Noillib Pot

by Top Billion

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released March 1, 2012

Simon "Top Billion" Hill & Chris "Brahms" Hillman




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: Noillib Pot (Prod. Brahms)
"Noillib Pot"

Back up in this bitch niggas counted me out
But I'm the black Tim Tebow when I touchdown
Gotta style all my own that'll never play out
Ain't a rapper in my lane that can figure out
Good money bet on Top you can put up the house
Five years guaranteed I'll be running The South
Lotta niggas talk big but they running their mouth
But I back up what I say like a supportive spouse
If being real was a crime then I'd be doing time
If being hard brought a charge then I'd be paying fines
Never lied in a rhyme you can check every line
So my fans show me love and treat Top so kind
Me and Brahms combined you got hits for days
Monroe's in this bitch put the M in their face
Only way this could be greater is if I called the mayor
And got Jamie Mayo on this feature today
Real niggas don't play when there's money to make
So I'm stacking up cake like delayed birthdays
Getting tatted and shit put that ink in my skin
'Til I don't know where it starts and can't tell where it ends
In this era I'm in everyone's a hipster
I stand out from 'em by being a real spitter
People see the dreads and make comparisons quicker
Than if they heard a nigga and didn't see a single picture
Bitch, I'm a killer flow getting slciker
Everytime I drop name get bigger
Never been a quitter born a go-getter
Coming from the bottom that's the option that you're given
Who am I representing? Youngins with ambition
Nineteen years old plotting on them Benzes
@TopBillion hit my at mention
I reply all the time especially to bad bitches
Yeah who you kiddin' saying that I ain't ripen'
Any samples Brahms flipping James Brown would say different
Really all you lame sittin' at home chillin'
While I'm on the road to get a couple million
You don't know this felling of living your dreams
You live through what's seen on them T.V. screens
I'm chasing money doing things you wouldn't believe
My only failure is I couldn't do it while in my teens
Couldn't walk in my jeans or rock the kicks that I wear
Can't achieve what I achieved or bear the pain that I've beard
To be the nigga I am it would take you some years
By the time you're prepared rap won't even be here
Yeah, nigga I'm rare only thing we might share is similar hair
But that stops at the locks for the fans why I drop
Free music non-stop Top Billion - Noillib Pot
Track Name: Merry Christmas, Bitches (Prod. Brahms)
"Merry Christmas, Bitches"

(Verse 1)
Coming through the chimney, bitch, that ain't my interest
I'm kicking down the front door waving four-fours as my entrance
I'm something' like Santa, yeah, I'm bringing gifts, kid
Noillib Pot sweaters for fellas and dick for the bitches
Ok I'm shitting on this niggas and all these ho-ho-hoes
My white bitch call her Rudolph 'cause the snow give her red nose
Swear I'm colder than the pole where Santa dwells with elves
Nice on the mic but been getting coal since I was twelve
Young nigga bad as hell yo' bitch bad as well
When I fuck her you gon' tell like the sample she gon' yell
Like Christmas never fails to come 'round every year
Boy, I never ever failed on my duty to excel
Man, don't question my drive none of my raps are a lie
Is Top that guy? Come on, nigga, do reindeer fly?
It's such A Wonderful Life, what would it be with no me?
For one thing, a lot more dudes would have the chance to emcee, B

Haa! Yeah! Merry Christmas, Bitches!
Yeah, You wanted real shit on your wishlist!
Yeah! Well, I got plenty come and get it!
Ok, Ok! Merry Christmas, Bitches!

(Verse 2)
I don't gift wrap I gift rap: It's a present on each track
Niggas using my old style that's worn out, boy, keep that
Ya'll know I bring heat back like the first week of Spring
Jesus the Lord and Savior but Top Billion's king
Nigga, I'm just doing my thing no pine but I'm smoking on tree
I wear a mistletoe bracelet just so hoes have to kiss the ring
Nigga it's 'bout to get obscene but I just gotta take it there
I skeet on these hoes bare faces call it Santa's Beard
Ok, gifts for the fam… Music for the fans
Brahms on the beat… So that's why it jams
Money's in my hand… Getting more's in the plans
I'm a beast with the ice… Abominable Snowman

Yeah, I said Merry Christmas, Bitches!
Yeah! You wanted real shit on your wishlist!
Ugh! Well, I got plenty come and get it!
Ugh! Ok, Merry Christmas, Bitches!
Haa! Yeah, Merry Christmas, Bitches!
Yeah! I said Merry Christmas, Bitches!
Yeah! I said Merry Christmas, Bitches!
Yeah! You want that real shit come and get it!!

