The Treehouse

by Top Billion

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I spent a summer in Minneapolis and met Papa Con. He made dope beats, I had tight raps, and we both enjoy hip-hop, jamming, and beer. This is our collaborative effort. The Treehouse was 623 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis. Shoutout to Elio & Jauston.


released November 29, 2011

Simon "Top Billion" Hill x Alex "Papa Con" Conover.




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: The Struggle (Prod. Papa Con)
"The Struggle"

Get it right
Unless you come from the bottom you and I
Will never ever ever have the same vibe
I can't relate to a sucker or a lame motherfucker
'Cause I come from the struggle

(Verse 1)
Live from The Treehouse Papa Con beat out some heat out
So now my flow gotta douse the thing out
You don't have to seek out real that real rap when we out
The thoughts that you're too scared to think out I speak 'bout
Fuck holding back this is soul rap
Know that I ain't have a chance to compose tracks
Let alone act like it's possible I'll pass these obstacles
And make it in this industry that's improbable
Where I'm from it's either Wal-Mart or the Army
Hardly does anybody ever live a different story
Half of the niggas that I kicked with are enlisted and wished it
End not over their dead body
The chicks I knew got pregnant soon as graduation ended
Got some college credit then after freshman they said forget it
My parents have been heading for divorce and never said it
Stuck with each for me and my brother 'til they couldn't take it
I started rapping at fourteen told me I's pathetic
Quit while you're ahead Simon or you'll regret it
I must of been hard headed I ignored what they said and
Wrote more verses for better or worse it's
My life and I'm a product of the struggle
Developed my own hustle built a building out of rubble
Didn't grow up in a bubble was raised seeing trouble
Saw ma pull a gun out on pops in a tussle
The harsh realities of life have taken toll peace to Pun's soul
Real niggas don't grow old
If that's true I cant expect to see 22
So at 21 I'm going dumb dropping albums out of the blue
If you weren't raised with old shoes cold food and were friends few
I can't relate to you this tape ain't for you
My shit ain't made for you go ahead and change it, dude, I encourage you to
I'd rather be heard by someone out in the 'burbs
That really feels my words than any one of you nerds
I'd rather be heard by hustlers on the curb
That relate to my verbs than any one of you herbs


(Verse 2)
I'm talking 'bout coming home from school and being alone
Not seeing your folks 'til the next day in the morn'
Hearing your favorite rapper's voice more than your pop's tone
Then channeling all your anger through a microphone
In high school feeling like you don't belong
You think different you see everyone else as drones
Getting clowned 'cause you don't have the new Js on
Can't holla at cute girls 'cause your swag ain't on
So it's fuck them fuck them you say I'm above them
Put your energy in rap to keep from thinking snuff them
They don't get it fuck critics it ain't for them to get it
Rap ain't make me popular I did it for the love then
Stuck in a place where they only embrace
Southern bass that makes hoes shakes their waists in your face
This dream you want to chase seems out of your reach
Makes you want to break or take a 9 to 5 in its place
Like Boosie say you dont know my struggle
You don't feel my hustle
Amen to that brother
A'int cut from this cloth two words fuck off
This the soundtrack for down cats who relate to loss
The Struggle
Welcome to The Treehouse
Track Name: I Rhyme Tight (Prod. Papa Con)
"I Rhyme Tight"

(Verse 1)
Yo I used to be the Joe Blow had a so so flow
Wasn't even doing shows inside my postcode
Used to walk around saying hello with my head low
'Til I spent a summer alone with instrumentals
Papa Con laced me like coke in a menthol
Now heights I'll reach long as I tweak my mental
Bitches on my head like lead on a pencil
It's all in reach long as I beat the beat
Used to be in streets moving fifty a week
CDs so tell the PDs don't even try to seek me
Legal rap money put food in my tummy
But really that ain't for me, B, I want to live geechy
In the limelight cause I rhyme tight that's right
Fathered my own way motherfuck your advice
Killin' like my past life must've of been a murderer
'Cause it's a crime they say Top I never heard of ya

Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight
Blowin' up like you thought I would
Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight
It's all good
Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight
Blowin' up like you thought I would
Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight
It's all good

