the raps he'd say
But not mine it was over their minds
Didn't know at the time the reason why
Instead of my words I blamed my voice being high
But then I remember when I asked Will how he wrote his rhymes
"I just say what's real no big deal."
Broham, you know how it feel to think you're the best ever
To learn that an amateur better?
I used to wrack my brain to come with what I thought was clever
But when you take it apart: to smart for art
Back to drawingboard redrew my whole style
No metaphors just heart flowing like the Nile
Some say I'm dumbing down but I think I've smartened up
If you don't get the basics you're not smart enough
Hold up now is that hard or what


(Verse 3)
Grade me as a hard-head knuckle-head
Bet I'll get an A plus
Great report card but my common sense ain't much
Make a list of dumb stunts I'll check a bunch
I've blown more money than tornadoes on a bank truck
They say it ain't such... It ain't a stunt
If it weren't for luck I'd be some earthworms lunch
Yeah being a idiot could've killed the kid
I'm serious I'm lucky to just know what year it is
Some hearin' this just bobbin' they heads
But this is for cats who missin' knobs in their head
So smart and gifted that they're told they're a sped
They miss the bigger picture only lookin' at a thread
I shed light on 'em as I shine on 'em
As one of their own a king almost their clown
Stupid as it sounds: I'm as stupid as I look
Puttin' stupid bars down with this stupid ass hook, man

Track Name: New Orleans, LA (Prod. Lennon)
"New Orleans, LA"

(Verse 1)
N.O., N.O., N.O., Hello, N.O.,
I'm so welcomed to be here
I'm so far from home
A new city, big place, where no one I know
But just give me some time to sprout roots and grow
Yea... I've heard so much about the "Big Easy" from TV
I'm not sure if seeing's believing
When I touchdown Ion't know what to expect
Bullets in chest... or beads on my neck
The vibe that I get is that's it's real down here
No jiving, everything's straight and clear
The history goes back hundreds of years
From war to storms and the city's still here
Shit, I can't hide even I'm surprised
That it even survived
When Katrina arrived in '05
But shes alive and in eyes
She wants to rise from demise like a phoenix and fly

New Orleans! To you I may be foreign
But this song for you I'm recording in
New orleans! I got love for this city
Where a part of me feels like I come from this city
New Orleans! To you I may be foreign
But this song for you I'm recording in
New orleans! I got love for this city
Now a part of me feels like I come from this city

(Verse 2)
The bottom of the map's bottom
Where every black problem
Is seen on each block like this a microcosm
Poverty is rampant
Murders often happen
They call this "Chopper City"
Not cause helicopters passin'
Lotta drugs trafficked
Young'ns get caskets
Mothers cry and on the killer's face tears tatted
Bounce music blastin'
Ion't understand it
Not a fan but I like big booty girls dancin'
Plenty niggas rappin'
Even more trappin'
Some do it both
But others they just actin
Dreads are the fashion
Everybody has 'em
Gold tips, red tips
Each color in the pallete
Tourists keep askin' "where locals eat?"
And blow dollars down on Bourbon and Canal Street
Redbones, yellowbones everywhere you see
Alot of them Creole, man, you hear it in their speech



(Verse 3)
I can't even describe it
There's not a place like it
Its got a mystique
Its own swag you can't bite it
Uptown residing
I'm streetcar riding
I see the Superdome
From the window where I'm writing
Any where I might be
Theres Fleur de leis sightings
Scream "who dat" once
And everyone's replying
Rebel flags flying
The Saints come marching
The jazz band's playing
The second line's starting
Essensefest... Jazzfest... Mardi Gras
Bacchus... Endymion... Zulu Ball
Mid-City... Gretna... Harrahan
Metarie... Hammond... Algiers
I've met the realest people alive down here
And seen things that have opened my eyes around here
Done so much growin' up here these past years
I feel prone to call this

(Chorus) 2x
Track Name: Can't Buy Swag (Prod. Brahms)
"Can't Buy Swag"

