Payin' Dues

by Top Billion

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My birthday present to everyone: a free mixtape.


released September 14, 2012

Simon "Top Billion" Hill x Brad Massey




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: The World's Greatest (Prod. Brad Massey)
"The World's Greatest"

(Verse 1)
I am the world's greatest southern with swag that made New York famous
Deny all you want but the truth ain't evaded long
When you're girl the one buying' my songs
You don' thought wrong claiming that the kid gone
So I came back armed with tracks that all bomb
Please remain clam you're in good palms
I know what I'm doing, ya'll, I'm not playing along
Top a professional making albums now like milking' cows
It's all ups and downs --- Oops!
My bad, bruh, let out my bamma forgot my audience
From Moscow to Atlanta
Well for any of your questions this the answer
Me and Brad some bastards hungry like fasters
We out for all of these kids money --- Fafsa
And we're gonna get it by killin' 'em --- Cancer

(Verse 2)
I switch flows every other verse
'Cause it works and I put these beats in a hearse
See Brad chops samples so easy to surf I should yell
Cowabunga every time one is under
I'm a bad mothafucka dick in my old Earth
Now that's sick like pedophiles preaching at church
But this the tabernacle and the God is at work
Fourth album this year I'm goin' berserk
Well I call that paying dues so that's the name I choose
Headline it on the news on the front page view
And I turn twenty-two September fourteenth the release date
Me and Nas share the same B-Day
I like to think ain't no coincidence so every lyric get my utmost diligence
No more losses I'm in the game to get a win
Only L I like's Lebron if you compare me to him

(Verse 3)
A young legend in my own mind I'll live up to it just give a bit of yo' time
I've been dyin to be rhyming when it's showtime
But Chris-Style said just stay on yo' grind
N.O.T.Y. told me Top you got a gold mind
And with Brad's beats I'm sittin' on a goldmine
So I ain't sweatin' it, nigga, I know I'm better than niggas
That really say they some spitters but to a cold they no sicker
And I could never be bitter if the rap game I don't enter
'Cause I can hustle all winter and by summer be richer
Than everybody put me on a track with anybody
Even the posse the clique'll get bodied
Real deal Holyfield no copy
Jackas wanna bite the steez don't mock me
CipherMusicGroup the team they got me
They best that could ever do it not a probably
Track Name: Have Fun (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Have Fun"

We just came to have fun we ain't trippin' off where you from
Leave the drama at home with ya guns
We just came to have fun niggas in this bitch gettin' blowed
Sippin' slow and spittin' game at these hoes
We just came to have fun the DJ keeping shit live
And all these girls on the dancefloor fine
We just came to have fun so ya'll niggas better not fight
'Cause I plan on stayin' all night we just came to have fun

(Verse 1)
Aye! House party house party
I show up fashionably tardy with a fifth of Barcardi
When CMG hit the scene you know that it started
Yeah the function was stupid but now it's getting retarded
When the drinks start flowing and the weed keep blowing
And we on E rolling then the freaks start showing
Only thing that might fuck up the whole moment
Is if they start a fight and end the night chair throwing
Only thing that might fuck up the whole moment
Is if they start a fight and end the night chair throwing
Let this be the one house party in the projects
Where a nigga don't get merked in the process
Bad bitches all around why ya'll wanna pop shit?
This a G thang but ease up on that 'Pac shit
We on another vibe we drunk and getting high
Havin' the time of our lives with no plans to die
If ya'll wanna scrap please take that shit outside
'Cause the only thing on our mind is


(Verse 2)
You niggas might've came here to tussle
While you do that I'll take your girls by the bundle
And if ya hoes came to pull hair and start a rumble
Who you fighting' for want neither of ya as a couple
So what's the trouble chill for real let's keep it trill
And kill this champagne that's chilled
We got molly and pills if you wanna get ill
And I'm sure the white boys brought coke for the thrill
What's the deal, baby, you got a body that's banging
Let's skip the conversating and jump to the baby making
I'm playing I'm saying you the type I like
And if you're mind match your frame you're the type I'd wife
So before the guns clap and they kick off a fight
Save in my contacts how I'mma hit you tonight
It's sad we gotta deal with this but I'mma realist
These niggas can't be serious, man


