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On this album, I really wanted to show that I'm a great artist and that I can put together cohesive bodies of work. This album is my soul in MP3 format like my seminal work "Based on a True Story." I wanted this project to encompass all the anger, joy, frustration, focus, fear, bravery, and determined will it takes to be a young Black American with the audacity to work hard for a better life. I want this work to touch all people, but mainly young Black people in all sections of society (from the 'hood to the college dorms; from the trappers to the Talented Tenth).

There are songs on here that are meant to be inspirational ("Desperate Measures," "I Need a Dollar," "Young, Black & Ambitious"). There are songs here that are meant to speak directly to the streets ("Walk wit' a Killah," "No Guarantees in the Game," "Rodney Cullens"). There are love songs and joints for the ladies ("Baby, Don't Go," "Hurts to Say I Love You," "She Don't Hear the Words"). There are songs here meant to be braggadocios and raucous ("Nothin' You Can Do About It," "Intimidated"). There are songs here that are hedonistic and meant to be played in the clubs ("Freak Hoe," "Don't Want That Hoe"). And the last song ("Permanent Target") is meant to be a cautionary song to remind my audience that until racism and ignorance is gone, we're still targets in this society.

I honestly believe that this project is my best work to date and that there is something on here for everybody to enjoy. This is an album meant to be played in the cars, in the cribs, and in the clubs.


released March 16, 2013




Top Billion Miami, Florida

Born 9/14/90. From Monroe, LA. I started taking Rap seriously at 18. I rap about things that happen in my life and what I see going on in the world around me. I like making and releasing new songs because you can never have enough music. There's atleast one album you'll love here... guaranteed. ... more

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Track Name: Walk wit' a Killah (Prod. Yogi Beatz)
"Walk wit' a Killah"

(Verse 1)
Well I ain't never killed a man but you just might be the first,
And I threatin' ya life but you should pick out a hearse,
'Cause if you shootin' at the kid you better pray that I'm merked,
Before I get back on my twos and put your ass in the dirt,
Yeah there's a first time for everything even M-1s,
What's a quarter life sentence? Man, I'm just 21,
Man I'll come home young like a newborn son,
While your life's been done mine just begun,
Homicide rate high in the section I'm from,
Youngins with no future swear they'll shoot ya,
HUD housin' built like the prisons we used to,
Penitentiaries essentially since elementary,
A whole century that's what they gave to my round,
He told me Top hold me down I'm Angola-bound,
I promised to him when he touch down I'd have the crown,
And let the whole world know what we been around here's how

Come and walk with a killa real trill nigga,
Man behind the finger that pulls that trigga,
You think you got us figured? You don't see the picture,
Really really really wanna know chill wit' us,
Come and walk with a killa real trill nigga,
Man behind the finger that pulls that trigga,
You think you got us figured? You don't see the picture,
Really really really wanna know chill wit' us

(Verse 2)
Ion't pop 'cause I'm an asshole do it for the cashflow,
No different than Castro, Reagan, or Maslov,
If you got mad dough I'm comin' with the black fo',
Kickin' down yo' back do' and snatchin' what I ask fo',
You thinkin' that's low but look where we at,
A block away from hell and some are closer than that,
Uncle still drinkin' heavy twistin' off Coors caps,
Auntie still playin' Powerball her hopes in a scratch,
My lil' niggas wildin' check the crime stats,
The projects no environment for the hopeless with gats,
13 year olds strapped it's no game, mane,
They'll lay you on your back to get a name, mane,
Every ghetto is the same young girls givin' birth,
Lil' niggas on the turf while the white cops search,
Profilin' while they work thinkin' each nigga the perp,
If they question me first I'mma rap 'em this verse


(Verse 3)
Speakin' for the collective come see it from our perspective,
All we expected is to be disrespected and then neglected,
My cuz sent a message they denied his appeal,
They gave him football numbers think he played on a field,
Niggas jocin' in that parish for months skin scarred by the cuffs,
Bail so much can't pay a fifth upfront,
Lotta gangstas gettin' fucked by the District Attorney,
He's either racist, tough, or dishing what we're deserving,
Dopeboys keep serving as the world keeps turning,
Will our souls be burning for the money we're earning?
Only Lord knows, Lord knows who'll be in the inferno,
But right now the world's cold and Mama needs a thermal,
This is the journal of a man on the edge,
Never killed I said but I'm close to the ledge,
Before I make my bed and either one of us is dead,
I hope you got game while inside my head yeah

Track Name: No Guarantees in the Game (Prod. LV Beats)
"No Guarantees in the Game"

(Verse 1)
If you want the 411 on Top Billion I'll give you the news,
I'm from that M-O-N-R-O-E write it if you're confused,
Just made 22 I'm geeked I ain't chained or deceased,
Got these LV Beats and now I'm floodin' the streets,
I'm from the bottom of the map but top of The Boot,
Call it the roof where youngins shoot out the coupe,
And in the bayou dump the proof,
Southern roots all I knew growin' up was introduced,
To box Chevys, smokin' reggie, du-rags, and Jordan 2s,
CipherMusicGroup my crew but see my rounds,
Hardly studio-found 'cause most project-bound,
Ain't no hope in my town so every day I'm around,
Niggas puttin' faith in pushin' pounds 'til inmates or underground,
How that sound? Desperate, huh, I won't even mention, bruh,
My nigs got kids and they kids are havin' babies, son,
So I can't mess it up if I get a chance,
'Cause if this rappin' advance I'm savin' lives of the fam