(Verse 1)
Ok, these swagger-jacker-rappers
Really tryna pull me backwards
I shoot at all these actors
Like directors if I have to
It really shouldn't matter
Cause I really should be flattered
But it really makes me madder
That they're stealin' what I mastered
Yea I got my style
But they wish they had
It's like it's cold outside
How bad they really want to jack it
I'm in my own bracket
I've reached higher status
My copy cats are hungry
But they're only eating catnip
"Nigga, be yourself!" that's all I ever tell 'em
But because my records sellin'
That advice they're not acceptin'
So fuck it I keep it steppin'
While I'm Monroe representin'
Im the South's secret weapon
With these bars like a felon
No question... Man, I'm the answer
That you weren't expectin'
It's like I sneezed how I always give the track a blessin'
Peace to the Gods I always will be five percentin'
And like 120 I'mma give these cats a lesson, man

You can have alotta cash
All the money in the bag
But you can't, can't I said you can't buy swag
All the shoes you have
And all the chains that flash
Won't last so, man, naw you cant buy swag
I said you can't, can't I said can't buy swag
Man, you can't, can't I said you can't buy swag
You can have alot of cash
All the money in the bag
But you can't, can't
I said you cant buy swag

(Verse 2)
When did it criminal ever to be original
These lil' rappers pitiful swagga jackin's so typical
It even is a miracle I made it to this pinnacle
'Cause the game is so miserable
And everyone's so critical
Yea... I'm just tryna keep it lyrical
They said "Dumb it down!"
But that advice I didn't listen to
They were hot in the interval
I'll admit but when they bricked
They flipped and tried to jock my spit
It sounded like shit... Gave off a stench
It was that bad: adult... Yea, 'cause I don't kid
Meanwhile, my flow was Dumbledore... Yup, I'm a Wiz,
And those starters are now on the bench...
That's common sense
I'm the hottest now in present tense
To the rap game I'm heaven-sent
Proof is the pudding
And my mixtape is the evidence
Sicker than I've ever been
Quarantine the whole premise
Run to where protection is
before you go I'll tell 'em this


(Verse 3)
My name is Top Billion
My style is so appealin'
Brinks covers my download links
To stop jackas from stealin'
Your favorite rapper's villian
He hates me 'cause I'd killin 'em
And all of his women
Worship the God's imagine like religion
I'm not kiddin' I'm not trippin'
I'm firm in this position
Nigga, listen I'm the difference
'Tween Jehovah and a witness
Pussy nigga, what's the business
You fuckin' with a killa
I'm hungry as gorilla
You look like banana dinner
I'm a winner... Man, Charlie Sheen call me mister
Keep it realer... You bit my swag and tried to make iller
Ha! But nigga... This thing has been vaccine'd
And you can't be me any more
Than the sky can be green
So go and copy every scene
From all my videos you seen
You ain't done nothin' but brung in
More fans on my team
CMG, yadadamean
A.K.A. the regime
And you cant buy ya way in it
Word, from the lieutenant

Track Name: Gotta Murder Them (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Gotta Murder Them"


(Verse 1)
Homicide! It's a homicide!
You want Top's life
Yours is the sacrifice
If friends are enemies that act nice
And haters are just fans that act trife
They can all get red dots 'tween their eye whites
Like Hindus
Say namaste to hell, I'll send u!
Haters don't want Top
Sellin' out venues
They want me on some vultures menu
Hacked my Youtube
Hacked my Twitter
Deleted my accounts
Tryna lower my amounts
Not knowin' I would bounce
Back in no time count
Left me with 14 grams
Turned that into an ounce
Now, I'm back in house
Like I ain't left before
Lloyd banks how I hunger for more
And ain't no one stoppin' me from prickin' my fork
If ion't eat that's a food fight, bol. Yea