(Verse 3)
I came to party and bullshit and mack on a cool chick
Come through with my full clique and drink 'til we're foolish
Not duck when a fool gets a gun with a full clip
Aimin' at one cat but lets the whole tool rip
I wanna get twisted not be a statistic po' up roll up and get lifted
All these bad bitches actin' up bad bidness
Gun slingin'll diminish pussy comin' in minutes
Kill it with the killing 'cause the DJ spinning
The shit that makes women buss it open un-timid
Liquor in this liquid makes the scene more vivid
This life we live it but you still livid? Huh
We too different I'm enjoyin' myself
While you stay being violent and destroying yourself
I'mma keep pullin' hoes keeping more to myself
You do you ain't no more I can help

Track Name: Ridin' wit' My Dawgs (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Ridin' wit' My Dawgs"

When the shit pop and it's on whether right or wrong
Man, I'm gon' be ridin' wit' my dawgs, ridin' wit' my dawgs
If we did broke 'bout to ball or neither or at all
Man, I'm gon' be ridin' wit' my dawgs, ridin' wit' my dawgs
If it's gettin' real in the field and I get a call
Man, I'm gon' be ridin' wit' my dawgs, ridin' wit' my dawgs
If they need me for anything, anything at all
Man, I'm gon' be ridin' wit' my dawgs, ridin' wit' my dawgs

(Verse 1)
Loyalty don' spoiled me it created royalty
'Cause everyone that throw them Cs are kings of their own to me
All the cats who roll with T love Top like a brother
You'd think our blood is in each other and we shared a mother
For them I'd kill a mothafucka rob or get in trouble
With no questions on the double for my dawgs I'm down to rumble
It's us in a huddle callin' plays makin' shots with aims at the top
Getting' paid makin' guap
I laughed with these niggas I cried with these niggas
If I mash with these killas I'mma die or be injured
This life that entered there's no exit path
We either soar flying fast or burn up in the crash
We the last dynasty CMG we like the Mings
The only thing we not Chinese just niggas in designer jeans
Bruh, you can't define my team nope not at all
Well maybe you can call us small 'cause only few are involved


(Verse 2)
CMG shotcaller and my gang is gettin' smaller
'Cause it gets harder and hard to trust niggas when my guard up
I guess I'm getting smarter 'cause in the words of my father
I'm too trusting to bother to see that my friends were robbers
Getting jacked behind my back by cats that were in my pack
Never woulda seen the facts 'til I caught them in the act
So them niggas got the axe cut off with no contact
Now I'm down to few rounds like a short boxing match
I try to keep it there steer my circle clear of squares
I be prepared to cut off dudes who prove they scheming here
My team is clear of any rats and snakes cats who fake
Tryna wait to break in my safe
Naw, they get erased before they even get a chance to
Steal it's eye for an eye hand for a hand too
See I'mma ride for my crew that's what a man do
I just have no tolerance for those who prove they untrue


(Verse 3)
Blood pacts in my contract you affiliated on contact
CMG like Illuminati except it's mostly all blacks
Secret society? Nah, man, we beyond that
We like the U.S. government we run shit and have ya'll taxed
Fall back you ain't like us we bomb back if you strike us
Fake niggas despise us real niggas idolize us
Man, I'm not surprised much when haters say I'm bourgeoise
Damn right I'm choosey with which road dawgs I'll be moving
My niggas trust what I'm doing 'cause the captain's showing and proving
And I break bread with my goonies like Jesus in every movie
They buss at us and we shootin' try to stop us we keep troopin'
And a small group is a raw group so there's no need for recruiting
We good, man, get it understood, fam, not from the hood, man
But my code is strong as wood stands
And this is CMG we not no rock band so there's no egos with my people
That means we'll never disband

Track Name: Hard Times (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Hard Times"

Having hard times in this crazy town (Real life! Real Life!)
Having hard times in this crazy town (Real life! Real Life!)
Having hard times in this crazy town (Real life!)