Man I hustle, Man I hustle,
That's the only way to blow,
Money doubles, Money doubles,
That's my effort how it shows,
Stayin' humble, Stayin' humble,
Is the way I remain because I see everyday,
No guarantees in the game,
Man I hustle, Man I hustle,
That's the only way to blow,
Money doubles, Money doubles,
That's my effort how it shows,
Stayin' humble, stayin' humble,
Is the way I remain because I see everyday,
No guarantees in the game

(Verse 2)
Let's keep it honest, my nigga, go get your dollars, my nigga,
'Cause nothins promised, my nigga, even tomorrow ain't wit' ya,
Every day gotta chase the pay like it's goin' away,
'Cause who's to say this cake'll stay this game don't play,
I drop mixtapes like every month 'cause that's how I'm comin' up,
The day that I switch up when ya'll memory like elephants,
'Til then I'm relevant in the streets like where's the weed,
But all that grinding doesn't mean any green is guaranteed,
Man, I've seen niggas get they cash right overnight,
And others grind they whole life to keep on the lights,
If the lick is tight you can flood yourself with ice,
Or make the Feds indict it's roll of the dice,
I'm in the stu' every night rappin' for my A-alikes,
Who only know this way of life risk takin' for a major price,
Like dopeboys that's bakin' white I'm takin' that chance,
'Cause if this trappin' advance I'm savin' lives of the fam


(Verse 3)
I ain't grow up seein' rappers or rich athletes or actors,
I'm from where the trappers only factored they were who mattered,
Their cars were never tattered they'd be candy paint splattered,
Drivin' faster with Master P out 18-inch ghetto blasters,
From the trunk I looked up to them from the jump,
Each time they drove up like they told us "Get ya money up,"
Youngins comin' up we were impressionable,
Though there were sharks in the water put our flesh in the pool,
Some hopped out like me before they got chomped feet,
Others made it scot-free but most met Jaw's teeth,
Now I'm bothered 'cause I got friends in that water,
I wanna pull 'em to harbor but it's harder and harder,
And as I go farther and farther in this game of Hip-Hop,
I know I'm promised jack but I want the slaughter to stop,
So I'm puttin' work on the block no grams just jams,
'Cause if this hustle advance I'm savin' lives of the fam

Track Name: Rodney Cullens (Prod. Chuck Dizzle)
"Rodney Cullens"

Man he a good nigga a good nigga,
But all they see's a hood nigga a hood nigga,
He wanna live his life, man, right, man,
But he's always fightin' indictments,
But man that's a good nigga a good nigga,
But all they see's a hood nigga a hood nigga,
Don't wanna live his life forever stuck in the gudda,
But every time he come up they knock down the brotha,
That's a mothafucka

(Verse 1)
My son from the slums but his heart full of gold,
Never been known to fold never told never stole,
Had it rough mama died when he was eight years old,
Pops been drinkin' ever since had to get it on his own,
From across the tracks the bottom of the map,
Where everyday life serious as a heart attack,
Nobody showed him the ropes or told him focus on hope,
Soon as he jumped off the porch man that was all that she wrote,
He was cocaine slangin' fa sho gangbangin',
But the whole time thinkin' this ain't all that life bringin',
He really wanna change it but there ain't no rearrangin',
When the money ya chasin' all that keepin' you from fadin',
He still did the school thing though it wun't the cool thing,
His boys would say and do things like nigga who you fooling?,
Teachers thought the same saw the tats of his gang,
Used his name to blame for every trouble that came


(Verse 2)
Tats fill his arm, chest, neck, and face,
But he would help anyone in any place or case,
Dreadlocks, earrings, skin a darker shade,
But he the first to say something to brighten ya day,
He hopped up out the game,
Now he want his life to change he tellin',
Before he could leave readily caught a couple of felonies,
Now he's steadily seeing now answers to his problems,
No employers want 'im unless he's sweepin' or moppin',
They don't see his intelligence his skills are irrelevant,
When in the present tense he's marked criminally negligent,
'Nother black man caught in the white man's trap,
They prejudiced is masked by pointing back to his past,
So he spends his time tryna fly to Cloud 9,
'Cause when he's high he forgets 'bout how he's gonna survive,
If they could see the good inside of their person,
To see the good in his person,
He wouldn't be trappin' and servin'


(Verse 3)
The ghetto's full of those whose opportunities are froze,
'Cause of choices that they chose or where they call home,
A never ending cycle read the newspaper titles,
Young niggas homicidal worshippin' them false idols,
Thrown in them cages like we're animals,
The justice system eat us niggas up like it's a cannibal,
Why we servin' bricks in the 'jects understandable,
Would you hustle or starve? That's so easily answerable,
To every Rodney Cullens that's out there strugglin' keep ya head up,
Our day is comin' we gon' get somethin' know ya fed up,
Keep it pushin' even though it's lookin' grim, bruh,
Have thick skin, bruh, we play above the rim, bruh,
Be a man of your word watch, listen, observe,
If you workin' with birds don't gyp niggas you serve,
Keep it 100 don't front it this world is ya onion,
And whoever don't like it mothafuck 'em

Track Name: She Don't Hear the Words Ft. Will (Prod. JAYBeatz)
"She Don't Hear the Words" ft. Will