(Verse 3)
One time for Mary-Jo, two times for Baby Jesus
Three times for them Wise Men and Chuck Norris
He came to seem him
That myth I don't believe in but I do fuck with the season
'Cause now I got more reason for smoking, drinking, and eating
And nigga this plate I'm cleaning by the time that I'll be leaving
Yo' bitch'll be on my dick and all your eggnog I'll be peeing
Yeah it's gonna be a good X-mas I'm 'bout to text all my exes
DTF, see who check, and smash whoever I'm feline'
Just 'cause I'm like that it's my life I write that
It's all real not like fact so real cats play my tracks
'Til sunrise it's nitecaps like Santa's trips over maps
Niggas know I won't come back 'til I snatch whole stack
Yeah, eating Christmas cookies: light snack
Eating Brahms beats: now that's a meal that'll make me might nap
Top stay with tight raps but what'd you expect
I can't come with nothing less as my Christmas gift
Haa… Yeah, Merry Christmas, Bitches.
Track Name: Been Broke, Been Rich (Prod. Brahms)
"Been Broke, Been Rich"

(Verse 1)
Ok, 100 to my name, low cash got no change
Dropped 500 like nothing in no more than 4 days
I'm on dick gotta hustle quick
Like Pringle Lays: gotta stack my chips
Ain't nothing new I'm used to this
I'm in the loop of being broke and rich
I ball hard like a point guard or as if I'm a small forward
May fall off but like spinal a nigga always get back on
'Cause I'm a hustler got customers
Selling music I got purchasers
One man label self publisher
No one else touch my money I ain't trusting ya 'cause I

Been broke and I've been rich
Been broke and I've been rich
But no matter what I pick back up
And I'm right back to that same shit
Been broke and I've been rich
Been broke and I've been rich
But no matter what I pick back up
And I'm right back to that same shit

(Verse 2)
Real nigga I'm too thorough would live through even if the world blow up
Yeah it sucks when the money slow up
But long as I grind some cash'll show up
Create like a kid think like a grown
That's the motto inside me bottled that keeps me throttled
Pushin' 'til tomorrow if today is bleak and my hopes are hollow
Got a problem? Getting money solves 'em
Spent ya last now go Big Sean 'em
Do it, boy, just move it, boy, get ya roll on like rock music, boy
Great mind on your shoulders use it, boy
Ain't a dollar printed that say you can't get it
Better get with it this world is wicked
Trust if I spit it, bitch, I lived it

Yeah, shine ever summer grind every winter
Pull up on them bitches like "Hi! I'm a winner"
Can't die I'm a nigga who'll survive any picture
How I get money you would think I have a printer
May have fell off but I'll get back quicker
Than I did last time when I didn't have nickel
Never in a pickle long 'cause I dill (deal) with the issue
And my money long
Can't kill me I'm built to fuckin' strong
I'll hustle from dust to fuckin' dawn
Standin' in the same spot trine get these CDs gone
Won't leave 'til the last ones out my palm
If this ain't right let me be dead wrong
Ain't nobody really tryna put Top on
Fuck 'em with a dick nineteen inch long
Got my own money I don't need yours, John,
Bitch 'cause I've

Track Name: Gemini Ways (Prod. Brahms)
"Gemini Ways"

(Verse 1)
When I met you it was special
I simply had to get you
I was feeling like I was meant to
Not just a thought in my mental
That's why i was hellbent to
Do whatever or say whatever
Some'd say I'm thirsty I'd say I'm clever
'Cause you said you want to be with me forever
I got you I locked you you got me it's mutual
At the start of it it was beautiful
Cliche love the usual
You paid some of my studio time
I always had you wined and dined
I had your back you had mine
I couldn't front it was goin' fine
'Til one day it all flipped like someone hit some switch
Inside you that made you trip actin' like a straight BIIIIII-
I won't even say that shit I'll be the bigger man
But I ran to all my dawgs quick with questions like damn…
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
That this girl had Gemini Ways
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
She's cool now then suddenly it'll change
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
She's paranoid 'bout any and everything
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
And even worse is she's crazed and deranged
Dang, I ain't see the signs and no one helped me realize
Accused me of chicks on the side but she stayed on my mind
Charging me with these crimes like I'm Casey Anthony
Why nobody warned ahead of time shit ya'll better answer me

Ya'll didn't tell me (Ya'll didn't tell me)
Ya'll didn't tell me (Nah, ya'll didn't help me)
Ya'll didn't tell me (Ya'll didn't tell me)
Ya'll didn't tell me (This relationship's unhealthy yeah)