(Verse 1)
Aye, this a million dollar flow right here
The type that gets a mothafucka known 'round here
Or that gets ya fuckin' chest blown down here
'Cause when life get tought ya on ya own down here
In these hard times young niggas wildin' doin all crimes
OGs send 'em 'cause they'll get small time
But this my home court dawg and the balls mine
And I refuse to back down when it's game time
It's time to turn up word up you heard, bruh
When the goin' get tough the tough step they work up
Jackas see hustlers and they wanna hurt us
So we keep the burner so they can't merk us

Having hard times in this crazy town (Real life! Real Life!)
Having hard times in this crazy town (Real life! Real Life!)
Having hard times in this crazy town (Real life!)

(Verse 2)
I'm on a million dollar mission, hoe
Tryna make money long as twenty fishing poles
Ain't tryna chat with the custos give and go
Don't come to the crib meet you at the Cit-Go
It's a recession said that since 2004
Ain't no excuses now I gotta get it, bro
Put my money where my mouth is gun where my house is
Love where my spouse is and dick in my trousers
Cashed out on my ounces fuck that
Frontin' shit havin' debt is for dumb cats
To flip a O used to take me a month flat
Now they sell faster than I can come back


(Verse 3)
I got a million mind two million dollar grind
Put that together need three mill to sign
Everyone around goin' through them hard times
And I'm no different so I write hard lyrics
A hustlers spirit see it in my appearance
Can't see it then hear it it'll come out clearest
The poor getting' poor the middle disappearing'
The rich getting' rich and the crowd keeps cheering'
It's time to pick a side choose how you're gonna die
With lint in your pocket or in a fly ride
You know what's on my mind shouldn't have to say why
Explaining is a luxury in these hard times


(Verse 4)
Aye, this a million dollar flow right here
The type that gets a mothafucka known 'round here
Or that gets ya fuckin' chest blown down here
'Cause when life get tought ya on ya own down here
In these hard times young niggas getting' green by any means
Seeing anyone with blue eyes as the enemy
The hustler gets a hunnid percent of your energy
In these hard times, man, you hardly catching any Zs
'Cause when you sleep you snooze on the cash
Yeah, it came fast but it's gone in a dash
You gotta grind everyday like it'll be ya last
It will be eventually 'cause hard times pass

Track Name: Replacement (Prod. Brad Massey)

(Verse 1)
Girl, let me replace that lame up in your face
And take you to a space that you ain't been yet
You gotta go on faith that your heart won't break
If it's me you're next make that nigga your ex
He only bringing you plex like smoking stress
Come fuck with the best, babygirl, I'm a vet
Streets show respect I'm a hustler, yes
But I don't mean no threat
Think we all hostile but that's not my style
Ya hot now so perfect for my lifestyle
I talk down ya man 'cause he a clown
In that old Townsmobile ya'll ridin' around
What you need to do is hop in the spaceship
Let me abduct you to fly foreign places
Face it that nigga so basic you wasted
Months of ya life come make it right with me, ya see

Oh no hell naw he doin' it all wrong (all wrong)
Come here let me show you what you missed all along (all along)
You think he a boss but you ain't met a don (met a don)
Girl you're the bomb (Let me replace him)
Oh no hell naw he doin' it all wrong (all wrong)
Come here let me show you what you missed all along (all along)
You think he a boss but you ain't met a don (met a don)
Fuck wit' me, ma (Let me replace him)