(Verse 2)
Yo I used to the Joe Blow had a so so flow
A celibate lesbian, man, I had no hoes
No green lights my career was a no go
Probably 'cause my old folks had us in Monroe
No chance, no breaks just The Apollo
Boo'ed me off second time I rhymed
Didn't kill my grind didn't tear my eyes
It taught me to survive and bounce back pogo
Got straight dropped mixtapes on mixtapes
Went out of state selling them making bank
Fuck what everyone think I'mma get my break
By even forcing my way into this bitch rape
I'm not unsigned hype I'm unsigned great
I'm like un-mined gold or a treasure chest in the lake
If you find me ooooooooo that's all I can say
'Cause a baker couldn't make more cake


(Verse 3)
I used to the Joe Blow had a so so flow
Ask people if I'd win and they'd say hell no
Didn't think so 'til I did it all my own
Grinding co-signing, beat finding
Now the earlobes got a couple cool diamonds
Rich by no means but woo ha I'm shinin'
Socially climbing the ladder but crackers salty
'Bout this matter 'cause I'm blacker
I tell em K-K-Kool out I won't rule out being Nat Turner with the burner
I worked hard to pull out this bezzle and move out
The bottom of the map return never dat
I came to make stack not dip in an instant
I envision every plaque: daydreaming dentist
I'm the best out the south I said and meant it
Flow crazy.. Call me demented... Top Bill

Track Name: Can't Stay Out the Streets (Prod. Papa Con)
"Can't Stay Out The Streets"

(Verse 1)
I'm sitting in The Treehouse tryna feel this beat out
But instead my mind keeps wandering
'Cause instead of thinking things putting what I feel out
I'm thinking of the money that I'm squandering
'Cause instead of being out on the pavement racking up payment
I'm locked in the studio
No money I'm making so why am I staying
I should go what I think on the low
Ion't see no future behind this computer
Imacs don't make cash stack
So I'm typing this verse so fast so I can dash this pad
And get back where the money at
I made the corner my home selling I product I own
Sold a hundred copies of my album, bro
Did it all alone my name's getting known
Now I'm addicted to building up my bankroll
I'm tellin ya

Man, I can't stay out the streets
I just can't stay out the streets
Man, I can't stay out the streets
I just can't stay out the streets
I'm addicted to money, fame
All those things can't go back to being lame
I'm addicted to money fame all of those things I'll never leave here, mane
I'm in these streets

(Verse 2)
I'm an impulsive person that's for certain
Won't stop 'til I get what I'm searching for
Or 'til they close the curtains or my heart stop working
I'm at it until I just can't no more
I give 100% multiplied by four
Never had enough cake I always want more
Like a fat kid so that's how I act kid
In the streets tryna turn a dollar to a stack, kid
I literally had lint in my pocket when I started
My hustle retarded now my knot is the largest
I'm addicted to the game no console cartridge
I got that spirit in my bones, hearts, and cartlidge
I got it the hardest so I reap rewards
True player in game I'm keepin' score
Every dollar I make like a point on the board
And I'm try be Kobe, homie, you know me

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 3)
I'm in these streets and this is how I choose to eat
So don't try to knock my hustle or how I make money double
Unless you want trouble 'cause then we'll gotta tussle
Then you'll see my every muscle go and bust your fuckin' bubble
I come from the struggle never had shit, nigga
What you know about havin' water for dinner
I wanna be a winner more than being a liver
So I'll die for mine like it's a jihad scripture
Got it on my mind money all the time
If loving it's a sin then I'm in Hell's line
Being broke is as close to being a joke
So nothing's funny to me it's all murder she wrote
These hoes love a nigga with cash
So when I'm seen on the ave
It's like Usher how these girls spazz
But I don't want the pussy want the stacks it last
Longer than two hours givin' dick to Sandra
I think I'm a monster, Con, I'm a monster
But I wasn't always this money hungry I promise ya
Changed in time since I came to grind
Can't leave the streets like the bolts in the neck of Frankenstein
But no one will change my mind
This concrete mine from the lines to signs
And if I die while on my run
Let my tombstone read him and the streets were one
Track Name: A Billion Dollars (Prod. Papa Con)
"A Billion Dollars"

I fucking hate being broke pockets all choked
Wallet looking like the punchline of a joke
Living off of ramen and the money from my folks
I want to be a billionaire quote unquote

If i had a billion dollars I'd solve all of my problems
And live out my life ballin
If i had a billion dollars I'd buy every bottle at the bar and
Then Id pass out all them
If i had a billion dollars I'd be the very same cat that you knew
I wouldn't change at all, man
If I had a billion dollars aww, man, if I had a billion dollars
It would be a problem