(Verse 1) - Top Billion
She just wanna hear that beat somethin' words can't explain,
She unconcerned with my speech she just wanna feel no pain,
She don't know my song by name but she feel it when it get played,
She don't know this song by heart but it's stuck inside of her brain,
She want no nigga gettin' at her she don't need no nigga yellin' at her,
She a bad bitch gettin' her masters nah she don't see these rappers,
She need to hear somethin' that speak to her,
That type of record that reaches her,
That jam that bring out the freak in her,
Those type of joints unique to her,
So DJ, DJ keep the shit on replay,
I didn't rap it 'cause it's easy I'm just tellin' you what'd she'd say,
She need to hear that track with a R&B vibe,
Somethin' that ride like the Trey Songz "Five,"
Shit you can find when she wanna clear her mind,
Let it play on the side while she blowin' on lye,
Yeah you know what she lookin' fo',
JAYBeatz on the track good lookin', bro',
The game's ours now we took it, folk,
Now our shots all Net like Brooklyn, hoe,
And she love it so we love 'cause we covet if she does it,
We'll keep comin' with beats pumpin' long as she seek somethin'

(Top Billion)
She just like the beat she don't hear the words,
When her song come on it just hit a nerve,
You could be sayin' anything and her head won't even turn
She just like the beat she don't hear the words,
When her song come on it just hit a nerve,
Somethin' about that melody that gives her that nasty urge
(Top Billion)
She just like the beat she don't hear the words,
When her song come on it just hit a nerve,
You could be sayin' anything and her head won't even turn
She just like the beat she don't hear the words,
When her song come on it just hit a nerve,
Somethin' about that melody that gives her that nasty urge

(Verse 2) - Will
And I swear that I ain't really got to do much, (Much)
One hit from this and it's back to the whip,
Boy you know boy you ain't never heard such,
I turn off the phone 'cause niggas be buggin',
I look at her face and look at the bass and turn the knob up,
And she gon' change the subject wait,
Black-T on she got a Black-V on,
Let me relax we in the back gettin' our backseat on,
With the backseat gone who know 'bout that,
Now she gon' act like she got track sneaks on,
Better yet Jackie Joyner and no one else,
Takin' it back like it's a Blackstreet song,
Fuckin' Dad ring tone and it's a fact just bring it back look,
Playa, playa, playa (Playa) Pass me that Garcia-Vega,
Think that just 'cause we relate,
While watchin' Ricky Lake that I should just date ya,
Fall back with that pass the Bit get lit just let the hit sedate ya,
Now in you're in the mood for Round 2,
You're movin' on top don't fall off like the Lakers,
Still doin' my Kobe I just fadeaway she ain't heard from me in like 80 days,
That's that B.S. that they like to say need a little to do it in a major way,
Got a text from Elam and we all winnin' CMG my society and we all in it,
And this one gon' catch all women and they ain't even gotta all listen


(Bridge) - Will
Gon' do somethin' it's ya song right now,
Gon' do somethin' for ya song right now,
Gon' do somethin' need to quit frontin',
Gon' do somethin' it's ya song right now

(Verse 3) - Top Billion
Third verse ok ok
There's so much to say I could put into play,
The picture I paint could make someone's whole day,
Could get witty and tricky like Cirque du Soleil
Or be like 'Pac and Biggie spit real to the grave,
Sunshine and rain joy and the pain,
Love and disdain the heart and the brain,
I could rap about all of thangs but I'mma refrain

Track Name: Freak Hoe (Prod. Chuck Dizzle)
"Freak Hoe"

(Verse 1)
Now you may think that she a sweet bitch a neat bitch,
But I'mma fill you in on this lil' secret this secret,
She kiss you with that same mouth she eat these CMG dicks,
And we pass around that broad like we ain't playin' defense,
Tellin' ya pussy get so wet it make ya seasick,
Squirted on me called her Supersoaker for that reason,
Hurled it on me when she throw that ass back she beastin',
So I get deep in long strokin' her she screamin' screamin',
Playin' with her nipples while she nibble on this pickle,
In the studio I flipped it wanted to fuck to instrumentals,
Relationship so simple she a stone cold freak,
And she swallow what's for dinner courtesy to my sheets

Man, she a freak hoe freak hoe damnit she a freak hoe,
The type ya mama never wanna meet, bro,
Tell ya she a freak hoe freak hoe yeah she a freak hoe,
She'll make a nigga cum just off the deepthroat,
Listen she a freak hoe freak hoe yeah she a freak hoe,
Lettin' every nigga shoot free throw,
Tell ya she a freak hoe freak hoe damnit she a freak hoe,
That pussy somethin' you just gotta see bro see bro

(Verse 2)
Man this ain't complicated wasn't no payment or datin',
That Magnum wrapper was breakin' before our first conversation,
She know the kid occupation I'm in the game of hit makin',
Hell the Benjis and Franklins prolly her main motivation,
But I'm still wit' it still wit' it long as I can still hit it,
Sexual tension hard not to mention, hoe, let's deal wit' it,
I like a bitch that's real wit' it honest discussion,
She say she love it no stuntin' to be choked hard when she nuttin',
She a two-way street if you know what I mean,
Love dick but she'll lick a pussy clean,
Invited her friend now I'm sandwiched between,
A thick Creole and a darkskin queen,
All of us a-piece on two Molly beans,
If this was a flick be a helluva scene,
I'm lickin' a clit while one ride my shaft,
Who said men can't multi-task


(Verse 3)
You know as soon as I'm through wit' her,
I'mma let every nigga in my crew flip her,
I ain't tryna be rude sista I call her hoe if the shoe fits her,
Freak bitch I'mma do wit' ya what I do wit' ya and be out,
I don't wanna boo wit' ya get food wit' ya nor hear a word out yo' mouth,
I ain't yo' spouse I ain't yo' man we just met and my dicks in ya hand,
What'd you expect to be happenin'? That you'd land a wedding band?,
Girl, you got me fucked you outta luck be happy I paid yo' cab or lunch,
And don't think for once you jammed me up,
Spermicide condoms protect my nuts,
Why we treat 'em wrong there's really no good answer,
Other than I got a schlong and with sex there's double standards,
If I fuck alot I'mma player if she fuck alot we'll hater,
On that issue I'm no debater who am I to say what's fair?