(Verse 2)
Ya boy look like the type to go and hit on his wife
If a hair ain't on you right we shootin' on sight
Baby, get in my life these first class flights
And Paris nights'd be what you'd like
Make ya lifestyle tight show you what you been missin'
It beats bein' stuck doin dishes in that kitchen
Or cleaning' up his crib watching all his bad chirren
While he's out chillin' like a villain chasin' women
Get in a queen position fuck with a king
And take a shot of this Louis the thirteen
Let the two of us loosen up Grey Goose it up
Pineapple juice it up and talk whatever new come up
You wanna do this stuff but he won't let ya
'Cause every time he sweat ya then lectures like a professor
Well I'm here to tell ya ya free to do whatever
The cuffing season over life about to get better… forever


(Verse 3)
A real get money nigga, beau, you need to fuck with him
Won't believe how many bands I can stuff in my denim
He gave you rules but I'm here to say bend 'em
And if he gets aggy let me get the message
I'll scoop you in a second he'll probably be shocked
That Top was in a drop and got off with his bop
He the type to start threatening like I'mma get shot
And get three hot in his chest before he could pop
But I'm not gonna get into all that I'mma fall back
And say, girl, call back
'Cause I know you'll kick him to the curb
And I won't even have to say a word 'cept flip 'em the bird
It's a cold cold world shoulda treated ya girl
Now I'm giving her pearls while you hanging with Earl
Homie, don't hate it just learn when you mistaken
You had her she was taken but I'm the replacement -- face it

Track Name: The Life We Chose Ft. N.O.T.Y. (Prod. Brad Massey)
"The Life We Chose" Ft. N.O.T.Y.

(Top Billion)
Is this the life we chose or just what's been shown?
Is this all we know or just what's exposed?
I tell them niggas get the fuck back
'Cause I ain't never heard no dumbs question like that
(Top Billion)
Holla back -- Is this the life we chose or just what's been shown?
Is this all we know or just what's exposed?
I tell them niggas get the fuck back
'Cause I ain't never heard no dumbs question like that
Yeah --

(Verse 1)
The world is crazy they say us niggas lazy
'Cause we're unemployed daily and maybe take care of our babies
But no one's ever saying how the deal we got was shady
And it's making us taking this risk to driving that Mercedes
Being born in the project the first process towards being treated like an object
These crackas ain't honest they heart as cold as onyx
Think we're links in a chain how they wanna lock us
Do we have a choice we barely have a voice
Some people are more poised to driving a Rolls Royce
They say we could be President but that shit's irrelevant
When you're in a residence where the police are negligent
Rap is a heaven-sent gift to us niggas it figgas
There'd be more triggas and drug dealers
The killers and the sinners weren't that way since beginners
We're born in a life we can't unenter ya dig


(Verse 2)
Niggas been making good music since the start of time
Before the slave movement beats ran in our lifeline
Playin' drums groovin' in Africa all the time
So it's not so far-fetched to see us youngins rhyme
Now we're in a life of crime getting' to the paper
Pulling petty capers just to ball like the Lakers
We disregard the haters and emulate major players
And every night we end on bended knee saying prayers
Sold nickels and dimes of that white man's coke
Us homes ain't had hope since we hopped off on the boat
The game we know is dope if not rapine' or sports
'Cause we all want the bad chick and whips on spokes
We've never been close to anything too real
That's why we practice on fields and pray for record deals
To further advance it's like the caps been sealed
Barack -- that ain't spot him but most of us are not him


(Verse 3)
What this all comes down to you are what surrounds you
And what that amounts to the world will doubt you
You have to be 'bout to rise 'bove what'll down you
'Cause though they may clown you they can't stop or ground you
They wanna see you fall but you have to aim to ball
Whether plaques on your wall or diplomas in your hall
If you want then you have to start to crawl
And if you wanna fly then you gotta have some drive
This life we live ain't easy but we make it look breezy
I would B.E.T. you'd wanna be me when you see me
This life that we're breathing ain't the best or the righteous
But it beats Rikers or bein' eaten by tigers
The world's full of liars and the ones who are lied to
The ones who make choices and who choice is supplied to
Now the next question I don't even make rhyme, dude
Which one are you? Top Bill

Track Name: Young Niggas II (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Young Niggas II"