(Verse 2)
You want me 6 feet below 'cause of videos?
Wish for my death date cause of mixtape?
Want me like Malcolm
'Cause of albums?
Well, all the shots thrown at me
You can have em
Fuckboy! I wish u the worst luck boy
That Booty Bandit type of shit, hope you're fucked boy
Drivin through Mississip'... get stuck boy
Found by the Klan... lynched on a branch
Can't understand why u wanna underhand
Undermine what I'm building under my command
I understand I'm on Facebook all the time
Pushing pearls to the world
You want me clammed
Man, you don't have to be fan
So why do all you can
To see me banned fam
You could'a pulled a Satan
Not gave a goddamn
But you're interference
Will make me take your spirit. Bow


(Verse 3)
Haters: a nusiance, I keep it movin'
I'm not bothered they make my name hotter
But, when they cross that line its drama
I gotta stop now ya you're bullet fodder
I'm atheist no problem to pop ya
All you Christians you can meet ya father
In a second, but one question
Why you stressin'
Messin' my operation up... the fuck?!
You must want seesaw luck
My down'll bring you up
But... no such thing'll happen 'round here
I'm captain 'round here
I wear the crown here
The ground it ain't near
And it won't be
Any time soon
Like 13:03 o'clock, bol, stop!
You hate Top?
You're just mad that you're not
Anywhere near his spot. Yeah

Track Name: Burning Bridges (Prod. R.O.B.)
"Burning Bridges"

(Verse 1)
They say "No man is an island."
Thats surprising
Cause I've been a castaway for sometime and
The sun's not shining the moon's not rising
I'm alone in a world of my own
Wasn't always this way but this is to where it's grown
The people I've known have set sail or flown
Old friends are now memories I own
I'm stranded here now at this spot alone
Cause I've burnt my bridges
Yeah nigga I burnt my bridges
Sent fire to them bitches
I regret I did it
Each second, each minute
Sometimes I want my final hour visit
'Cause I can't live with it
I'm ashamed that I pushed so many people away
That nowadays
Ion't talk to nobody I'm caught with nobody
I walk alone and hear 'em whisper that's a nobdoy

Ive lost so many friendships
So many kinships
I'm alone I've burnt all my bridges
(So many friendships, So many kinships,
I'm alone ,I've burnt all my bridges)
Ive lost so many friendships
So many kinships
I'm alone I've burnt all my bridges
(So many friendships, So many kinships,
I'm alone ,I've burnt all my bridges)

(Verse 2)
Ive lost opportunities
Cause I've stupidly offended people
That could really make moves for me
Hardheadedness sometimes influence me
To act on an impulse without thinking thoroughly
And that worries me I try to put it in check
But when I play chess with myself
I lose
Off a sign of disrespect
I'm losina all of my cool
Like sun rays on a pool
I gotta bring you the blues
I should know better
But nope this what I do
I get mad, and then rude
Then everything fall through
Man, that's how it ends
Another gone in the wind
Man, I stay losing friends
Can't keep none in
We dont talk again
Or chop it up like men
They avoid me and then ion't holla at them
Its sucks it's like that
But fuck it's like that
They can keep their distance
Let me burn bridges


(Verse 3)
They say no man is an island
That's surprising
I've been one deep and im still surviving
No allies just I: Simon
No downtime just grind: Rhymin'
Cant sweat the past, it already passed
All those bridges are ash
There's no more I could ask
From my friends to my dad
To connections I've had
They're now out of my grasp
In a way I'm glad
That I'm here by my lonesome
Bottom of the totem
'Cause now I gotta do it by myself
Time to show em
I only roll with two others
And they're in my scrotum
Middle finger throwin'
To the world while I hold 'em
Feelin' so emboldened
... In spite of the pain
I'm walking with my head
While outside in the rain
I'mma do what I gotta 'til I finish
Even if I burn every one of my bridges
Track Name: Martin Luther King (Prod. Aftertouch Beatz)
"Martin Luther King"