Track Name: Desperate Measures (Prod. LV Beats)
"Desperate Measures"

Times are gettin' hard this is stormy weather,
And mama fussin' at me "Nigga get yo' shit together,"
What am I to tell her? That I'm gon' bum on her couch forever?
Nuh uh, boy, never desperate times call for desperate measures,
Times are gettin' hard this is stormy weather,
And mama fussin' at me "Nigga get yo' shit together,"
What am I to tell her? That I'm gon' bum on her couch forever?
Nuh uh never desperate times call for desperate measures

(Verse 1)
My biggest fear in my life is being a broke grown man,
Money never being right living life mouth to hand,
'Cause bummin' on mama's couch was never part of my plan,
Love my fam' but damn this futon I can't stand,
Might have a son on the way too late to cancel that seed,
Plus Sallie Mae don't play I gotta handle these things,
G-R-I-N-D to get on mine's what I need,
I'm cuttin' back on my fees so no more blowin' the trees,
Cut my drinkin' down I'm thinkin' now: focus my time,
Cut the TV down I'm readin' now: growin' my mind,
Her pussy wet she sent a text and she ringin' my line,
But if it's checks or sex I'm celibate I decline huh,
Lames pray to God and hit the church,
Gs get on they job and flip the work I'm not the first,
All this struggle and strife that's that shit I don't like,
By any means I'mma fight I'm Malcolm X on the mic like


(Verse 2)
Ain't come up over night but there's improvements (I grew it),
Haters said I couldn't but I steady told 'em (I do this),
Put my faith in me when it wasn't Eazy (that's Ruthless),
Now the money flow from music I'm producin' so who's stupid,
From the ashes I arose like a Phoenix (I flew it),
How I did it MLK couldn't dream it (That's foolish),
A survivor if you ain't never seen it (Been through it),
Used to bum on them couches now I'm thumbin' through houses,
Used to wanna work Rouses now these rack I'ma countin',
Used to drink from the fountain now these bottles aboundin',
It's Top Billion they shoutin' a year ago they would clown him,
Funny how they're surroundin' now that my checks ain't bouncin',
Goodbye Mr. Tuna Can, Spam, peanut butter, jam,
Hello Mr. Caviar, all of ya'll here I am,
Welcome ya king I've finally made it it seems,
'Til I see mama over me I realize it's a dream damn


Get on my hustle get on my hustle,
I gotta get on my hustle and get my money to double,
Get on my hustle get on my hustle,
I gotta get on my hustle 'cause niggas sick of the struggle,
Make me a jug make me a jug,
I gotta make me a jug and get the fuck from the 'hood,
Hit me a lick hit me a lick,
I gotta hit me a lick 'cause niggas sick of this shit
Track Name: I Need a Dollar Ft. N.O.T.Y. (Prod. Chris Hillman)
"I Need a Dollar" Ft. N.O.T.Y.

(Verse 1) - Top Billion
Bitch, I need them dollars I'm tired bein' blue collar,
I'm not a scholar but smart enough to know being broke not a,
Way to live proper it's gon' make me a monster,
Why you think we're robbers instead of lawyers and doctors?,
I just wanna prosper but life is gettin' harder,
Prices goin' farther up than smokin' marijuana,
Minimum wage is bringin' miniscule pay,
I work hard everyday just to repay Sallie Mae,
So you heard this empty ya purses we were taught we were worthless,
In a ski mask you know what's my purpose,
Put your hands up pay up what's for ransom,
I need these three names: Ben, Grant, and Jackson,
Don't do it we're blastin' yeah it's that crucial,
I'd rather be brutal than never live frugal,
Man, I'm bein' truthful if money is the root of all evil,
Then we're in hell 'cause that's what motivates people

I need a dollar dollar, a dollar that's what I need
hey hey
Well I need a dollar dollar, a dollar that's what I need
hey hey
And I said I need dollar dollar, a dollar that's what I need
And if I share with you my story would you share your dollar with me

(Verse) - N.O.T.Y.
I'm too broke to be a joke I need a damn dollar,
The cute face and the chase is what makes bitches holla,
It wouldn't bother if the checks were coming steadily,
But like a STD I'll be here but you won't mess with me,
The history is fuckin' fact I ain't gotta prove it,
I'm tired of movin' tired of losin' and just tired of choosin',
The fuckin' bruisin' ain't got shit on swoll,
My pockets got holes I had to ask Top for some dough, ya heard,
Now what's the word N.O.T.Y. is ya gettin' paper? (Paper),
The answer's no and when will ya wake up,
You can't get bread bein' a damn dream chaser,
Snap back to reality and get ya damn cake up,
I'mma face the real money makers,
And stay up on ya ass until I get a lil' taste of,
Cream and all the good shit in between,
I need this fuckin' money like a dealer needs his fiends, mothafucka