And this is for the youngin' on the block
One palm on the glock middle finger to the cops
Sellin' lil' rocks to get mama a new spot
If no one else says it you got love from Top
And this is for the youngin's
Bruh, you know I'm on your side
And this is for the youngin's
Hold you down every time
And this is for the youngin's
Keep the money on your mind
This is for the youngin's
Nigga, stay on your grind

(Verse 1)
Ok, I'm in a cream colored coupe but the seats all black
Ridin' through a barrio where I see all blacks
Start to feel a little sad that we're still held back
Then I see a wall mural painting of Barack
My emotion conflicted thoughts in my head twisted
Part of me is inspired the other part feel inflicted
How does the President look like my uncle in prison
And his wife look like my aunt that does them white folks dishes
His image got me trippin' I don't have to pretend
The free world leader could grow an afro at whim
The shit made me chuckle but what killed my grin
When I saw shorty on the corner couldn't be more than ten
Pointed to my rims said "Oh you ridin' clean?"
"Yeah, lil' man, stay in school study read"
"Fuck that I got a better plan to get things."
Reached down and pulled an eight-ball out his jeans


(Verse 2)
The cops just shot a kid while cuffed behind his back
They put it in the news he did himself with the gat
A plainclothes off-duty hurt a man's daughter
When dad got mad he put a bullet in her father
What type of shit is that we don't even fight it back
We read it then believe and say it's another black
If not for the traps or the raps or the tracks
Guaranteed a lot of caps would be peelin' wigs back
But on the other side the whole world's mine
So why am I confined to the 'hood and doin' crime
I put it on my mind I'mma grind 'til I shine
Every time that I rhyme that's the aim in each line
The youngin' selling' dimes to the OGs with the blocks
To cats who don' copped their first drop
You all inspire Top I hope I do the same
Remember, be true to the game and shhh


(Verse 3)
Understand me, homie, it's not all about race it's all about cake
Either how much is at stake or how much you can make
Who are they to state what you do and what you can't
You control your fate rock that ice in they face
Buy that house by the lake order cham' by the case
Drink the best with no chase blow kush by the eighths
These youngin's havin' youngin's kids all over the place
Before the Reaper comin' make sure the fam is straight
Not preaching' to the choir just reach higher
'Fore we all expire we should be on yachts retired
Bad bitches all around sippin' lean with the team
From a billion dollar scheme that's a black man's dream
As for shorty that I mentioned in my first verse
Here's what I did "Yo, how much all them rocks worth?"
"A hunnid dollars, blood, and I got soft work."
"I'll buy it all but you gotta shake the spot first."

Track Name: Payin' Dues (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Payin' Dues"

(Verse 1)
Getting money's a process you gotta progress for profits
Long roads bring long dough nothing overnight's honest
Sellin' nicks out projects studying for college or recording in closets
All beginnings are modest
Look at Jay, look at Nas, look at B.I.G., look at Pac
Nobody in that squad got a handout from God
Just niggas on they job got lucky got money
Had a Suge or a Puffy or a Dame or a nothing
If that shows you something it should be get yo' grind on
Fake it to make you'll forever where rhinestones
Mama would tell me the easy way out won't see on that route
Yeah Ms. Ellen made my mind strong
I got my eyes on the heavens and the Jordan sevens
The reverends promise good times like Florida Evans
But why should I die to get my piece of the pie?
You want me paying just tithes but surprise

Man, I do what I do when I want to how I choose
That's how hustlers move when we out here paying dues
In this world, cash rules many want riches too
It goes to the few who really pay their dues
So I'm true to my crew and the game I'm into
Now when you see me roll through say he paid his dues