(Verse 1)
Money can't buy love money can't buy happiness
But it can lease them or it could pay rent
The money that I've spent is only a fragment
Of what I would blow if I got that check
First thing to expect if I got a billion
I'd cop me a building just to be in it chillin'
Sit on the pavillion count up all my millions
Then set up a charity for Haiti's starving children
Then I'll get the feelin' just to blow somethin'
Throw some ice on my body, yea, snow somethin'
No, cousin, I won't do a lotta show stuntin'
My circle only knows my wealth the rest knows nothin'
Buy my Old Earth a little somethin'
A house or two, a car, a pool whatever she want to choose
You know I can't refuse what mama want me to do
If I had a billi really it'd be her dream come true


(Verse 2)
Money can't buy swag money can't buy charm
But it can sure put a few dollars to the cause
I'd cop a couple cars no blue and white lights
Though I'm sitting in back like the chauffeurs's an officer
I'd be popular with females then
My women friend would probably bend
Their backs to be more than friends
But a boss dont have a hundred chicks on him
A boss has one the ninety-nine else want in
My crew I got them breaking bread like Jesus
We're eating feasting like pass the seasoning
We're blessed no sneezing if one of us ball
We all ball standing tall NBA all stars
Loans I'd pay 'em all debt be gone
Triple digit credit score my god
Titanium in my palm black card
A crowd screaming Top Bill yes, ya'll


(Verse 3)
Money can't buy dreams money can't buy wishes
Can't buy grace money can't get forgiveness
Can't buy health money can't cure sickness
Though if you ask Magic I'd bet he'd say different
Can't buy family cant buy friends
Can't buy honesty but you can yes-men
Can't buy courage money can't help then
Try to buy fear you'll be scared to no ends
Can't buy wisdom atleast in tradition
Can't pay to listen though it is pay attention
So what's the real difference if I really had a billion?
Would it change my condition or just how I'm livin'?
I wouldn't be different be the same ol' guy
Just more fly and alot less strife in my life
Yeah, it'd be nice if I had those stacks
Guess that's enough reason to chase those plaques

Track Name: Kick it Low-Key (Prod. Papa Con)
"Kick it Low-Key"

(Verse 1)
So you're the coach and you benched me
This is how u vex me
I screw up you blew up and this is how you test me
Don't call or text me you scream as I jet-ski
Out the apartment to avoid the argument
Break ups the hardest shit to handle when your heart in it
Wouldn't got involved in this if I knew you'd call it quits
Got me in a fuckin' pit can't get out of it
Is this happenin? When I think of it I'm doubtin' it
And just when I think my poutin' 'bout to quit
I'm hearin' that you're in a new relationship
Already? Really already?!
If I ain't cry before I'm about to bawl heavy

Know I messed up but you're new guy's lame
Got me on the bench, coach, put me back in the game
From the way that we talk I know you prefer me
If your boy get mad we could kick it low key
(Low Key) Yeah we could kick it low key
(Low Key) Yeah we could kick it low key
(Low Key) Yeah we could kick it low key
If your boy get mad we could kick it low key

(Verse 2)
So you moved on to that lame what we had was nothing?
Benched me so he'd play but he got no D game
I balled hard like D. Wade when you asked for anything
But you wont put the MVP under my name?
Baby, that's insane come to a real mane
Fuck your boy toy he ain't nothin' but a play thing
For real though, he's dildo come get the real thing
I'm your Bilbo I got a ring and your last name
Let's kick it how we used to do what we should do
Link up, drink up, undress, have sex
All in that order it's the fourth quarter
Put me back in the game so I can score for ya


(Verse 3)
If life showed you anything it's that you can't everything
I guess the tradeoffs for success were many things
Including love and finding ones to trust
For me to come up the sacrificial lamb was us
I guess I'll hang my jersey up retire from the field
It was real sad way to end a contract deal
But look here, I wish you the best in your change
And that you remember my name in the hall of fame
Track Name: Who Woulda Thought (Prod. Papa Con)
"Who Woulda Thought"