(Verse 1)
Rest in peace to the King
It's A shame that he didn't live to see his dream
Dedicated his life to the fight for civil rights
For human beings and was killed for that thing
What I wouldn't give to be there on the scene
Marchin' in Selma with the SCLC
At the sit-ins and boycotts I woulda been non stop
I woulda took a bullet for the team
And Martin
His legacy will never be tarnished
In my eyes he's the greatest
American this country harnessed
To us black folk he's one our many martyrs
He shoulda been the first of us in the Oval Office
Not just him but all our forefathers
Wanted a brighter future for their sons and daughters
And I'm one them so I won't pretend
That I forget what it meant when he said that...

I have a dream
That One day this country
Will live to its creed
And be the land of the free
I have a dream
We'd be treated equally
This song is in memory
Of Martin Luther King

(Verse 2)
Nowadays, a million streets are named MLK
And one Monday in the year is his holiday
In February he gets alotta praise
And he's become an icon to all of us today
But I think we use his legacy in vain
Remembering just his name
And not the things that'd he say
Like on MLK day how many of us
Remember his worth
We just party hard on Sunday
Then not got to work
On MLK boulevard brothers get murked
If named after him it's the city's slum for sure
And it's messed up when it's Black history month
Rosa Parks and MLK is all we're taught since young
Man... In a sense we played him for a chump
From the jump we took his message and twisted it up
For our own agenda... I wish it happened never
But the words that he said will ring true forever and ever


We had a Black man in the White House
Does that really mean the dream came to life now?
And Oprah one of the richest people that's living
But too many Black woman live in poor conditions
Brothers in the system
Less college in more in prison
'Cause of positions where it is
Hustle or you'll be finished
Is there really a difference
Between now and then
I feel like there wasn't reward
For what they marched for
'Cause we're still in a war outside
Harassed 'cause of my pants or my shirt siZe
I remember a time before I got my dreads I
Fretted to be profiled by cops when they ride
Man, this life ain't right when it comes to the light
It's a fact if you're black It's harder than if you're white
Its a terrible plight that so many live
It's worse no one gives a damn bout these ghetto kids
Don't wanna see us live they wanna see us die
Cancer, diabetes, AIDS all of them are high
If there's a God in sky you gotta ask him "why?"
But, then you'll lower your eyes
'Cause you'll get no reply
Man... What's there more to tell?
We're in hell...
Why'd Martin step on the balcony of the motel?
He couldn't save us we gotta save ourselves
So one day I hope his dream will realize itself

Track Name: More Than You Can See (Prod. Sage)
"More Than You Can See"

(Verse 1)
It's like these hoes don't look for potential
A college boy with a mental a pencil
They only show love to athletes and ballers
The type to fuck in one night and don't call her
I saw a dime at the Greek party; holler'd
Didn't get her digits but if my jump shot was wicked
Shit I would've hit it I bet I'm not vexed
I get cutty nonetheless but this is a mess
See, when college is done a doctor I'll become
You think he'll make the NBA but we're not D1
I ain't even got a chance now you're so siddity
And you think the point guard's a cash cow
And that's a pity you're pretty but you're brain is shitty
Like you're paying tuition to be on a groupie mission
And the worse part you're missin' real niggas like me
Not tryna shoot threes but get a degree damn

You're so damn blind by the fame in your eyes
That you cannot see us shine
But what we'll have when all this pass
Is more money over time
I ain't worried about you, girl, do what you do
You ain't gotta like me and Ion't gotta like you
But I got somethin' much more than you can see
Somethin' much more than you can see
(Ah, bitch, please!)
You're so damn blind by the fame in your eyes
That you cannot see us shine
But what we'll have when all this pass
Is more money over time
I ain't worried about you, girl, do what you do
You ain't gotta like me and Ion't gotta like you
But I got somethin' much more than you can see
Somethin' much more than you can see