(Verse 2)
Yeah, the flow that switches keep who listening paying 'ttention
That's a trick you're given when you get in my position
But really I'm no different though you hear my style inventin'
We had the same beginnings all as babies booger picking'
Booty diggin', lint flickin', dirt lickin' toddlers
Playin' mobsters, indians, cops, or robbers
As we grew up some became lawyers, doctors,
Rappers, scholars and it's all because of dollars
Haha it's funny no really it's funny how we're now getting this money
We were just watching Bugs Bunny
Now we're making major moves after paying all those dues
Guess we don't have to snooze to see dreams come true
Fuck rappin' the blues when all the beats are this smooth
And any freak that I choose is down to get on her twos
I've worked hard this true but I got more to prove
Fuck if I'm on mixtape forty-two I'm telling you


(Verse 3)
The grind is never ending ain't no restin'
If sleeping came in second I'd stay up twenty-four-seven
With people ain't no telling but money don't be pretending
You know just what you're getting when your Benjis isn't bending
I'm only gellin' with hustlers and ex-felons who be expelling real lessons
'Bout the trap from their melons
They paid their dues and in return them crackas gave a sentence
In cells for repentance that only make them more menace
That may be where I'm heading the price of getting lettuce
My one fear then is seeing mama tear shedding
I pray that all these blessings keep on coming without question
'Cause my name is steady spreading and I need them at this second
I promise when I get on I'll correct all my wriz-ongs
Can't say I'll put kids on but I'll try like a third charm
And I owe nobody noth-an such my third arm
I paid my dues and you can do the same too

Track Name: Pass the Mic Ft. Photokidd, Brance B., Playa P, King Twanie, N.O.T.Y., 6th Grade, Chris-Style, Sektor, & Bunnie (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Pass the Mic" Ft. Photokidd, Brance B., Playa P, King Twanie, N.O.T.Y., Chris-Style, Sektor, & Bunnie

(Top Billion)
Top Billion. CipherMusicGroup. Northside.

Well let me kick things off I be the CMG boss
I win at all costs I can't even spell loss
Shotcaller and a baller I should be Chris Bosh
'Cause can't a nigga hang with me like the man on the cross
Big money what I talk if you're deaf then walk
Ain't a six figure start I'm out your ballpark
Man, if rap's art then I'm fucking Picasso
I thought so if not though I'm Basquiat-Top, bro
Garden District been my hood since I was snot nose
So Northside surprised I'm not blamed for the potholes
From Monroe but my swag international it's factual
My CD's in each country's capital
I'm from the bottom where these niggas pop a cap in you
If they don't blast as you them crackas come and tackle you
Rap is what we have to do that's why I'm good at it
Not to boast or brag but, man, I put my hood on it
Haters, quit the foolishness you see my team winnin'
You mad that you're down bad in the ninth inning
Whatever if to ball's wrong I'mma keep sinning'
So I'mma pass the mic and pray to Lord I'm forgiven

Photokidd. Plan Too Music Group. AQ.

South side where I grew up, where niggas destined to screw up
Forced to make a name so that hood you reppin’ they knew us
Where friends would turn to enemies, they'd be the ones to damage you
Where kids be playing hopscotch and jacks on Gordon avenue
That same place where we kill a beat, that's where we started Plan Too
Some young niggas with dope lyrics, show the world what we can do
From the bottom up, so it's bottoms ups
Vodka shots, get a lot of cups
Sip it twice, take a lot of gulps
Get fucked up,
It's easy, I do this, Mr. young and talented
When moms moved me out the hood they said where they fuck the talent went
I'm right here, this mic here, will be the reason I make it out
And this real shit that I spit will be the same reason they take me out ahh
But I ain't changing
Gotta keep my head up, gotta maintain this
Success driven attitude, in the same lane as
A lot of these rappers before they became famous
I'm anxious, cuz I swear I gotta make it
These niggas fear reality, I ain't afraid to face it
The only thing I fear is the thought of being basic
Top said pass the mic, fuck, here somebody take it

(Brance B.)
Yaa Brance B. DMA Representer. Northwest!