(Verse 2)
Yeah I really know how to pick 'em, man, I always end up victim
Of some wild chick I'm kicking with who must have some screws missin'
Or maybe I just don't listen or even worse pay attention
To the signals right their glistening
In front of my eyes telling me do different
Regardless I move on quick and get a new lady
So I ditch that first girl who was crazy and make her my baby
And it was gravy until lately she started actin' shady
I started seeing less money in my account when people'd pay me
Don't play me, bitch, or my intelligence that don't make no sense
For you to steal my dollars and sense you could'a asked for it
She tried to deny and say I'm a liar but her spot got blown
When I found inside her purse all of my bank info and codes
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
That this girl had Gemini Ways
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
She's cool now then suddenly it'll change
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
She say she love me but she after my change
(Ya'll didn't tell me)
And even worse she'll try to steal just to gain
Mane, I ain't see the signs and no one helped me realize
I'm losing dollars and dimes
Guess that's why we calls these hoes fine
She's guilty of the crime now she gotta do the time
Away from me stay from me
Niggas why ain't ya'll saving me?


(Verse 3)
I'm through with 'em can't fool with 'em
These hoes now I'm just screwin' em
Can't put trust in you women
So from now it's good riddance
Might come back around but it'll take more than a few minutes
Need breaks from relationships 'cause this getting too ridiculous
Guess I can't tell the difference 'tween good girls and bad bitches
That gift I wasn't given so I guess I got bad vision
These glasses ain't fashion so I guess they take advantage
That I can't see they asses for what they are under masks
My niggas I'm asking ya'll saw all the red flags and
Didn't throw me any passes to let me know what'll happen
Maybe ya'll were just laughing maybe ya'll weren't concerned
Guess you live and you learn just don't ask my help when it's your turn
Yeah I've been burned but I'm healing my scars
There's good women out there but I ain't seen 'em thus far
Now I'm married to the game that got me writing these songs
And the money in my palm
Take 'em away, Brahms

Track Name: Southern Comfort (Prod. Brahms)
"Southern Comfort"

(Verse 1)
Ok, first thing out my mouth before you know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Hip-Hop ain't never die that bitch just moved down to The South
Let me chill keep it trill slower here but we ain't sittin' still
We chase money big bills and sit old schools on Sprewells
Southern swag that's all we have
We say "mane" not "man" we say "ya'll," "you all"-s banned
We say "ain't" not "you can't"
We like 808s they jam and love battles of the bands
Our weeds the color of foreign flags
Green, orange, and blue strands, nigga

No place in the world like The Dirty South
Good food bad bitches, boy, you know what we about
Smoking on that loud getting higher than a kite
When you come to The Bottom it's a different way of life
It's that Southern Comfort -- Southern Comfort
It's that Southern Comfort -- Southern Comfort
It's that Southern Comfort -- Southern Comfort
When you come to The Bottom it's a different way of life

(Verse 2)
Yeah, young niggas with ambition: 20 years old and driver Benzes
Oh my bad it's a Beamer but it's so clean I can't tell the difference
When niggas come south they chillin why you think so many people visit?
Cruise in Houston, New Orleans boozing, and Miami got them bitches
Atlanta you go for the strippers, Memphis you go to take pictures
Pensacola you go for the beaches and Virginia got loud reefer
In the Carolinas you'll find, bruh, dudes riding loud with they speakers
And Mississippi is really gritty but I love the food and the people
To The South, man, there ain't no equal
It's the home for all Black People
When them Crackas got 'em to go pick cotton
We all had to come to the bottom
In The South niggas know how we rocking'
We chilled out, we trilled out, we sipped out
On that brown come trip out get killed out, nigga


(Verse 3)
We get tourists from all over from October to October
Down south the home of lean so you know that we gon' drive slower
Even white folks cool toward ya ain't that many rednecks
Out chicks backsides mad wide 'cause you know they all cornbread fed
We say "round" not "friend" we don't dap we finger-bend
When we smoke we eat the stem
Well, I do, I don't know 'bout them
We keep it real no pretend sipping Henny taking shots of gin
So much smoke need oxygen steadily counting them Benjamins
Yeah rest in peace to Pimp C and Big H.A.W.K.
Big Moe and all the other great artists that we lost
Makes you want to count your blessings
And protect them at all costs
Here as my home is one of mine… as you thought

Track Name: Little Man (Prod. Brahms)
"Little Man"