(Verse 2)
It's like these hoes don't look for potential
A hustler sellin' by the ounce too simple
They only show love to the big ballers
The type to fuck in one night and then dog her
Yeah I'm working serving selling grams in person
Making money but not enough to get her for certain
She only wanna date homie who got weight
She too fine to wait for me to get straight
She want the dude in the city who get by the fifty
Nevermind the Feds waiting for him to start slipping
She wanna be the kingpin wife and move white
He got the dirty money but ain't cleaning it right, Huh
Dumb nigga... can't teach sense to some niggas
I hustle now to get my paper and I'm done, nigga
She want to live that life and pay that price
And not get with the kid with his head right
What the fuck


(Verse 3)
So I finally lived to my potential
And now my bank account numbers exponential
Back then, boo, you only liked ballers
Nowadays alot of those cats live in squalor
I got my degree now I'm a doctor
And I don't sell dimes no more I'm a mobster
Livin' proper, eatin' steak and lobster
New money, new whips, baby, I've prospered
Fuck with me
Park the Porsche tip the valet a buck fifty
Ain't nothin' to a big dog eat lunch with me
While we wine and dine I'll rewind your mind
To the times you ignored the signs
I was gonna be a success you gave a fuck-less
Don't apologize yet let me clear my damn chest
Truth is you pushed me to do this
Win so I can shit on you--Dueces
Get the fuck out my face, bitch

Track Name: Dick (Prod. B. Lane)

(Verse 1)
I was born with you I define you man
If not here I doubt they'd even call you a man
I stay with you no further than the reach of your hand
You piss me off everyday but I'm still ya man
Ain't a issue... I understand gotta get it out ya system
You do that through me
Truly, (it's just you and me)
Yea, buddy, 'til death do us part
Or 'til you break a bitch heart
And her scissors are sharp...
Shit, that type of talk ion't like
So dont bring it up
when I think it up
It makes me shrivel up
Yup, and I get small as I was
When you were a baby-butt
Tiny but the doctor could find me
When he raised you up
I been your envoy since you started making noise
They saw me and said with joy "It's a boy!"
Man we go back a stretch like calisthenics
It's you and me 'til the ending: movie credits

(Verse 2)
We grew up together 'cause we're tethered forever
That means I was your rider when you kept me in diapers
Before you learned the toilet kept me to yourself
And used to touch me they call that shit playin' with yourself
You were small I was small when you grew I did too
When you balled I balled I always do I keep two
Ha! it's true you didn't think of me much
'Til the age of 12 when I started to swell and stiffen up
Hormones were kicking up thoughts switchin up
You noticed the girls with thicker butts
In class when they strut
We had urges building up
That you couldn't construct
'Til one night on your sheets
White stuff was spitting up
Haha! I remember you were like "What the fuck!"
Didn't know what it was or how to clean it up
Didn't feel better 'til you put me in your clutch
And tugged
Thats when you learned to show me, no, us love

(Verse 3)
Your first girlfriend was ours
First fuck that was ours
First time that you shaved my hair
We still have the scars
You stressed on my size
'Til the girls said it's nice
Over politics we fight
'Cause I curve to the right
But we agree off top
Gianna Michaels hot
'Cause each porn you watched
I was there on the spot
A plethora of names not one of them the same
To me they pertain
But none of that i entertain
It's a shame some men want me changed
Or be totally different
They're destroying me
Having no loyalty
Improperly enjoying me
Like the gays
I can't complain
You treated fairly you harmed me barely
Got burnt once that cleared up
Though that shit was scary
Forgive for when I didn't go hard as I needed
I put on everything, balls and my word, I won't repeat it
Track Name: Soap Opera (Prod. Apollo Brown)
"Soap Opera"