Young’un on his grind, 15 but I'm here though
Shoutout to my single mom cuz she my biggest hero
I told her she could count on me so please just don't count me out
Lost my dad and now I am the man of the house
We broke and we need fixing, told my moms imma get it
Cuz I’m tired of countin’ pennies my potential has no limit
So I picked up that pen to rhyme, picked up that pen at 9
Backed us in this corner so we ain't got no choice but to grind
See I was used to slammin’ dominoes on the table
Moms moved us to the north and now I actually know my neighbors
Good kid turned bad she said I used to be sweet
Now I'm in that caddy rollin’ up sweets
Blowin’ swisha sweets, trying to reach the peak 
Used to not care about sex now she sayin’ I'm a freak
Ha, I guess I changed for the better cuz you learn from your mistakes
And I don’t care whether you old or if you young, you could nod along with this
We all trying to be right so ain't nothing wrong with this
Married to the game you could be the best man
Trying to relay run my city pass the mic to the next man

(Playa P)
Playa P. A-Plus Entertainment. Westside, Nigga.

Everybody body in my city wanna rap, they on the same thing
Too much talent in the city, get on the same page
How the fuck we gon’ make it we can't maintain
Every man for himself, that’s a dead game
Everybody got a song that say the same thing
It’s the same fucking picture in the mainframe
You thought u put it out, but the flame is back
And if you didn't understand, well the gang is back
A plus entertainment ain’t no changing that
And everything I said before, this just changes that
Aye put me in the booth, I swear I’ll spit just facts
I ain't calling no names, but most of you rappers is wack
You should've stayed in school and kept it aimed at that
Most of u niggas house gangstas and your quality wack
Put my team in the game to put the city on the map
Let me take the hand off, fuck it I’ll run it back
I ain't never been a gangster I don't even waste no time on ’em
Westside how I ride the hood shine on ’em
I know they patiently waiting for me to sign over
My time is up homie gon’ take the mic over

(King Twanie)
YG Entertainment. K.T. East-up, Nigga.

Welcome to my section where niggas tote Smith-&-Wessons
And keep it cocked for protection and keep them pussies from plexin'
You get caught without a weapon in my section then it's over
Them gangstas play it cool and let the youngstas fuck you over
Ain't no limits to a soldier no street can stop a rider
Where I'm kids hectic them youngsters they be wildin'
From the home of the violence, bangin', and sellin' drugs
Most of my niggas I know dead or locked up
Feds they watch us I don't worry I be doin' me
Hate to see us shine so they stay in my community
Don't want me influencing little niggas that tussle
They'd rather see them bang and see them fight so they can cuff 'em
I'd rather see 'em sing and help 'em write so they can bubble
Try to maintain the struggle so it won't be no tougher
They suffer and turn to crime just to get some dough
And it be hard to teach 'em better that's the only thing they know
From the city of the Roe, hood of Booker T
New Homes the section, Beale it be the street
Never forget the East never forget the glory
So I'mma pass the mic so you can hear another story --- Gunna

N.O.T.Y. CipherMusicGroup. SO APE. West Side, Nigga.

You pass the mic, well nigga man I’ll past the dutchie
Drunk as fuck, puking up filling up on an ugly chubby
West side is on the left side where lames can’t touch me
That nigga think he all that, well yeah bitch I must be!
Get back skidddat my niggas ain’t with that
69 we flip that
My mind where the chips at
HUH and AQ is where we kick back you play wit
Our bread and cheese will grab the Big Mac
I’m from a side where niggas ride and never mix facts
You from a side where Mr. Belding always knickknacks
Patty wacked oh lord! She gave my dog a boner
K.D. he is on her, we flipped her then disowned her
But every hood got they troubles mine got they fault
From showing they ass and bragging ’bout the snitch they fought
From showing no love to those scrubs until they bought
And everybody stay afloat when we catch a drought
But it’s my hood and my hood I’ll never forget about
And at the Grammys you know two words I’ll be screaming out
West side grab my dick scream it with pride
I’mma hold it down on this side and pass it to the other guy.

(6th GRADE)
Sixth Grade. Plan T.O.O. Music Group. A.Q.