(Verse 3) - Top Billion
Man, I'm tryna get paid these checks make me feel played,
I'm on a grind every day just to refund Sallie Mae,
This ain't goin' my way but I'mma turn that around,
By lookin' everywhere up and down until them dollars are found,
I'm takin' trips outta town I'm buildin' up my connects,
Every handshake and pound brings more cash and respect,
Fuck them minuscule checks they get my total neglect,
My aunt worked all her life and ain't see shit from it yet,
And that isn't great section-8 EBT from the state,
I want lobster, shrimp, and steak not Mickey D's number eight,
On my grind I'm goin' ape beastmode for the cake,
Out here 25/8 sunrise to daybreak,
Never late I'm up early gettin' mine what I'm deserving,
Earning as the world turning more money for the burning,
Fuck the projects I wanna live with bosses,
But now I'm comin' up goin' through the process so

Track Name: Gone with the Wind (Prod. Purplex)
"Gone with the Wind"

I'm goin' in my nigga I'm goin' in (In),
Just tell me when and I'm gone with the wind (Wind),
Tired catchin' Ls it's time that I win (Win),
So now I'm 'bout to grind harder than I ever did (Did),
Yeah I'm goin' in my nigga (Yeah I'm gone with the wind),
I'm goin' in my nigga (Yeah I'm gone with the wind),
I'm goin' in my nigga (Yeah I'm gone with the wind),
I'm goin' in my nigga (Yeah I'm gone with the wind)

(Verse 1)
You niggas don't know hard work outside of your yardwork,
I'm writin' these raw verses 'til my arms hurt,
Top Billion the best rapper that's on Earth,
But few people know it time to show it like concerts,
Sick of being second class nigga time to get this cash,
Livin' trash in the past when my mind on tasks,
250 on the dash that's my life fast,
Pray I don't crash when I mash on the gas,
Straight from Auburn Ave outta the bottom,
I shock 'em when I got 'em acknowledgin' I'm a problem,
Real southerner droppin' sick lyrics not floppin',
With all that dancin' poppin' I got nothin' in common,
I'm the dopest, son, the opus one,
I'm up early gettin' it like when white folks run,
The work's never done I'm out chasin' funds,
If the fat lady sung all that's left is crumbs


(Verse 2)
I'm gettin' the money nothin' funny to me,
'Cause to laugh cost a fee and nothin' comin' for free,
Big rings big chains 23s on the V,
All cost piece of mind and T-I-M-E,
Nothin' overnight sho' you right I recall the coldest nights,
When I didn't flow this tight and I wasn't known on mics,
Now I'm tryna own this ice and I put it on my life,
I'm payin' any price fuck the roll of dice,
No chance taken my pants vacant of Benjamins,
I'm gettin' it in until I'm rich as Eminem,
Top Bill and hard work those two are synonyms,
Beats I'm killin' 'em as Purplex send 'em in,
Fuck these critics talkin' 'bout I'm over my prime,
Like "Based on a True Story" when I only had shine,
They must be blind I've truly grown in my rhymes,
Whatever I'mma show 'em all in due time


(Verse 3)
Third verse killa I'm relentless,
Can't wait to see a cracka face when we in them Benzes,
Used to get suspended by the school superintendent,
Now I'm eyeing houses she couldn't of rented,
Said it and I meant it I was gonna be a billionaire,
That's why it's in my name so we always see it there,
I never had a care about opinions on my status,
I knew my potential when they thought I didn't have it,
I'm pennin' all these classics you could make a mad list,
More dope on my tracklist than Jeezy got ad-libs,
God not savage knowledge of self,
But always felt I needed bezels in my belt,
What else you expect I'm from the slum sewer,
Where we live in poverty lower than dung manure,
I'm hustlin' on ten to not live like them,
So if you lookin' for me friend I'm gone with the wind

Track Name: Young, Black & Ambitious (Prod. JAYBeatz)
"Young, Black & Ambitious"

Only here in America do they presuppose who you're gonna be,
By who you are and where you're from by skin color especially,
Society expected me to R.I.P. before twenty-three,
So everyday I get to breathe these things I'm gonna scream

I'm young, black, and ambitious young, black, and ambitious,
The thought that I'd be dead by now or locked up in them prisons,
I'm young, black, and ambitious young, black, and ambitious,
The cards weren't in my favor but I played my hand now I'm winnin',
I'm young, black, and ambitious young, black, and ambitious,
They said that I'd be nothing now I'm everything they isn't,
I'm young, black, and ambitious young, black, and ambitious,
Baby, I'm young, black, and ambitious young, black, and ambitious

(Verse 1)
The sky's the limit that's word to B.I.G.,
I was told keep my head up 2pac R.I.P.,
The sons and daughters of slavery and we're still around amazing to me,
I'm what my forefathers made of me the strength they had engraved in me,
They'd be proud from their grave to see their black child not act wild,
Not shackled in a madhouse or sellin' coke in crack vials,
In college I'm gettin' it educated on the business tip,
So if the music shit doesn't flip I'm still gettin' to the Benjamins,
And I've experienced so much racism,
I don't even trip on the personal shit I'm more mad at the system,
It makes us all a victim caught up in a web of ignorance,
That's your brother or sister live with them accept their differences,
But I ain't came to preach nah this ain't no MLK speech,
I'm in a new body whip with the gray seats with a system supplied by Dre Beats,
Stuntin' stuntin' yeah I'm stuntin' born into nothin' turned into somethin',
I'm not goin' back no Benjamin Button reachin' for the stars tell the sun I'm comin',
Yeah and that's real nigga shit wait let me defend that word,
I know of the pain and hurt every time it's heard or uttered,
But that's the reason I say that shit those scars and whips I embrace that shit,
It reminds the God of how great he is survivors come in my heritage