I'm not a fan of wishing or praying for a difference
Or sitting in positions waiting for uplifting
I like missions a man of ambition
If you and me similar (Listen!)
Con, I'm feelin' like Jay what more can I say?
I told my story so much it auto-relays
I'm from a deep place where no one e-scapes
'Less you join Navy on eighteenth B-day
I can't e-xplain all of the deep pain
That you feel growin' up Black in that red state
Or when a friend states that you shouldn't chase
A dream 'cause the place where your raised don't make
Rap stars that's hard for kid to embrace
When he factors his heroes are all in his face
BET MTV doing all of the things
That he wants to accomplish one day
An Alabama baby born a year after the 80s
Didn't come 'til six but rep Louisiana crazy
Monroe made me like Jamie Mayo shaped
If not then Top is everything that it can't be
Who'da thought that the kid from the Boot
Would shoot to be the king while spittin' the truth
And if someone had told ya the kid from Winona
Beats would get colder you'da said "no, bruh"
Hold up, the whole world may not know us
But they'll come around eventually: donut
'Cause you know what they say each dog has it's day
Ours'll be a holiday: MLK
Yeah, I been all about fighting odds
Since the cards that I were dealt to play were kinda hard
That's no excuse at all I find a way to get along
Becoming strong like a chronic masturbator's arm
You can't do me harm I'm walking with the grace of God
I'm talkin' bout myself fuck your Proverbs and Psalms
I'm Visible Allah to my NGE niggas
And Mr. Top Bill to my CMG niggas
What it be, nigga, I'm an opportunist I do this
Got these Noillib Pot sweaters moving
It would'a seemed foolish if I went in the past
And told myself I'd get this cash
From these words that I blab
Man, I feel like an ass somtimes
I get dimes from rhymes that are asinine
But then who'da thought I could pass the time
Just doing what I feel and turn that to a mill (meal)
Ticket to conditions that are better than my living
Situation where I'm stationed with a lowly occupation
Where I'm wastin' all my patience doin' bullshit that I'm hatin'
Papa Con'll tell you "that's a living hell, dude"
But a dream come true is when you can choose to
Move on your own accord like now when I record
And when you're living for something you would die
Like gangbangers goin' out in a drive-by
I'm not a fan of wishing or praying for a difference
Or sitting in positions waiting for uplifting
I like missions a man of ambition
If you and me similar listen
Track Name: Summer in Minneapolis (Prod. Papa Con)
"Summer in Minneapolis"

(Verse 1)
I always wanted to travel
Main reason why I wrote raps out a handful was it
Fuck a big budget packed my suitcase
Tell Minneapolis I'm comin'
Minnesota bound on the greyhound stayed down
Two days in a chair couldn't even lay down
No shower, no wash breath smelt like hot sauce
Met cat out a prison: small talked
Me and my Ipod playing classics
While looking out the window watch the world passin'
Thinking of what awaits I didn't plan it
Five hundred in my pocket less on my plastic
I wanted to escape I needed a break
From the drama with mama and popa in the Boot state
She said to be safe and to ring her I did neither
I took risks and returned missed calls when I seen her
Dropped a video of me driving her Beamer
And she'd always answer when I did need her
Love her for being a mom that's accurate
But being my own man why I'm in Minneapolis

It's the season of summer awake from your slumber
Live for the moment you're not growing younger
The fountain of youth is far from the truth
See what this world has to offer to you
It's summertime and it only comes sometime
Go soak up some summer shine
It's summertime and it only comes sometime
Go soak up some summer shine

(Verse 2)
Touched down at the station I'm waiting
To be picked up by my girl at the location
She came through with some chipotle I'm tasting
For the first time I'ont see the hype it's aight
Took me to my apartment that night
Small little space, man, I'm gonna be cramped tight
Met my suite-mates most of them aight
Cool people but none I'd be friends with for life
Started job hunting ASAP no places called back
Only one that did was the Arden B gig
Fuck it I'm in retail for females
Just wish they told me it'd be part time in the details
Fifteen hours here and there ain't shit
Oh by the way 'least I forget
I lost 200 dollars out my mothafuckin' wallet when it slipped
And I ain't seen it that bitch since


Wallet was lost so I had to get a new social security card
Boy, was that hard but when I left the office
Hopped on the bus to the mall
Where I met this cat named Veeski Dona Black
Who put me on game on stacking his change
Selling CDs to build up his name
His boy S-Ten he was doing the same
They inspired me to try it so I started grinding
Two weeks later my pockets were stocked full of guap
Selling tapes five dollars a pop
Had Dinkytown on lock couldn't be prouder
Had all the white boys singing Future Nostalgia
It was fun while it lasted blew alot of cash when
I hit Valleyfair and we had a blast then
I'll never forget this place where I'm rapping this
That's how I spent my summer in Minneapolis