As the beat bangs bass just to break the system
Ignites the talent like a click from the breaker system
I'm from that place where kids have kids and they kids
Just ain't shit and they end up in the fuckin' system
Not to be harsh though Mom didn't believe in guns
She packed talent in my arsenal shit it's probable
That I'm possible to change the world but
Let me fill up my pockets first I'm a broke nigga ain't got shit
Gun shots from down the street you pray to God that you not hit
Granny couldn't take the news a nigga be so busy chasin' dreams
That I'll be late for school fuck it I don't need an education
Teachers ain't shit and vodka better my situation
Like the accumulation of maybe dollars and shit
Who the best? Don't even ask my team gotta be it
I mean just look at where we from
Lil' niggas with enough drive to make through the slums
Stop it you can't fuck with my southern logic
I'll sweep the floor with you ass then turn around and mop it
And that's without my line up but my time's up
Lemme pass the mic so you can hear the story of the next rhymer

Chris Style. CMG, Invisible 5th. Live from the boondocks.

Epps is where I rep. It's the place that I was raised in
'Roe City transplant. The Haven's where I'm stayin'
The more I start to speak, the more that you're gonna see
This is the story of a warrior's origin on a beat
Me bein' me though, why shouldn't I use this verse to
Illustrate the truth that the hood is universal?
I kick that live spit everybody identifies with
That fight to survive, keep your eyes on the prize ish
Welfare, food stamps, single mom, five kids
Imaginary player cats, swearin' they're the flyest
The kid with mad game that had plans of bein' Jordan
'til his girl got pregnant, now his family's more important
But the pay he's gettin' from his 9-to-5 just ain't enough
Now he's grindin' on the side, and it provides him with a rush
He ain't tryin' to be in cuffs; know the times are gettin' tough
In time, he realizes he's a diamond in the rough
Peeped the lifestyle, and now he's dyin' to live it up
So he finally decides on writin' rhymes to get his bucks
We're the same at the core, regardless of where we at
So I’mma pass the mic for someone else to bless the track. Get'em!!!

Sektor. Chi-Town to the Roe. Eastside Laborhood.

Westside, Chi Cook county 7/10/95
Niggas know how to survive the struggle
Had to hustle just to get by
17 years same hustle flippin’ dimes and prolly gettin’ high
Shit…the story of my life’s kinda boring but I guarantee
These lil whores gon’ adore me anyway
Cocaine white widow married to a train wreck
Sleepin’ on the rails, you even catchin’ trains yet
As I look around all I see is ole shit,
Small ass city prolly run into my ole bitch, oh shit
A bunch of young’uns on the corner sellin’ bags of marijuana
Pellets hit, blood donors
But don’t involve us in the drama, it’s the cops
2010 summertime lil homie got shot
Big homie got robbed, lil cuz got his ass whip
Inglewood doggin’ mess around get ya ass bit
I’m ridin’ round town lookin’ for a freak
On the East ya better know how to move ya feet
Rebel gang ,affiliated with royalty
Let me pass the mic, holla at me for sum more of me

Uhh, Bunnie, Does it for me. New Homes.

Now everybody here waking up with the same dream
I got a need to receive it, praying to maintain
I’m from the heart of the city the thought of it really
I’ve never had an idol nothing taught me to do me
So I follow myself like my shadow ain’t there
At the end of Booker T, call that the Madison square
Just cause I tally mark my right and get my points up
I was taught to strike and not to hike
I’m never giving up, will never have to forfeit my position I’m up in the chess
I’m on the move so you tell me what you think is next. Lucky guess...
Putting bombs out where the chumps be
Sticking with the lyrics why you think the nigga chose me?
You can’t think of me as one of you
I pull my business out right in front of you
Just add me to the count I’m one of the dudes
That makes ten of us on top of a few
I stay up in the Dio like a habit now
You claim I’m wack and I’m slackin’ but you up in the crowd
And if I think to pick a win that’s up to me to choose
Cause I don’t really have a care on how you suckas lose