(Verse 2)
And it's hard to find the words to say when so many of niggas in early graves,
Or locked up in a dirty cage you can argue we're still slaves,
You can be chained and paid whether high grade or minimum wage,
Still a nigga end of the day some things just don't change,
The cops shoot us down like dogs they're passin' racist saggin' laws,
Their agendas have no regards for black concerns in the hoods of ours,
The media focus on movie stars the athletes and rappers,
But all I see on the boulevard is single mothers and trappers,
I wonder who'll look after the black babies born today,
'Cause they're lockin' up more women now that's thanks to the drug game,
What a shame it's insane the world look up to Obama,
But on the southside of Chicago young riders they squeezin' llamas,
$250 got my lil' partner slaughtered,
Those J's bought by his mama made him a target to robbers,
Man, in my neighborhood nothin' stayin' good 24/7 drama,
I hope the streets feel me and won't judge me for talkin' proper,
But we need honor I stress black power poke out your chest,
Be a man demand respect the fam protect in guns invest,
Entertainers we need less we need more docs and lawyers,
But I'mma stay a performer here makin' anthems for ya go

Track Name: Nothin' You Can Do About It (Prod. Detal)
"Nothin' You Can Do About It"

(Verse 1)
Came into the game like mothafucka better gimme respect,
And cut me a check or else I'm gonna step on ya neck,
I'm makin' my rep solidified like cement that's wet,
So if you don't wanna see ya death salute to the best,
Detal on the beat and I'mma murder that shit,
Top Bill droppin' heat yeah I'm burnin' that bitch,
Coolhand on the two's yeah he workin' that mix,
Now that's a dream team like the 1970 Knicks,
CMG is the clique: NOTY, Brad, Will, Chris,
Even if not on the disc their presence felt when I spit,
I know what the critics whisperin' even without listenin',
I yell CMG but where the niggas in it?,
Well it's hard to make records with niggas in other cities,
Where studio access ain't a gimme,
I'm in N.O. but when in the 'Roe I hit them swiftly,
And record quickly if that ain't enough forgive me,
I do the best I can as the captain of my clan,
I'd give my righthand man my lefthand,
But ya'll don't understand my fam has greater love for me,
Than what I can give them through recordings ya heard me


(Verse 2)
They ask why I didn't hiss on the Lyriqs da Lyrabitch,
'Cause the kid kills himself he digs his own ditch,
He'll diss in the dark like light don't exist,
Then he'll see you shake your hand like it's cool icepick,
I remember the chick before he had twists,
Said he'll never get dreads it represents ignorance,
Then he heard my 'tape said my style was sick,
Next thing I know the prick asked my girl lock his shit,
Now if that ain't swaggajackin' what is but is,
This kid lost or am I just a boss?,
Took my song "My Style" I accepted the lost,
'Cause in my heart I knew his remix would never take off,
I guess that's the cost of being an innovator,
Niggas take ya swag and when they lose become haters,
Dude must be mad he'll never be a star player,
He rides bench I'm 24 on the Lakers


(Verse 3)
Now that I made it known you wanna come at the thrown,
You're facin' Goliath, David, better bring more than stones,
'Cause this is my home I'll die for what I do own,
Plus I'm not scary, holmes, got a lion's backbone,
Fans see through clones and respect real niggas,
So it figgas I'm bigga than being seen as a spitter,
Lyrically I'm killer ain't no one iller,
Could expound with filler but the hook's much sicker

Track Name: Baby, Don't Go (Prod. Storm Watkins)
"Don't Go"

(Verse 1)
Baby, don't go please you just can't go,
I know I did you so low but don't leave me solo,
Lookin' at these photos I'm starin' at them so close,
My eyes are gettin' watery I have to let these tears flow,
Let's keep it real though you owe me a chance,
I paid you advance all the times I put my heart in yo' hands,
After all the times you broke it after all the words we've spoken,
Out of all the girls I've chosen you're the one I can't let go with,
It's so official you're leavin' me for someone else,
And now I'm left with nothin' else but all these pictures on the shelf,
All the memories I have of the times we used to laugh,
Of the times we used to cry my heart is bleeding for you bad,
I'm walkin' 'round this pad wishin' you were here to comfort me,
What I wouldn't give up for free for a piece of your company,
This happened unluckily fortune must not fuck wit' me,
Baby, you know you should have love for me,

Don't go don't go don't go,
Baby, no, you can't go you can't go,
Baby, no, don't go don't go,
Baby, no, you can't go you can't go,
You're everything you're my world,
What I wouldn't give just to make you girl,
Don't go,
You're everything you're my life,
When you're not here nothing seem right,
Baby, don't go

(Verse 2)
I miss you so much it's a crime you're not here I'm goin' outta mind,
Baby, don't go,
I've called you for the twentieth time it hurts worse each time you decline,
Baby, don't go,
We can work this out it'll be fine you just gotta give this nigga a try,
Baby, don't go,
I know I let you slip off my line but we can make this work I promise this time,
I cried until both my eyes were drier than the desert,
This not what I deserve under any type of measure,
I treated you better when you came back to me bawling,
Came back to my crawlin' I forgave you so often,
Now where's the hugs now where's the love,
Now it's just shrugs and a face that say I don't give a fuck,
What's up? You're treatin' me like scum of the earth,
To you is that what my love really worth?