(Verse 1)
Say, little man, go do your thing, little man
But just be safe, little man, niggas now don't play, little,
Them boys will spray, little man, and I ain't talkin' bout paint from a can
They keep them Ks, little man, they'll put 'em in face, little man
It's a cold ass game, little man, things don't stay the same, little man
If you gon' play, play with a plan 'cause shit will change, little man
Stack up ya change, little man, stay in ya lane, little man
Say "Fuck these lames," little man, focus your aim, little man,
You won't be my little man always forever, fam
I know you look up to me and wanna do what I did in the past
But, aye, peep game, little man, I did my thang, little man
Now you turn it up, little man, go do what I did times ten
Live it up when you can, little man, remember where you stand, little man
The world's in your hands, little man, be firm with the grip, little man,
It's M.O.E., little man, nothing good's free, little man
Grind to succeed, little man, put on for the team, little man

Aye, I'm giving game to my young nigga
Giving game to my young nigga
On how to make his funds bigger
So he won't be no dumb nigga
Giving game to my young nigga
Giving game to my young nigga
On how to make his funds bigger
So he can see the big picture
My little man
Aye, that's my little man
Hey, that's my little man
Yeah, that's my little man
My little man
Aye, that's my little man
Hey, that's my little man
Yeah, that's my little man

(Verse 2)
Aye, do you say "Fuck you" to those who say different
Stay true and faithful to values you can respect
Keep new dudes out your crew you don't need that many friends
As for hoes it all depends just don't cuff any of them
Uh-huh, little man, keep yo' head up, little man
The road gets rough, little man, but I know you tough, little man
Niggas will bluff, little man, know who to trust, little man
Get your bands up, little man, pockets as buff as they can
Yeah show your stuff, little man, it's cool to stunt, little man
But know up front, little man, jackas run up, little man,
So keep that strap, little man, in the streets and sheets
Watch these freaks you don't want your little man to leak
So keep a latex or a sheep


(Verse 3)
Do what's right, little man, you only got one life, little man
Karma will bite, little man, so play shit nice, little man
Gotta earn your stripes, little man, everything has a price, little man
Might have to sacrifice a hand just to save face, little man
Don't settle in a place, little man, don't catch no case, little man
Watch for them Jakes, little man, and take few breaks, little man
I know you'll be great, little man, I should call you Ace, little man
You got what it takes, little man, I just can't wait, little man
No time to waste, little man, no need for haste, little man
Let's stack this cake, little man, then shine in their face, little man
It's ours to take, little man, the Earth's our turf, little man
Let's put in that work, little man, and get what we're worth, little man

Track Name: Fears (Prod. Brahms)

(Verse 1)
Fears, man, I got these fears of my older years
I have nightmares, yeah, I wake up scared
But ain't no one there
I need some air, yeah, I need some air
Man, I can't breathe here
I see my death it's getting near
No matter how I steer
I need some guidance everything is quiet
I scream in the silence no one's replying
I'm always striving yet so far from thriving
They yell "Simon! Please keep on climbing!"
Instead, I let go
I fall to the ground I let them down
I'm free from the hopes
No one's proud, no one's around
It's only me now I could've drowned
Though I don't know how
I'm still afloat

And everything is different now
I'm seeing everything so different now
I'm sad it came to this to figure out
I had to lose it all just so I could find me
Just so I could find me
Just so I could find me
I had to lose it all to find me

(Verse 2)
Pain- all I know is pain real pumps in my vein
I'm deep in the game my choice would'a changed
If I'da knew this came with doing my thang
Niggas know my name but don't see the whole frame
Look in my eyes you may think you're wise
But you don't know my aim
I have a vision being on this mission is how I'm living
Fuck these bitches hatin' from a distance
At any instance
I don't listen I'm on a different plain than competition
Niggas wishin' I responded hissin'
I ignore those wishes
How I'm living is crucial
How I want it to be? Frugal
At my ugliest because of this
But the struggle… is beautiful
My body… on a crucible
My pressures… unusual
I handle my job dutiful
Hustling making musicals


(Verse 3)
Life- only have one life
I'm lost in the night blind in my sight
I can't see right yet I'm rolling the dice
I payed the price the world cold as ice
And I'm deep in the snow frostbit toes
Even if I could move ain't nowhere to go
Yeah, stuck in one place, stuck with one face
Can't move fast just stuck with one pace
Always a nigga - stuck with one race
Life's a session I just got one take
In the end, just got one fate
Got to live up to we all gotta face the music
Can't duck, dodge, or mute it
Yeah, niggas make think this foolish
But it's 'bout how you read into it
I'm dropping hints all through this
They can keep on acting clueless
I feel like I always knew this but ignored it 'til the truth hit
My life is part of blueprint and to find me I had to lose it