(Verse 1)
Yea, I'm at the house sitting on the couch
Tuning in to the television so I can tune out
Everything that's went south that I can't figure out
Numbing my brain so pain I'll forget about
Why am I not up and about
I'll let you know a day ago my boss said
"I gotta let you go..."
Wasn't my fault the company had loan defaults
They fucked up now I gotta walk
And to top it off I got bills on bills
Man, for real them things pilin' high like hills
Man, this cant be life there's so many ills
I wish a doctor would appear
And prescribe it some pills
Yea, though he probably wouldn't
'Cause knowing me I'd O.D. on those things
If they were in my holding
So I'mma spend tonight
Watchin' Guiding Light
To take my mind off my plight
And make me feel right

(Chorus) 2x
I deal with more drama
On top of more drama
Man, I swear my life is like a soap opera
It gets no realer
Than when you deal with the
Highs and lows that life bestows, man!

(Verse 2)
And let's not even talk about woman problems
I could write a whole song about woman problems
She adds more drama to all of my problems
Bitch you so smart why don't you try to solve 'em
She start talkin "I don't know who you speakin' to
But the only bitch here is with no job or school!
Since you were fired, boo, all you do is do nothin!"
"It's only been a day!"
"I don't care do you somethin!
You in the crib watchin' All of my Children
Eatin' all my food and I don't mean to be rude
But to keep me, dude, here's what you gotta do
Gotta bring home bacon, take me on vacations,
Gotta... Oh! You gonna turn up the soap station
Tryna drown me out? Motherfucker, I'm out!
You can stay alone here in this janky ass house
I been fuckin' your cousin anyway. Peace out."


(Verse 3)
I know this song make it seems like I suck at life
If there were loser of the year awards
I'd win it, right?
That's what you're thinking like
But behind each cloud is a silver light
So you this story gotta end kinda bright
Did you know I like to write?
I think you've might
I've written raps ever since Gary Coleman height
Well, come to find out, right
This record exec heard of me on Nahright
And he want me in New York
He booked the flight
Now, that's fuckin' tight
Soon as I got that call I was hella hyped
Stayed that way 'til I flew the next night
And on the plane I met this chick she was super right
Her name was christine; 19
She's super nice
We talked 'til we landed, man, she was just my type
As you're expecting it I got her math 'fore I met the executive
I met him then he said that he wanted to sign me
Who said soap operas end sad... Try me. Top

Track Name: I'll Always Love You (Prod. Jay Beatz)
"I'll Always Love You"

(Verse 1)
I was only sixteen years old
When I made a huge mistake
I regret it can't forget it
I still think about it to this day
How different my life would be
If that life I didn't take
Wait, let's get this straight
Lets go two year before 2008
I was in the tenth grade
Doin' normal high school stuff they'd say
Writin' raps all day
Passin' out CDs in the hallway
Okay... Maybe not so normal
But that's what I was on to inform you
And besides doin' work they force on ya
I played in the orchestra
Yea, that's right I'm not gonna hide
I played my cello with half-hearted pride
Wasn't that good I'm not gonna lie
Writing rhymes was taking all my time
Plus a girlfriend I had on the side
My first real one that was mine
I loved her more than life
That's probably where the problem lie
'Cause on top of adoring my angel
I was a horny teenager
We had sex any where
Even other people's house
Like there was no danger
I used to ride my bike
To her place in West Monroe after to school
Just so we're smashin'
Then tell pops I'm at ROTC practice
And in the madness on her mattress
We had bad habits
No birth control in action
Condoms rarely left the package
No when I reminisce
This is the root of all the sadness
I remember layin' with her
Whispering to her this
No laughin'


(Verse 2)
Ma never liked me working to be a lyricist
She wanted me to spend more time on my instrument
To solve this problem
I got a chair in the youth ensemble
Some after school shit
That could probably score me scholarships
So every Monday night
I took my cello to ULM
Played in the symphony with them
From 8 o'clock 'til ten when it ends
Started off getting dropped off
But my parents started working longer nights jobs
So to make it not so hard
Ma gave me keys to her car
Shit, you know what I did
Skipped practice to go she live
I remember like it was yesterday
I can detail everything we did
I met up with her in a parking lot
In front of Bayou Seafood restaurant
I came for you I love you alot
Her ass in palm back of the Nissan
We started making out in the back of my car
My dick got hard
Listenin' to Ice Cube "Horny lil' Devil" song
She sucked me up 'til the nut was gone
I shoulda left then cause my urge was gone
But if she ain't cum then I'd be wrong
So I laid her on her back we're fucking
No rubber coverin' I came on her stomach