(Verse 3)
You know this song is all from the heart,
I'm fallin' apart without you here I'm crawlin' in dark,
Thought I smart dumbest mistake I ever made,
Was lettin' you walk away I kick myself to this day,
I regret it I regret it yeah I said it yeah I said it,
Let's move on let's move on just forget just forget it,
You sayin' that you can't but I know that we can,
Quit actin' like that when I try to hold on your hand,
Quit actin' like now you hate me quit actin' like you can't date,
Quit actin' like it's a maybe that you'll ever be my baby again,
I'm ya lover, confidante and a friend,
I was ridin' with your heart from the start to the end,
On you I'd depend for any and every thing,
'Cause I'd meant it when I'd scream that you were my everything,
Woulda bought you a wedding ring when the time was right,
Guess that's outta sight, baby, get in my life

Track Name: Hurts to Say I Love You (Prod. Brad Massey)
"Hurts to Say I Love You"

And it hurts to say I love you,
It hurts to know I couldn't trust you,
Girl we coulda had it all coulda overcame the fall,
But for me you never came through,
And it hurts to say I love you,
It hurts to know I couldn't trust you,
Girl we coulda had it all coulda overcame the fall,
But that wish never came true

(Verse 1)
And it hurts my soul to say I'm stuck inside of my ways,
We'd pray for better days unfortunately they never came,
After all this time we shoulda saw the signs that things were about to fade,
But even with the fights and the lonely nights that truth we'd evade,
I'm thinkin' we were afraid to admit the facts we're doomed to collapse,
So many heinous acts done behind our back neither wanted to apologize for that,
And I feel sometimes feel sometimes got so mad I wanna kill sometimes,
Wish you didn't even keep it real sometimes tell me a lie to make me chill sometime,
These thoughts they plague my mind stirrin' all these emotions,
I'm inner conscious provokin' me to kick up even more commotion,
Both of our hearts are broken but I'm sure mine is the worse,
'Cause my scars they remain open while your woulds seem to heal first,
'Til I'm six feet in the dirt I'mma live my life with this pain,
'Cause you left me permanently hurt like I gotta walk with a cain,
Don't have pity on my shame don't shed tears save ya rain,
If you lookin' for the same I'mma sang


(Verse 2)
And now I'm left to just wonder why cursed to live under troubled skies,
Forced to deal with the hurt and lies,
Reminiscing 'bout happy times tryna realize what turned the tides,
All this anger all these questions as a man I just force inside,
To let 'em out would destroy my pride that won't happen long as I'm alive,
So I'mma swallow that one (Pause) and keep my niggas around (Pause),
So I won't feel down 'cause I'm lonely when you're not found aww,
That truth hard not to admit it gotta let that one sneak in my lyrics,
Can't be ashamed if anyone hear it the realest raps come from when you do feel it,
When you're not here there's a hole in my spirit,
Tried to fill the void with wine and spirits,
That didn't work I popped a perc wasn't any perks just made me worse,
The weed was purp but I felt like dirt,
Smoked it all and thought about you earth,
I even went on a rebound search but the new pussy made me miss the first,
I miss you more than life itself these type of songs just write themselves,
But I know to peep game we're two people who've both changed,
So don't have pity on my shame don't shed tears save ya rain,
If you lookin' for the same I'mma sang

Track Name: Don't Want That Hoe (Prod. 12Hunna & Yung Murk)
"Don't Want That Hoe"

(Chorus) 2x
I don't want that hoe nah not no mo',
Let her walk out the do',
I don't want that hoe nah not no mo',
Yeah she got good throat,
But I don't want that hoe nah not no mo',
She did ya boy so low,
I don't want that hoe nah not no mo',
But you can wife her bro'

(Verse 1)
Nigga used to see that bitch but nigga you can keep that bitch,
Used to kiss her tell her sweet lil' shit but now she can eat this dick,
She the very definition of a hoe bro in the dictionary you would see her photo,
Fuck bein' with her I'll be solo or hang with my boys no homo,
Bitch I'm tellin' the truth and they know so day I tell a lie I'll be loco,
Bitch was a golddigger on the low-low fuckin' any nigga that would go and blow dough,
So I gotta kick that hooker to the dust nah she not the type of bitch you can trust,
Shoulda saw this shit comin' from the jump 'cause all a nigga wanted was a nut,
Baby, what's up


(Verse 2)
Dirty lil' bitch used to beat that up used to cum on her face tell her eat that up,
Used to lie to my face through her teeth straight up
So many stories how did she keep that up?
I don't know I don't know nigga I don't know,
Never underestimate the talents of a hoe,
When it come to lyin', man, them bitches be the pros,
They could prolly still trick ya if they be Pinnochio,
Nigga woulda swore on my life on this bitch never woulda thought in my life she would switch,
Nigga used to say I would die for this chick now if she was on fire wouldn't supply her with spit,
Reminiscing when she used to ride on this dick tellin' me that ya boy was the best,
Now when I think of that it just makes me sick how anyone can buy her flesh,
She a hoe yes


(Verse 3)
Nigga can't lie like my heart wun't broken,
She played with my love like a Chuck E. Cheese token,
Closed off but she had ya boy wide open,
And in the mix of it got hurt in my emotions,
Tough to admit but I'm real enough to spit,
And put it in my lyrics 'cause a nigga do live it,
This the point where I pivot in my dealins with women,
Used to give 'em benefits of the doubt now there isn't,
Any doubt in mind anyone any time,
Can press on decline when my heart's on the line,
Can't think that's it's fine with the next girl I find,
In the back of my mind this'll be all the time,
So I be on the grind to ease on my mind,
And think of the times when on TV I'll shine,
She'll see that and wish that she never left,
Yeah I wanna kill that hoe with my success,
No less...

Track Name: Intimidated (Prod. Pyroman)

Intimidated ('timidated 'timidated)
I got these niggas so intimidated ('timidated 'timidated)
Check out they body language it's indicated (indicated indicated)
Yeah, they talk tough but they intimidated and I anticipate it
'Cause I grind 'cause I grind bitch I shine on 'em so hard,
'Cause I grind 'cause I grind bitch I shine on 'em so hard,
'Cause I grind 'cause I grind bitch I shine on 'em so hard,
'Cause I grind 'cause I grind bitch I shine on 'em so hard

(Verse 1)
I can see the signs read between the lines I can realize what be in ya mind,
You niggas talk tough but when T arrive the bad boys dip I don't see them guys,
I'm only 5'8" 165 with the hands I'm nice but no Kimbo Slice,
I don't keep a tre-8 or tuck knives but think shit nice you'll pay the price,
Must be the way I grind nigga get to it like it ain't hard to find figgas,
When you're this great can't shine wit' ya gotta stomp them bitches like line sistas,
I'm innovative got real creative I'm a street genius the first to say it,
Wasn't no one in my city collaborating really until my cyphers got created,
I see the fear in you partner sharks smell blood in that water,
My fin's up you'll get ripped up before you make it to harbor,
It's only gonna get harder for you 'cause I'm only gettin' stronger, boy, you
Should switch up your plans find a new way to make them bands 'cause you


(Verse 2)
You feel inadequate with disadvantages when you see me stackin' chips,
Can't help but laugh a bit how's this happenin' when I was broke I ain't ask for shit,
I ain't feel jealous or overzealous just picked a hustle and mastered it,
Who was gonna tell us the right way to get us out the 'hood none the answer, bitch,
Envy is straight up cancerous that's why these haters look sick,
They ain't my equal them people need chemo and get up off my dick,
They intimidated when I talk that shit 'bout the whips chicks and how I'm ambitious,
They know as soon as in the game I get I'ma knock the king off the throne he sits,
Yeah they scurred and to think it's all from words,
What they think I'ma do? Jump up outta the blue and take all the money they earned?,
LOL might as well I rhyme to sell not grind to fail so I excel,
I'm high as hell in a thinkin' spell wonderin' why no one else can tell they


(Verse 3)
Shakin' in they boots in the presence of the God,
You would think I was Tyson or somebody hard,
Rose from the gutta tryna beat all the odds,
Admired the moon but wanna be amongst stars,
Put my life in my hands that day I took charge,
Accepted the peaks with the pitfalls,
Knew the cost would be permanent scars for the foreign cars and big bank withdrawls,
Never lost if I did I'd bounce back 'til I get the win,
Prolly why I'm intimidatin' these hoes un-akin to the hearts of men,
CMG my clique I brought 'em in we the new empire like the Ottomans,
The captain I'm like Chris Paul to them,
We gon' ball 'til we fall like Autumn's in,
Top Bill no one hard as him I put that on my name,
Find somebody as raw as him I'll put that boy to shame,
A piece of advice to any mothafucka still gettin' rap change,
Enjoy it while you can 'cause I can read it on your face you

Track Name: Permanent Target (Prod. Instinct)
"Permanent Target"

(Verse 1)
Can't lie and I won't try my heart skips a few,
When I hear "WOOP WOOP" when I cruise,
And I see blue in my rearview,
Lights bright flashin' "What I do?" I'm askin',
Prayin' that nothin' bad happen,
'Cause every time I was pulled over by the fuzz,
It ain't positive transactions,
Nah, they run my license through check my priors see I got two,
And all I'm thinkin' while they do they do is Ion't end up like Trayvon too,
I'm cautious of how I'm speakin' I'm conscious of what they seein',
Cop pulled a gun on me this evenin' said he was scared by how I reachin',
Knowin' he ain't have no reason shit that coulda been my life,
And he wouldn't've paid the price just because of what I look like,
Yeah my phenotype is a strike of course in the courts I don't mean sports,
Racist judges applyin' force givin' niggas numbers like math reports,
A two man cell that's a two man hell,
Sandwiches they servin' got that old food smell,
Shittin' in the open I don't do that well,
Case still pendin' they done moved my bail,
Public defender is like "Oh well" system got me in a chokehold,
Guilty before they know so just based on my photo

This black skin these dreadlocks these earrings these tats,
If I run from 12 might as well put a bullseye on my back,
'Cause I'm a target - target - yeah, I'm a target,
Target - target - permanenet target,
This black skin these dreadlocks these earrings these tats,
I might not come back if caught with this weed coke or crack,
'Cause I'm a target - target - yeah, I'm a target,
Target - target - permanenet target

(Verse 2)
I can feel their eyes glarin' at me conspicuously starin' at me,
'Cause these 'locks I rock are nappy with skin darker than 20 tannings,
No I'm not Dakota Fanning first glance get that understanding,
I got tats that's like branding myself outside of these white standings,
Grind heavy it's so demanding but that's 'cause I know,
What it's like to be po' and left out there in that cold,
I can't see myself gettin' old as another black man with no goals,
Gotta get realistic bein' statistics what devil's want for our souls,
No not me I won't copy the path that's been laid out that's played out,
Gotta stay out that prison main house show 'em what I'm made 'bout,
Not go the slave route,
Yeah, no shackles gotta lead my niggas by example,
They say success only come to a handful but we could all get money like Apple,
And they shoot at us and cuff us but we bounce back each time,
Can't ruin us we stupid tough that runs in our bloodline,
When I rap these rhymes it's more than lines,
I'm tryna shine for every one of my kind,
Everyone that look like me or simply hate one-time,

(Chorus) 2x