(Verse 3)
A few months pass and her period's missin'
She's tellin' me she feels different
I'm a lil' worried but this ain't the first time
She had these conditions
But one night I get a phone call that ain't the best
She took a pregnancy test the results were saying yes
Right then I started to fret actin' like a bitch
Like "Oh my God! what we'll do with this?!"
I'm ashamed when I think of it
All I thought was how to get rid of it
She was upset to her deepest depths
More than I could guess
When I expressed it should exe'd
She supported it be aborted
We hid from our parents the misfortune
Tried fallin' and drinking posion
Worst thing I've done is kick her stomah to 'cause an abortion
When none of that worked we were forced to
Come clean to our folks with the whole truth
Her momma was livid mine too
When they found out they hit the whole roof
First thing mom said "get rid of it!"
Pops said "how you sure that it is your kid?"
I don't know what her folks said to her
But I'm sure that they weren't nice words
They wanted her to keep it at first
She kept beggin' it worked
And after seven weeks of carrying the birth
We went to Shreveport on April first
It lasted about three hours times
I was in the lobby watching Family Guy
It didn't really hit at the time
I had just killed something that was mine
I was only 16 years old
When I made a huge mistake
How different my life would be
If that life I didn't take

Track Name: At the End of the Day (Prod. BCB)
"At the End of the Day"

When it's all said and done
My blessings will keep coming
Can't care what they say
At the end of the day
Gotta do it my way
Won't no one give me nothing
All my troubles fade away
At the end of the day

(Verse 1)
We start our days seeing sun rays
Rise out of bed to start the work ahead
Begin getting dressed with these thougts in our head
Like "what [we] should wear if other people care"
You wanna rock Reeboks but they say that's wack
So you put on the Nikes though they're scuffed and scratched
You wanna be the cat that wears trucker hats
But you pick the New Era cause they fuck with that
You wanted dreads but ya pops said
That they weren't becoming
So keep waves even though they look funny
At the bus stop you see the girl
That youre crushing on for so long
But ain't talked to all
Dont wanna seem wrong when you come across
So you say nothin' to not risk a loss
You go to school when you get their you feel lost
'Cause though you fit in it's at what cost, ya feel me


(Verse 2)
You're in college in a major you don't even like
To even stay awake in the class is a fight
They tell you "you'll get paid!" "it's a sacrifice"
But that cash goes to debts that you get in life
All the loans, cars, and homes
Don't wanna do accounting
You wanna write poems
But if you dropped out you'd get knocked out
By ya parents disappointing them you wouldn't dare it
So... Grit and bear it
Yea thats ya motto..
Live for today hope for better tomorrow
Go to church Sunday, pray to who be hallowed
You never thought it was true but everyone do
So you do too just to fit in
A sheep to the Lord's shephard
Do you get it?
You exist in the world but you feel lost
'Cause you blend in
But at what cost, ya feel me


You come home, shower, then look in the mirror
Do you like who's in the picture?
Are you are who you are
Or what they wish ya to be
Livin' ya life or someone else dream
At the end of the day what does everything mean?
You're born then you leave with some years in between
Now how that times used is pertinent
But we fill it up with the superfluous
I learned a bit since death I flirted with
Yea, you heard of it
Now that extraneous shit ion't worry with
Fears: I murdered it; shot 'em dead
Now Top is scared of what no one says
I only hear voices in my head like a schitzo
Believing only what I can prove is so
So now I never I feel lost
I'mma boss
And it took no cost